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Red Light & Speed Cameras poi

sorry for my bad english, my question is

where is de poi file Red Light & Speed Cameras ?

i dont find in poi files, not to with searsh name , in past i saw it, not now

SD Card Formatter

I was looking for information about SD speeds and came across this about formatting SD cards.

SD Association wrote:

GPS learning

My 3790 has the learning capability to track driving habits.

Where I live we have a sometimes 16 lane highway, 8 each direcction going across town.

There are the express lanes with much fewer exits. When I go 20 miles across the city I take the Express since I do not want to be in the slower collectors with in and out traffic.

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Routes from 2013 Streets & Trips exported successfully to Garmin Nuvi 2595.

I have visited numerous forums over the web but after searching, reading and watching, I have finally achieve this task
I have successfully created routes in 2013 Streets & Trips, and then transferred these files to the GPX folder on my Nuvi 2595. The nuvi actually recognised these files.

POI files with Europe Maps

I am going to Europe and have made a number of TourGuide POI's. I loaded the resulting GPX file into my Zumo 665 using POILoader and I cannot get the POI's to show up. When I go to "Extras" on the Zumo and press on POI, I get the message "No matches found." When I load a GPX file with TourGuide points in the USA and Canada, no problem.

Garmin fixed mount (power problem)

I bought a new fixed mount for my garmin nuvi 50lm and it wont work. I have power to all points.but it wont work with the unit. I can plug in my regular charger and no problem. Is there maybe something wwith the way the new mount is wired ?

Garmin Smartphone Link 1.8, 8/21/14 iOSUpdate

I see that Garmin just released their update for the Garmin Smartphone Link v 1.8 on iTunes. I'm hoping that they fixed some of the annoying bugs like the glitch where it occasionally says no data connection after you leave your home and the phone switches over to cellular data.

Folders not grouped together

I did something to my Costco locations on my 1450. Deleted. In BASECAMP, I have Under 'my collection' a folder named Costco, with a subfolder named Costco Locations. All Costco locations are in order. It seems that I can't send 'Costco Locations' to my device. They end up in favorites but all mumbled jumbled up.

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Installing maps on multiple computers

I have one GPS and Basecamp installed on three computers: my desktop at home, a laptop for travel and a Windows tablet, again for travel. Every time I update the maps, I end up downloading them three times: one to update the GPS and one of the computers then twice more to update the other two computers.

Nuvi 2460

Nuvi display freezes

The last year or two, my Nuvi 1350lmt display has been freezing. I noticed that it will be working fine until it becomes apparent that the distance to the next turn is not working. Pressing the on-off button once reboots and it continues on just fine.


City Navigator 2015.20 Europe

City Navigator 2015.20 Europe is now available for download via Garmin Express for anyone that using these maps.

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Garmin dead?

Updated map several days ago and everything went OK. Today plugged in 1450 to update my Costco locations via Basecamp and sent them to GPS. Previously deleted Costco locations off GPS. Unplugged GPS and they were not on unit. Tried again 2 more times then unplugged unit and it would not turn on automatically or manually. Did this 2 times.

nuvi 1390 LT, nuvi 1450 LMT, Vista, Win 10

Hard Reset

I'm wondering why when I do a hard reset on my 1390T it doesn't reset my home address. I did it 2x and my home address is always there. I played around in the diagnostic screen by preiing on the battery symbol but that didn't help either. Is this supposed to happen?

Is there a way to clear the POI name from the top bar to be able to look at the routing?

I have gobs of POIs loaded into my 3590, including Starbucks locations for my wife (as a TourGuide with a 1000 ft range). At times, I need to see the full routing that is available by selecting the top bar on the display. When one is within range of a TourGuide POI, selecting the top bar brings up info on the POI.

Pop the top

Has anyone opened up their Garmin to clean out interior? I have had it in dusty conditions several times. It looks to have only the speaker that is open to the elements. Would like to lightly blow out as I do with my computers. Is that doable or should I not worry about it?

nuvi 1390 LT, nuvi 1450 LMT, Vista, Win 10

Nuvi 855 Tracks

I typically download my tracks on a weekly basis to MapSource, then delete them from the 855. For the past 3-4 weeks, it tells me there are no tracks to download, even though when I set the device to "show" trip log, there are tracks there; similar result for routes, even though there are routes on the device.

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

printing maps

How many of you have noticed the 2015 map updates don't allow you to print the map from either Basecamp or Mapsource?

Illiterate? Write for free help.

City Navigator North America NT 2015.30

Will it be out this week?

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Garmin Nuvi 660 calculation of nearest restaurants, etc. off by 90 miles or more

Suddenly my Garmin Nuvi 660 is having problems identifying nearby restaurants, gas stations, etc. For some reason it shows the nearest restaurant to be 90+ miles away, which is obviously incorrect.

I took off all custom POIs thinking that somehow they may have skewed something, a long shot but I thought I would eliminate a potential source of errors.


POI Loader MSI error

Can't get the 2.73 POI Loader setup file to run. Gives an MSI error:filenotfound during the install. Windows XP. Any ideas?