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Nuvi 2598 Questions

I have a couple problems that I need help with.

Until morale improves the beatings will continue

All inclusive collection to supplement Kenwood DNN922 database

Can anyone recommend a all inclusive collection to supplement my Kenwood DNN922 database. A reasonable cost is acceptable. I never know what is missing until I try to locate and would like to add a supplement across all locations and categories. I know I can add individual POI groups from the site, but would rather pay to have a single complete addon

Condo Complex Nuvi 2689LTM

I came from the TomTom world, first Garmin, I live in a rather large condo complex, they have no street names but the main entrance has a street address (i.e. 229 whatever road).

City navigator Europe NT to Mapsource

I have purchased the chip for City navigator Europe NT and have it mounted via a usb drive on my computer. This map shows in Base Camp with no problem but when I open Mapsource it is not in the list of installed maps. Is there a way to get it there. Now I understand that Mpasource is no longer supported by Garmin but surely there is a way to get this done.

refurbed 52lm Nuvi

In spite of my membership in this forum of nearly 8 years it has been a number of years since I owned or actively used a Garmin device. I recently purchased a refurbed 52lm from Amazon. I started by registering updating its maps and software. Then coming here and reviewing the tutorials.
I think I backed up the 52 onto my Win 7 pc. But I’m confused;

nuvi updates available

Many updates for the nuvis (mostly the two digit models and the 2xx8 and 2xx9) are available:

In the above link, click your model for specifics. Many of the updates are along the lines of:

Fixed an issue that could prevent saved places from appearing in the Where To? menu.

garmin 2757

here is my problem .win 10 64 bit
garmin 2757 updated no problem when I first got it using garmin express
system said there was a map update
plugged usb cable to garmin and computer and the garmin starts right away but not connecting to computer
charge indicator comes on for about 15 seconds and then tells me cable wont charge .
computer and garmin wont connect

garmin update

After downloading the latest map update, my GPS sometimes tell me completely wrong directions.

nuviCam update 2.90

There's a software update for the nuviCam:

nuviCam Camera Firmware software version 2.90
as of March 2, 2016

Change History

Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.90:

Improved Device Stability

Zoom Levels

So I saw several discussions about zoom levels, but I didn't quite see this question answered.
The issue: On my old 3760, the zoom levels worked perfectly to what I set them to. There are at least 6 zoom levels remembered:
1) "Normal speed" (below 58-60MPH) with and without an active route.
2) "Fast speed" (above 58-60MPH) with and without active route.

Garmin or Rand McNally Back up camera

I just unboxed a Garmin RV660 and find that it won't talk to my ASUS T100T tablet/notebook (Win 10.1) on the USB port, in either MTP mode or USB device mode (Garmin tech support showed me how to get to the "secret" diagnostics menu) so I can't use the RV660 with my "travelling pc" unless I just use a memory card to transfer routes & pois from BaseCamp to the Garmin.

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Icon size

Last year I posted a question regarding Icon Sizes....

Just got back from a vacation this year, and have this observation regarding my 2689.....

The POI's that are Built into the 2689 (I have Gas Station and Restaurants enabled)... will occasionally bring up Icons that are MUCH LARGER than the User Added POI supplied Icons I've installed from this site....

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Rest Areas Issue (SC & GA)

Just returned from vacation in FL
On I95 in SC and GA there are Truck Weigh Stations and 'Commercial Veichles Only' Truck Rest Areas that are in the Rest Areas POI.

We got on/off I95 at i26 and I4... And encountered I think 3 of these each way, Northbound and Southbound on I95.

I think Rest Areas POI is for cars, not commercial vehicles

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

which garmin .system files are safe to delete?

Hi, I know I've read this before somewhere, but I can't seem to find the info anymore. In the .system folder, which files/folders are safe to delete? I am trying to do a new map update but of course I've run into the not enough internal memory issue.

Garmin Express / Nuvi 3790 / City Navigator Europe NTU 2016.3

Good morning,

I have a problem to install the new CN Europe NTU 2016.3 to my Nuvi 3790 using Garmin Express.

The update start without a warning of any problem, only after 1:30u just before the last minutes of installing i got a error message: 'There was a error installing the updates' no explanation, nothing else.

Removing City Nav Europe from nuvi 270

Hi...I am new to POI but before posting this question I did try searching for the answer both here and on the internet. I have purchased City Navigator Europe, which I have used on my etrex 20 and CN North America NT 2016.20 which I planned on using/upgrading my nuvi.

Help!! Garmin NUVI

How to you update Garmin Nuvi maps using a computer operating system Windows 7? I need help and fast.


when to let go of Garmin?

We have the 2350LMT, haven't updated probably in 6 mos., not interested with the crashing and leaving the laptop up for hours...

Anyway, we trust the Garmin, and actually bring it even when we drive my wife's SUV which has a factory NAV.

Europe Maps on North America Devices - Update lags by one version

I have a 2689 with a Lifetime North America and Europe subscription transferred from another device.

The forum here and other forums have EU maps at 2016.3 so I tried an update with no luck.

When I asked Garmin Support about the problem, the eventual reply was

I am actually uglier than the GIF! <grin>

My Garmin 2598 GPS let me down

I just did a trip from Surfside Beach SC to Gulfport MS. Trip down was great, no problems. Trip back not so good. In Lexington SC it took me off of I-20 on to side street and country roads. Finally took me back to I-20 but cost about 15 minutes. Going down 501 near Conway SC it wanted me to go down 501 business through downtown instead of staying on bypass 501. I didn't fall for that one.

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