Creating POI files


Ways to publish supplemental description .doc file

I've created and (Miss POI kindly published) a .gpx file covering POIs we developed for our upcoming trip to O'ahu. But as part of that effort we also created a .doc file actually describing those POIs in some detail. And for most we were able to find and include links to sites having abundant detail.


Can't figure it out! (making POI files on a Mac)

I wanted to make a Cigar shops of Oklahoma collection, but I can not figure out how to make a POI file. I use a mac and I have a garmin c550. I am a noob when it comes to working with GPS, seeing as how i just got my first one 3 days ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

streetpilot c550 and mac OSX

Any Excel experts here?

Any Excel experts here?

Garmin nüvi 200 (my first GPS), 780, & 3700 Series. And a Mac user.

Loading POI's into MapSource via POI Loader

I am trying to load POI files into MapSource using Garmins latest POI loader.When I start the POILoader, I select the option for MapSource and then it asks for a .gpi file name I want to use. MapSource uses a.gdb format. I have tried it loading .csv files and .gpx files. It says points are loaded, but it is loading them into the .gpi file I have named.

Finding the right location

With different sites to find latitude and longitude I find that they are hardly ever the same. I enter an address to get the location and get different results. So which one is the most accurate? Then sometimes a couple of the sites will tell me failed to return a result. I usually go to google, geocoder, ibegin, terraserver or yahoo.


ASUS R300 has *.PIO files by state and for Canada but how do I update them?

I have an ASUS R300, which uses IGO and Tele-Atlas files and data [I believe]. The *.POI files are by state and there is also one for Canada as a whole. There is a mini file for Puerto Rico too. Anyway, since there are lots of missing POT that I want to add, HOW do I do that?

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Unable to remove custom POI file

Last night I installed the POI application from Garmin. I then went crazy downloading every Michigan POI file from this sight, then loading them on my Nuvi 200. Then I looked up hospitals on my device, and noticed some where listed twice, and in some cases, identitcal hospitals have different distances of about .2. I then ran the "remove added custom POI from device" program.

Sorting all 48 States by State

Just a suggestion. If a POI file contains all 48 (50) states, I know sometimes it is not possible, or easy to sort it by state, depending on how the data was built or formatted. When I download such a file, I only want to load MO and IL, as I have a C330, and my storage capacity is limited. When I take a trip, I will load the appropriate states.

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Can POIs only be accessed in their own folders?

I am new to the GPS world, having just purchased a Nuvi 260W. Is it not possible to load, say, a McDonald's POI file so that when you search Fast Food, all those locations in the custom POI also appear? In other words, do custom POIs appear in any of the pre-existing folders (Food, Recreation, etc.), or are they only accessible via the Custom POI folder?

making a poi a tourguide

I want to make some tourguide poi s for buffalo wild wings I have the poi for it but how do i make it a tourguide so when i am near one it will set off my alert

the file i have is BuffaloWildWings_V.csv


Making loaded POI's appear on map.

I've installled a few POI's on my new Garmin Nuvi 660. I know they are installed, as they appear in my "Extras" folder inside my "Custom POI's. My question is, why don't they appear on my map? A couple are only a few miles from my home and they do not show up. Do I need to save each one as a favorite to see them on my map?
Thank you.

Download school zone alert zip file

I need some help. I purchased the school zone alert ov2 and downloaded it to My Garmin folder. The file is a zip file that is not recoginized when I use PPO Loader to try and down load it to my Garmin 780.

I haven't had any luck getting a response from the company that I purchased it from.

how to find coordinates for road intersections

Hi, Im new at this gps thing and was wonder what can I use to find coordinates by road intersections.

Problem Using Excel When Saving As CSV

I've read the FAQs and several related topics which answered most, but not all, of my questions.

I know from the FAQ that the normal Garmin CSV format is:

lon,lat,"Name","Comment" with the 3rd & 4th fields in double-quotes. I even looked at a few files from this site with Notepad to verify the format.

This quote, from an old thread, is the closest I found to my question:

Tampa, FL - Garmin nüvi 660 (Software Ver 4.90), 2019.30 CN NA NT maps | Magellan Meridian Gold

Harman Kardon GPS 300

Anybody able to add POI's to HK GPS-300?

Adding alert sounds on Garmin Nuvi 350

How do I do that? I changed all the .mp3, .bmp, and the .csv's all the same name. But when I load them into the gps using poi-loader and start driving near a place I know have the mp3 alert it doesn't sound. Yes, the Garmin Nuvi 350 supports mp3s.

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ICON for POI File

I am new to this, and think that I just loaded the POI file for Good Sam Campgrounds on to my nuvi 650. Now how do I also load the Icon for Good Sam on to the nuvi and then be able to click on it to find a Good Sam campground near a particular location?

Firefox and TableTools

Hi all,

If you guys are not aware of this extension for firefox, I wanted to alert you to it, as I have found it incredibly useful for compiling POI files. The extension is called TableTools and the link to it is:

The feature that I use most for compiling POIs is "copy as CSV" and "copy as tab delimited"

Opinions needed - sharing POIs outside of The Factory

OK - here's the deal, obviously from my perspective -

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Garmin Nuvi250 and mp3 files

I am unable to get my mp3 alert files to work for my custom POI's. Extensions are all good; file name is good; icons work; text alerts work; just not the audio alert. The audio alert I do get is a ping-ping, which I believe is a standard alert for approaching 'whatever'.

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