GXM-30 antennna on 2730


Is the GXM-30 antennna mated to a specific GPS unit or can it be used on another GPS after activation? In other words, can I borrow someone's activated GXM-30 antenna and use it with my 2730 to get weather?


The GXM-30 is the actual XM Radio receiver. It has it's own radio ID that is activated with the XM subscription. It is not tied to the GPS unit.

Yep.. MM is correct !I move

Yep.. MM is correct !

I move my GXM-30 between a 2730 and a 7500 with no problems at all.

Just as MM said, it is a completely self-contained XM radio receiver independent of your GPS unit.

Unfortunately, it's not compatible with any of the newer Garmin GPS units out today.

When my older Garmin units go belly up, it pretty much becomes useless.


OK thanks... now for part 2.

OK thanks... now for part 2. The GXM-30 I can borrow is from an aviation unit (Garmin 496) with nexrad radar. Will it still give me basic weather on the 2730? (Basic, I understand, is all the 2730 will display anyway)


The 2730 is designed to work with the GXM-30. It will show you basic traffic and weather and give you XM radio as long as those items are activated in the subscription with XM.

GVN 53.

Does anyone know if this antenna will work with the Garmin GVN 53? I have seen it listed as compatible in some reviews but not all.


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Garmin's website indicates that it is compatible.


Isn't the GXM-30 Antenna

Isn't the GXM-30 Antenna compatable with the Zumo 500 as well?....


Yes, it is compliant with the Zumo, but it will NOT broadcast over the bluetooth. The Zumo is NOT A2DP compliant, and therefore will not broadcast over bluetooth.

Hope this helps.