Garmin 2797 LMT


I recently purchased a Garmin 2797 LMT and really like the new features, a real upgrade from my NUVI 54. I am disappointed though with the traffic feature. Its not intuitive, its very slow, inaccurate, and on a trip through Orlando on I-4 it only notified of traffic after I was at a dead stop! I did get a verbal update on how long it would take to creep through the ten mile backup, a feature I found irritating. I would have preferred a warning of the impending nightmare and a suggestion of an alternate route. I find Google Maps traffic feature much easier to use. I'm certainly glad I didn't have to pay for this feature

Anyone else find Traffic to be useful or experience problems?

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Garmin Smartphone Link app

If you have a smartphone and are willing to pay the one-time traffic subscription, you may find the traffic from it much better than the traffic offered with the 2797LMT.

I also think Smarphone Link is a good investment for traffic

In my experience is significantly more comprehensive and timely than the FM based traffic that comes with the unit.

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I echo the responses from CraigW and cagpfan on the value of Garmin's Smartphone link app with "Live Traffic" enabled.

I also recommend adding the free Waze app to your smartphone. The combination is hard to beat.