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Non Essential Files Nuvi 255W

My new downloaded maps no longer fit on the internal chip so I had to add a SD card. But I'd rather put the card back into my camera!

So, what files are necessary one the 255W
Which files can I delete?

I already took off all the extra voices and car images.

Thank you.

Nancy M Michael

255W not holding charge


I used to use my 255W all the time, now I rarely use it because it won't stay charged for more than a few minutes. I've fully charged the unit while attached to my computer, that seems to hold the longest, but it's not long at all. Even if I have the car adapter connected it dies. Can anyone offer me any suggestions, other than throwing it in the trash confused

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Loading CSV on my Garmin

I searched and could not find how to load the rest area csv file to my garmin. I purchased a 2590 and will receive it today. Any help on loading the csv file to a garmin would be appreciated.

Thanks Again

"on the route" v. "anytime I'm within X distance" alerts

I'm a newbie here. I've tried google'g and have tried to read various discussion threads on this site. I'm cornfused!!! We have a nuvi 760. It goes between our 2 cars and our motorhome. We've already loaded a "low clearances" POI set (multiple files of cvs and bmp types) using Garmin's POI Loader to alert us to "too low for our motorhome" bridges, viaducts, etc, etc (i.e.

cezoot Garmin 2595

If i have all poi built in garmin 2595 so plz I have many questions
1- do i still need sox if i converted the mp3 alerts into wav sounds with another programme ?
2- How can i see the names of POI to match the sound alerts with it or is there anyway to see Garmin contents when i plug it to the PC ?


Feature I wish my desktop GPS software had.

Yea, so I was thinking. Y'know what I'd like to be able to do with my desktop software (Garmin Basecamp)?

I want to drive from "Here" to "There" and I create my starting and ending points for my trip and the software plots a route for me.

PIN issue with 1450


New Voice Version (Jill 3.0 & Voice Editor)

I read in a forum thread that the new version of the Jill voice (3.0) could not be edited with the current version (2.90) of TTS Voice Editor. Has this been corrected? If not can I take a previous version of Jill and copy it to my new Nuvi 2460 and have it be compatible with that unit?


VFW Posts

grin I sure would like to see if someone could come up with VFW posts listing in the US for Garmin.

Errors on maps and database

I went to a bar/restaurant a few months ago in Costa Mesa,CA, and my Garmin unit was completely wrong. It was telling me it's right there on the left, when it's around the corner, across the freeway and a half block down the street.

I went again last week, and it's still wrong. I had updated to the very latest map data last month.

Custom alert sound don't work

None of the custom alert sound or bmp work when i loaded them on my nuvi 660. Proximity Alerts enable run POI Loader in "Manual" mode to establish the distance at which you wish the alert to occur i tried wav and mp3 files and i still get the default bong

garmin 1490T updated map Europe 2013.10 but no images of highways

I updated my garmin 1490T with maps City Navigator Europe 2013.10

I loaded new map selecting all nations from EU using mapsource from garmin

I loaded maps to an SD card 4GB sandisk SHDC and maps works fine at least as I can see (selecting only 2013.10 maps on settings)

I miss the images of highway labels showing the correct street to take

something like

How do I update a POI file I've previously downloaded to my GPS?

A few years ago, I downloaded the Red Light Camera POI file on my Garmin.

If I download the most current Red Light Camera POI file will it override the original file and just add the new info?

Or should I delete the old POI file on my Garmin and start fresh?


Sorry if this question has already been answered. I did a search and didn't seem to find an answer on here.

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Why is my Nuvi 50 doing this?!

Once in a while all or part of the screen will switch to a topographical view for anywhere from 1 second to maybe a minute or two, then will switch back to normal view. It doesn't seem to do this in cities or at lower speed, only when on the freeway at higher speeds.

Garmin 1450 doesn't work after update

I installed the new update, now my Garmin doesn't recognize my city or zipcode. What to do?

Work around when Garmin can't find the road?

If you put in Illinois as the state, Mt. Prospect as the town, and E. Northwest Highway, you won't find a match... But there is a W. Northwest Highway, which, unfortunately puts you a few miles from you destination..... which is E. Northwest Highway

Actually, E. Northwest Highway is a valid street name.... but Garmin can't find it....

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

TourGuide and directional

Can you set a POI using TourGuide and set it for directional only. What I am trying to do is set rest areas with TourGuide alert, but only in the direction I am going. As now set it beeps for all rest areas. I don't need an alert for a area on the south bound I-85 if I am going north. Have looked about a hour for this but no luck. Thanks

Garmin 5" NUVI 50LM (refurb) - $89.99

Fry's and has a refurbished Garmin 5" nüvi 50LM (refurb) for $89.99 (List is $169.99). Limit 1 per Household, while supply lasts (10/12/2012 - 10/18/2012)...

POI Loader Causes Blue Screen and Reboots

Today I decided to upload some new POI files to my Nuvi 3590LMT just to take it for a quick test spin to make sure everything is working properly. I had NOT upgraded to the latest POI Loader and have uploaded POI files in the past with no problem that is until today.