Creating POI files


Loves Locations

Could someone more knowledgeable about creating POI files please convert the XLS file on the Loves site to a POI file..I've been trying to do it, but don't seem to be doing something right...


WiFiFoFum (for WinMo & Jailbroken iPhones/iPads/iTouch

WiFiFoFum is a WiFi scanner & logger. Versions are
available for WinMo & jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iTouch

If your mobile device is GPS equipped, it will log the
name & lat:lon of whatever access points it receives,
as KML files.

For the UNIX/Linux users; I have created a trivial AWK
script that will parse the KML formatted files for

I spend 80% of my money on airplanes & beer. The rest is wasted.

Help with excel file

I have created an excel file with 95 New England clam shacks. what do I need to do to convert it to a POI file for my Garmin?

NUVI 255W-No alerts for POIs

I've been struggling all week, trying to get my NUVI 255W to produce the alert sound for anything. I've uploaded .csv and .gpx format, named the mp3 and bmp files the same as the .csv or .gpx, verified the proximity setting is on (tried single and continuous).

Rich Nuvi 255W, 2597LMT

POI Creation tips

Fellow POI contributors,

If you are maintaining a POI file or creating one, here are some tips that may help you out. Some of these may be obvious to the experienced POI contributor, but not so obvious to a newbie. These may not be listed in any logical order.

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Reporting wrong coordinates?

I've been searching (perhaps with the wrong terms) but I couldn't find a form or post indicating how to report a wrong or absent location in a poi file. Sorry if this has been posted before, but couldn't find it in search.

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GPX or CSV? Confused

I have diligently searched the discussion archives but haven't found a direct answer on this: As a total POI newbie, who will not be doing any file EDITING, should I be putting GPX or CSV versions of POI's on my 1490T when there is a choice?

Thanks in advance.

How di I install rest area pois and alerts

I just acquired a Nuvi 255W, and inserted an SD card.

Now, I would like to install the rest areas for several states onto this card. I need someone to tell me how to do it, or to get referred to a source that I may read to learn how.

Many thanks

No problem loading POI in 3790T but are POIs always flat

I used the diners, dumps, dives POI as a test. It loads and I find the POI list under Extras/Custom POIs. My question - Is there a way to have custom POIs show up under categories with an associated icon rather than a long list/flat file? For example, I would like to look under Extras/Custome POIs and see a icon (folder) for Diners and another icon for Fishing and ...

crazy custom POIs

In case this helps anyone having the same problem-

I was having trouble getting all my custom POIs to show up on my garmin, even though I verified the poi.gpi file was updated on the garmin.

oh yea

Tourguide Question

I have never created or used a tourguide but I'm building the basic poi file that will eventually become my first. I'm understanding the basics, but I haven't found a specific answer to my question, so I'd like a little help.

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POI Verifier

It looks as though POI Verifier is no longer available. Is it still a program with functions not found in EPE? I have read what you guys said about it and would like to try it. But can't find it anywhere. I love EPE but you always look for something better. It's hard to beat the price on EPE. LOL

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gpx.xml files

I downloaded the Huntington file and cannot get it to load on my Nuvi 660. The file is Huntington National Bank.gpx.xml

What am I missing?

No POI Loader output file

Hi everyone,

managing multiple POI files

Can multiple POI files exist on a Garmin unit (nuvi or 60CSx) under different filenames?
Would all of them be active at the same time?

How would I load multiple CSV files into one GPI file?
Would I need to RE-create that file every time a CSV file is changed or I want to add a new CSV file to it?


multiple POI's on googlemaps to POI-file

hi i have been looking for a while in the net to find out about:

how to transform a google map (the POI's of it) like:

to a POI file?

Can i change Time on School zones

Is there a way to change the TIMES of alerts on school zones because it goes off no matter what time you go past:day or night.Thanks

POIEdit works great

grin POIEdit works great. I downloaded it from

The best part is the check box during the install that allows you to install it as a portable app!!

I have a TomTom and the conversion and editing in POIEdit is easy and quick.

Bug in POILoader 254?

I successfully ran POILoader on my XP/pro.sp3 laptop (although I haven't been able to get GHayman's MyHome POI sample to work yet).

I am trying the same thing using my Windows 7/64 bit PC but keep getting an error msg saying Windows cannot find c:\Garmin\sox.exe.

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TomTom 730 POI naming (sams or sam's)

"Sams Club" is easy to search, but "Sam's club" not so much sad

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