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Splash Screen for Garmin 2797LMT

I was told I could change the startup splash screen on my new Garmin 2797LMT and that all I had to do was place the jpg into the Pictures folder. My 2797LMT doesn't have a Pictures folder (I was also told to try the JPEG folder but again no-go). Can I just create the Pictures folder or is there more to it than that?


Nuvi 3597 Setup - How to set Nuvi so user inputs house number then street name, etc in that order

Hi Everyone,

We have 2 Garmin Nuvi 3597 units and one of them allows us to enter the following to navigate to a destination in this order as soon as we tap the Address icon:

House number
Street name

On the other unit a screen that asks us to select the City is shown.

Going From Garmin Express To Garmin MapInstall

I have several Garmins. They are Nuvi 500, Nuvi 360, Nuvi 350, and two Garminfones. In the past, I simply used Garmin Express to update the maps. Since the maps exceeded the memory capacity of the devices, I simply selected a portion of the US for each device.

Garmin Express auto download

Does Garmin express auto download the latest maps?
If so is there a way to stop this and let me decide when to download on a windows comp.
Thanks.... Cy

Problem installing 2015.20 to PC !!!

I do not know if this has been covered before but here is my way of fixing a problem installing the map to the PC.

After downloading 2015.20 and it installing fine to the GPS but not to the PC, I tried 3 times with GE to install to the PC. Each and everytime I got an error that it did not install sucessfully.

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2495LMT Voice Command Fail

I just tried to use the Voice Command App for the first time on my 2495LMT and keep getting an error message "This feature is not available in Canada in American English".

I have the new 2015.20 full North American map installed and have reloaded the English language file.

Voice Command works for:
View Map
Find Category
Recently Found
Go Home
saved Places

Trouble every time I try to Backup one of my 765"s

Every time I try to back up one of the 765's I have, Windows gives me an error and my 765 resets. This only happens on one unit. It just will not let me back it up. Any help would be appreciated.

Link to Garmin Map Updater for both PC & MAC

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Nuvi 255W Freezes

Hi. I have a Garmin Nuvi 255w that how freezes or shuts down whenever a map is being drawn. It started after using Garmin Express to "update" the GPS. I've done all the hard reset ideas that I've read with no luck. I've now read how "happy" everyone is with the Garmin Express program, I have joined your group... live and learn.

Question on Garmin Astro 220

Can you download a .gpx file to the Garmin Astro 220 and have it usable? I am tired of installing Geocaching locations one at a time. I can get them in a .gpx file that I can install all at one time.


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Red light camera POI sound

I don't have a sound file associated with the red light camera POI. However, when I near a red light intersection, it pings. I have it set for 350 feet. The problem is that it pings about 5 times and even after I pass the intersection. This is really annoying. A warning once or twice before the intersection would be sufficient. Is there any way to change this.


Hi guys

For your information, GE is ready to download as today. I do not have any problem to downloaded, My Laptop Win 7 64x.
Don't blame me, I don't released,...was Garmin.....!!


2797LMT Shutdown Splash screen

Getting tire of seeing the "Go to Garmin... for updates" everytime my unit shuts down. Is there a way to change this splash screen?

Careless Deletion

I carelessly deleted my original 'English_American_Jill.vpm' file and have been unable to find a replacement. Does anyone have a link I can use to obtain one or possibly email it to me? Thanks.

Garmin Communicator Update

This morning I kept getting a pop-up that said my Garmin Communicator was being blocked. Since I knew that it was not being blocked, I went to Garmin site and saw that update Version was available.

I downloaded the update and double-clicked it. There was no indication that anything was happening except I could see the drive light blinking quite a bit.

Garmin RINO

I rarely see anything mentioned on here about the Garmin RINO line. The on-line reviews seem to be all over the board. Does anybody here have these and, if so, how well do they work for you?

660 Suction mount (Power/FM Receiver Cable) wiring

So yesterday we were getting in the car and I discovered the Cigarette lighter Power/FM Receiver Cable connection that connects to the Windshield Suction Mount.... At that windshield connector, the wiring had pulled out of the socket and was twisting in the wind... so to speak...

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Road Sign Icons

I'm not sure if this question has been asked regarding the nuvi 3597. Certain roads beginning with examples like Loop xx or Spur xx (the way the actual road signs read) display on the 3597 as xx-Loop or xx-Spur. Is that a feature of the maps themselves or a bug that might need to be looked at?

Any insight would be appreciated.

New Garmin Map Format

I just found out that Garmin maps (Europe in particular) are released in a new format call NTU (Unicode...)

That may have already been addressed in this forum but I can find any reference to it. What the difference with the regular NT format?

Garmin Rv 760 - 5000 mile trip to Nova Scotia

a copy of this is on Lance RV site and Garmin RV760 Yahoo group ..............

Now back to the other 1/2 of the original post - Review of the Garmin RV760 GPS.

Just for some reference and explanation of why the GPS did not perform as I wanted it to (75% my fault).