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POI Loader Causes Blue Screen and Reboots

Today I decided to upload some new POI files to my Nuvi 3590LMT just to take it for a quick test spin to make sure everything is working properly. I had NOT upgraded to the latest POI Loader and have uploaded POI files in the past with no problem that is until today.

Basecamp help

I want a GPS for motorcycling, and paddling. I want to be able to plan and ride routes, on and off-road, and to download routes from the club, for dual-sport rides.

I lust for a Montana, but right now the price doesn't fit with my current finances. I use a Nuvi on the motorcycle for road trips, and do without for off-roading.

3790LMT ECO question?

Something on my screen I had not noticed before. I have a round icon with a number in it. 90 or 95 or whatever.
It shows up near an ECO icon looking like a leaf (red/yellow/green) telling me how good or bad the mileage is that I am getting.

Can anyone tell please me what the round icon means.

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RAM Windshield Mount That Uses Garmin Cradle

I have looked at Ram Mounts website, but it is a bit confusing for me. Anyway, I would like to get a Ram Windshield Mount that will still allow be to use the Garmin powered cradle. Does anybody know if that is possible or does Ram only make mounts that use their own cradle?

Options for adding traffic to Nuvi 255

Before making a purchase I'd like to confirm the options for adding traffic to the Nuvi 255.

From my research it looks like step 1 (below) is the basic requirement and from there I have options.

1> Buy Garmin GTM35 - comes w/lifetime sub to NAVTEQ and includes AD's.

2> Purchase optional NAVTEQ premium lifetime subscription.

Dashboard Mounts

Just wondering if anyone has tried the $10 dashboard friction mounts from Walmart? Like the Ematic Mobile dashmount or the NavGear Universal mount? I am looking to purchase one, or do you think it would be better to spend the extra and go with the Garmin friction mount? I am looking to use it with a Garmin Nuvi 350.

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Recently, when I go to myDashboard, it just sits at "Scanning for Devices". My 855 is connected and accessible.



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+ / - Buttons On Screen

Do people use the + / - buttons on the screen? I notice the screen automatically zooms in and zooms out on its own.

3790Lmt Dislikes

1). Ecoroute? No idea what it’s good for. Had my unit for over a year now. Spent a lot of time watching the feather go from red to green to red to green…lol and filling out the price per gallon. Btw if you own the ecoroute hd attachment and the echoroute doesn’t work…that’s why.

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Getting the custom POI files to work on Nuvi 3590


I have a couple of questions and I have done searches but not extensively so if there is already a post with answers I apologize.

I have a Nuvi 3590 and I did purchase a one month membership so I could try out the red light cameras and speed cameras and if I had decent results I will go ahead and sign up for the year.

Distance for alerts

I just installed red light and speed cameras using the default distance settings but I am wondering if custom settings might work better for me. It seems like the alerts might be a little too early. What custom distance do you use?

Garmin Etrex 20

I will be recieveing my new Garmin Etrex 20 and thought I would ask if there's anything I get in addition to the GPS. What do you recommend ?

Thanks for the help.

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Garmin GPS model history Discussion Thread.

Note (3/17/2014): This post has been added as a FAQ, Garmin GPS Models | Release Date History, at the request of forum member jgermann. I have retitled this thread so it can continue to be used as a discussion thread for the FAQ.

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Viewing external POIs in BaseCamp

I have a Garmin Dakota 20 with BaseCamp installed on my PC. I have downloaded the breweries and pubs from the UK CAMRA (CAmpaign For Real Ale) web shop as a set of POI files and installed them on my device using POI Loader.
If I'm creating tracks on BaseCamp it would be useful to be able see the above POIs on the map at the same time. Is there any way of importing the POIs or viewing them?

POI file makes entries in Favourites

I have a Garmin Nuvi 3765. I have downloaded a POI file and have found that it has filled my Favourites list with its entries. Cannot find any discussion on this. Can anyone advise how do I stop that happening? Thanks.

Trip Planner vs Routes

Can anyone provide a single advantage that "Trip Planner" offers over "Routes"?

How do i delete POI files i have downloaded to my nuvi 50

Hi all, i need a little help and i can't find this on Garmin's web site. How do i delete POI files from my extra folder on my Nuvi 50LM that i have installed by mistake? Thanks

Switch to TomTom


I currently have the Garmin 1490LMT, but it has been giving me wrong directions 7 out of 10 times. I've been relying more on Google Maps on my phone. I'm thinking of switching to TomTom GPS because I like the TomTom app on the iPhone. Would you guys recommend switching to the TomTom GPS units?

Just question to the GPS Expert GURUS

They sell USA map in micro sd card, in the ofert they say is compatible with every garmin GPS if your GPS have a Mico SD capable, This is true?
Thank you

Where's MrKenFl?

Has anyone heard from MrKenFl lately? I'd been waiting for the latest Rest Area POI to be released (maintained my MrKenFl for the last five years, thank you Ken.) when I realized that I don't remember seeing him on the Factory lately. I hope nothing's happened to him. Anyone have any insight? Or have I just not noticed him?


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