Creating POI files


School zones

I would like to see School zones,That would save me a lot of mola. They sneak up when you least expect them and theres always a cop with a radar gun.

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Editing .gpi's...?

Tried searching the boards, but haven't found anything -- feel free to point me in the right direction if this has already been answered.

Basically, I want to know if there is any easy way to edit .gpi's? POIEdit doesn't seem to be able to do anything to .gpi's unless I'm mistaken, and opening in notepad yields unreadable characters.

POIs to Mapsource, Converting CSV to GPX - Summary

This is a report on my trials of using several of the various methods discussed on POI-Factory to get POIs into Mapsource. I wanted both the name and comments to show in Mapsource.

POI data base, Scat Machines?

All of you river runners out there. I wonder if we could build a data base for scat machines. I am not sure where to go to find out their locations. Any suggestions?

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old topic new user-can't get POI to work

Icons and POI files

RedLight Camera alerts

I have a Garmin GPS c550 and I am trying to downliad the RedLight Camera software. I am not having much luck and would like to kno if someone could walk me thru it.

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GPXtoPOI on Vista

Has anyone installed this software on Vista??? I've got a new PC running Vista Home Premium. Tried to execute the downloaded .exe file and got a weird error (see below). Tried to email the owner from the his web site but mail was returned as underdeliverable.

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 5/26/2008 10:05:19 PM
Event ID: 1000

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I have a Garmin 260, how do I turn the POI's on?

POI's with Mapsource

When I create a POI with mapsource, save it as a gpx, load it with the poi loader, all goes well except for, anything I have in the comments comes up twice when I look at it on the GPS. Anyone know why this happens?

Making POIs that are direction-sensitive

I want to create a POI that alerts to a speed zone on I-20 East, which I have managed to do. However, when I travel through the same area on I-20 WEST, the proximity alarm goes off.

Is there a way to make the POI recognize East vs. West on the interstate?

Ways to publish supplemental description .doc file

I've created and (Miss POI kindly published) a .gpx file covering POIs we developed for our upcoming trip to O'ahu. But as part of that effort we also created a .doc file actually describing those POIs in some detail. And for most we were able to find and include links to sites having abundant detail.


Can't figure it out! (making POI files on a Mac)

I wanted to make a Cigar shops of Oklahoma collection, but I can not figure out how to make a POI file. I use a mac and I have a garmin c550. I am a noob when it comes to working with GPS, seeing as how i just got my first one 3 days ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Any Excel experts here?

Any Excel experts here?

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Loading POI's into MapSource via POI Loader

I am trying to load POI files into MapSource using Garmins latest POI loader.When I start the POILoader, I select the option for MapSource and then it asks for a .gpi file name I want to use. MapSource uses a.gdb format. I have tried it loading .csv files and .gpx files. It says points are loaded, but it is loading them into the .gpi file I have named.

Finding the right location

With different sites to find latitude and longitude I find that they are hardly ever the same. I enter an address to get the location and get different results. So which one is the most accurate? Then sometimes a couple of the sites will tell me failed to return a result. I usually go to google, geocoder, ibegin, terraserver or yahoo.


ASUS R300 has *.PIO files by state and for Canada but how do I update them?

I have an ASUS R300, which uses IGO and Tele-Atlas files and data [I believe]. The *.POI files are by state and there is also one for Canada as a whole. There is a mini file for Puerto Rico too. Anyway, since there are lots of missing POT that I want to add, HOW do I do that?

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Unable to remove custom POI file

Last night I installed the POI application from Garmin. I then went crazy downloading every Michigan POI file from this sight, then loading them on my Nuvi 200. Then I looked up hospitals on my device, and noticed some where listed twice, and in some cases, identitcal hospitals have different distances of about .2. I then ran the "remove added custom POI from device" program.

Sorting all 48 States by State

Just a suggestion. If a POI file contains all 48 (50) states, I know sometimes it is not possible, or easy to sort it by state, depending on how the data was built or formatted. When I download such a file, I only want to load MO and IL, as I have a C330, and my storage capacity is limited. When I take a trip, I will load the appropriate states.

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Can POIs only be accessed in their own folders?

I am new to the GPS world, having just purchased a Nuvi 260W. Is it not possible to load, say, a McDonald's POI file so that when you search Fast Food, all those locations in the custom POI also appear? In other words, do custom POIs appear in any of the pre-existing folders (Food, Recreation, etc.), or are they only accessible via the Custom POI folder?

making a poi a tourguide

I want to make some tourguide poi s for buffalo wild wings I have the poi for it but how do i make it a tourguide so when i am near one it will set off my alert

the file i have is BuffaloWildWings_V.csv


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