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Forced new computer

I have a new computer with Win 10. I am having to install everything of importance once again. Did go through GE to install most recent maps and all went OK as well as Basecamp. Now, went to install POI loader and the install showed a 2013 version. Is that correct? I had thought I had printed out the steps to get the POIs into my garmin, but not the case.

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Installing new maps onto my Garmin 2557LMT

I would like to purchase the City Navigator® Europe NT: Spain and Portugal map for my Garmin Nuvi 2557LMT but have a number of questions. Also note that I am using Windows 10 and Firefox as my browser and I am relatively new with Garmin products.

1. I would like to have the maps download onto my own Micro SD card. Is this method possible?

nuvicam queston

my brother just handed me a brandy new nuvicam and asked me to update it.

I charged it, looked at the SDcard (it's an 8 Gb) and of course the 8 Gb internal Memory.

When I look at the internal memory usage it indictes it has
6.03 Gb used and
0.99 Gb Free

The first update wants to put on map
2017.30 map which is 6.92 Gb

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Garmin 3490 - My Last Update?

So I finally got around to updating my 3490. I noticed (after a LONG time) a firmware update v.8.30 came out which supposedly handles larger maps? Not sure what they mean by that but I noticed that the space left over after updating the maps to 2017.30 was something like 13MB. If they come out with another update I'm assuming it may not fit.

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How to fix a bricked nuvi 3790T

My nuvi 3790T is continuously re-booting due to laptop failure during map update.

Garmin 660, 775, 3790, 3597 and ecoRoute HD.

Does the NuviCam support mp3 audio alerts?

Does the NuviCam support mp3 audio alerts?

I did find this page if it doesn't

Alerts Garmin | How Do I Get Voice Alerts Using Wav Files For Units Without Mp3 Capability?

Anyway to cancel a POI alert on a NuviCam?

Replaced my 8 year old StreetPilot C350 with a NuviCam from Costco 2 weeks ago. Just love the new GPS

Downloaded the latest red light camera database. All is working well. I have my NuviCam to repeat alerts, as my stereo may be turned up.

Garmin Express PC Released

I just noticed today that Garmin Express for PC/Windows released. Pulling it down and installing now. smile

Smartphone Link app

Does the Garmin Smartphone Link app work with Google Maps.

I simply want to use google maps to quickly find a location and have that location sent to a Smartphone Link compatible Garmin. Either via address or Lon/Lat cords.

I searched and there seems to be a history of this capability being available and unavailable. Where are we now, with Smartphone Link V. 2.2.2xxx?

Zumo POI question (customize the Up Ahead list)

Good afternoon..

Just got a new Garmin Road Tech Zumo 590, and am struggling with how the POI files work. Having had a TomTom previously, I find it very different.

Older Nuvi 760 with Smartphone Link App

I think I know the answer, but maybe someone knows a work around.

Can the Nuvi 760, with Bluetooth, work with the Smarphone Link app? Would like to look up destinations on the phone and have them picked up on the Garmin for Navigation.

makeing 360 degree proximity alert nuvi 2555

can you set proximity alerts for 360 degrees rather then just on your route

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2 updates both Chinese Audio files..... How to opt out?

GE reports that I have two updates available... When I check to see what they are (Garmin is in the car....) it reports that there are 2 Chinese audio files...
I'd be installing them if I knew Chinese derelicts, (Which I don't)....

My 2689LMT has plenty of space left (compared to my 660, which has as many files removed as possible) Luckily, the Chinese files are not available for the 660.

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Just when I thought the Apple wearables are going to take over the digital world ...

Garmin is still hanging in there strong with their wearable products. Maybe the prediction of the demise of stand-alone GPSRs is a bit premature.

Can't load multiple POI databases with POIloader

I"m trying to load:
Rest Stops
Low Clearance (from

I can load any one of those to my Garmin DriveSmart 60LMT and see them in Basecamp.

Each is under a top directory thusly:

Each has a .bmp file and the walmart and rest stops have a .wav file. The root file names are identical.

Replacement for nuvi 2597

Any suggestions for a replacement for a nuvi 2597 (similiar capabilities)?

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Is my garmin 50 ready to be recycled?

I have a Garmin 50 that only displays "Garmin" upon startup and then nothing else. When I connect it to the windows 10 computer it is not recognized. After reading other posts I tried Cure3 and that resulted in an error which said "not a garmin format". I can't do anything else with it. Should I buy another one?

Wav file(dog park)

Is there a wav file for dog park thanks in advance.

nuvi 2597lmt

I updated to nuvi 2597lmt from nuvi 756t I have custom poi installed on the sd card the 756 tells my when I approach red light camera, hotel everything that is on the sd card the 2597 only gives a tone is there something wrong or is there a modification? Thanks in advance.

Garmin Express PC Released

• Added support for Garmin downloadable content delivery.

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