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Starbucks icons don't display for some locations

I have seen strange issue with Starbucks icons when using Starbucks POI file. The icon shows up for certain locations and does not show for some. I could not figure out the reason. I will appreciate your advice.
I am using Nuvicam. Even if I navigate to certain Starbucks locations, the icon will not display.

Iphone XR, Drivesmart 61,Nuvicam, Nuvi3597

Garmin certified refurbished

Had anyone owned a Garmin certified refurbished? Any reliability issue? I bought 2689 refurbished with discount and wondering if it worths the hassle down the road. It provides the same warranty as the new one.

Garmin live traffic

Worth $20 or should I buy HD traffic for $60? Thanks.

Real Voice

This topic came up on another thread about Real Voice with Real Directions compared to other voices that only offered Real Directions.Didn't want to get the other thread off on another topic.So I started this one for discussion.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Here WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS.

Does Nuvi55 know what lane I'm in?

I wouldn't have thought a my Nuvi55 could tell which lane I was in -- it's just a few feet to one side -- but I think it does. Is this right? The situation:

---- Greg

Garmin not programmed to make left turns by the islands

Because of that it will tell you to go 3/4 of the mile to the next light, make a U turn and come back.3/4 of a mile. When you go to Home Depot or any shopping centers where you got a six lane highway, there is a center divider for left turns to shopping areas 99% of the time.Garmin had NOT programmed their devices as of now. Stone age programmers working for Garmin. A major joke I say.

Battery (for nuvi 885)

I'm having trouble finding a battery for my garmin 885. Anyone know of a place I could order one?

New minor update for traffic text with Nuvi 2598

May be available for other models as well.

Nuvi 760 Nuvi 2598 LMT Nuvi 3597 LMT Garmin Streetpilot Onboard for iPhone

Garmin Express 4.1.12

Update for Mac OS X Garmin Express appeared for me today. Updated with no trouble.

Murphy Fuel Stops

It seems that the Murphy Fuel POI file hasn't updated since 2008.

This is serious POI file for RVers and others.

The existing file is very incomplete. It only has locations at Walmart as of 2008. There are many other Murphy locations than those as walmart.

This a very important file for RVs. Is anyone maintaining it?


3590 Connection Issues

I have 2 3590LMT's. My older one (a refurb unit) has issues with powering up about 20-25% of the time with a white screen. Unplugging it and waiting for it to power off generally allows it to start normally. It also has issues dropping audio level randomly and sometimes a stutter in the speech (usually when approaching a turn so that the instructions cannot be understood!!).

New Nuvi 2699 Impressions

Well I finally upgraded my Nuvi 660 to a Nuvi 2699 so that is where my base for comparison comes from. Please realize that I have just had it a couple days so there are lots of features I have not had time to try out.

Best Specification include:
1. Screen Size is excellent. Going from a 4.3" to a 6" display is incredible.

Garmin Nuvi 2699 with 2017.30 Maps

Re-flash firmware for 3590?

After a couple years of no firmware updates, or map updates. I installed Garmin Express last week (updated to today). Updated the NA maps, and the software on the nuvi to Ver. 8.20 - From Version 7.50 - November 27, 2012
Not sure if the GPS firmware updated last week or not? From the nuvi "About" page - My installed Version 2.28.12

Garmin nüvi 1390LMT(returned) * Garmin 3590LMT(stolen) * Garmin 3590LMT LOH

Delz 770 Cracked Screen


Was wondering if anyone knows of any services or people that can fix this issue by chance? I have spoken to Garmin and they can replace it for $130 but with a different model and of course it being refurbished.

Any help would be appreciated


Flickering display on my 2689...

I just got my new to me, refurbished 2689LMT from GPS City,
and the screen flickers randomly...

My previous ones were rock steady...

Should I request an RMA for a return?

It not aweful, but it is distracting while driving...

Thx, Dan'l Garmin 2689LMT with BC-30 Backup camera system, GPS Map 62s

Some mounting issues...

I just got my new Garmin 2689LMT with BC-30 Backup camera system.

I noticed where, on the back, there is a circular plate thingie, that seems to come out. Is that meant to be some kinda quick disconnect, or...?

It came off once while I was fiddling around trying the various settings and such...

Thx, Dan'l Garmin 2689LMT with BC-30 Backup camera system, GPS Map 62s

How to back up all files on Nuvi 55

Just bought a Nuvi 55LM. I would like to back up all the files before updating the device but in its internal device there is about 200 MB of files. I enabled hidden files in the folder option but still nothing.

Revisiting a 660 that sat for ~6 months

About 3 years ago we realized the 660 directory structure was corrupt, preventing any backup. 660 still worked, so we continued on without backup capability.
About a year or so ago, the power/traffic interface on the rear of the 660 died. I first thought it was battery. Changed Battery.. No, it's the interface that died..

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

storing routes

Does anyone know of a Garmin device that will store a list of waypoints in the form of a route?
I currently use a nuvi 2200, which has a trip planner, but it treats the POIs I enter as individual journeys rather than waypoints.

Garmin RV760 LMT Fahreheit to Celsius

Not sure if this is news to anyone, but I recently bought a Garmin RV760 LMT (on black Friday)and as my first trip using this is in the USA I set it to MPH. Later looking at the weather screen I noticed this was in Fahrenheit and being in Canada I preferred this to be in Celsius, however I could find no way of changing the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

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