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2016.20 and Basecamp and questions

I went to use my BaseCamp and it was GONE...
I plugged in Nuvi and opened Garmin Map Updater thinking I could get it there.
Garmin Updater said the 2016.2 map was ready to download so I said ok so I could get BaseCamp.

After all updated I did have BaseCamp. It is 4.4.6, is this the newest one?

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City Navigator 2016.20 is out

Garmin Express tells me that a Map Update is available for my 3597, CN 2016.20!!!


Camper 760 and Ecoroute HD

Hi Guys,

I have a Garmin Camper 760 and an Ecoroute HD.

I can't find the menu option on the Camper 760 to link it to the Ecoroute.

Am I being dumb, or are these two not compatible?

Looking forward to your advice.



Adding data to Nuvi 3790LMT sd card

I have an 8GB SD card on my 3790LMT. I can't load and read the manual to my Nuvi onto this SD card, so what I would like to do is to write up some notes reminding me of how to access certain NUVI settings, take a screen capture of my notes, save that capture as a .jpg file and move it to the SD card and then be able to read those notes on the Nuvi unit itself.

Nuvi 3790T w. Lifetime Maps/Macintosh OS Lion/iPhone 4/iPad 1

Map Update (files on the PC)

Downloading V2016.10 to my 2699LMTHD keeps timing out on my Verizon MiFi. So I went to another WiFi connection and downloaded to my PC only using Garmin Express

EPE editor freezes

This has been happening for some time. When I start EPE editor and select a GPX file to, for an example, set an alert distance and I click on "Options" to take me to "Preferences", EPE locks up.

It just sits there forever, no matter what I click on EPE, even trying to close it all I get is a "Ding" sound. The menu bar has turned to gray and none of the choices work.

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Shaping points, useful or not ?

I decided to put this up on the Garmin postings, though I had added it on to a current thread already not particularily about shaping points.

Allright now, I monkeyed around with my 2797 for about 2-3 hours to see what these shaping points are all about.

Nuvi 350 long gone, Nuvi 855LMT, Nuvi 2797LMT, DriveSmart 50 LMT-HD, 3790LMT now my daughters. Using Windows 10. DashCam A108C with GPS.


Hi guys first post,be gentle please. I have an sd card with north america which works fine on my nuvi40,but my nuvi670 will not recognize the same map. Has anyone ever come across this. I cannot try it out until i reach canada. I can use the simulator on the nuvi40 for checking out trips,but i would like to use the nuvi670 in canada.

After 7.8 firmware update strange message at top of screen...

Sorry committed this to memory... Should have written it down...

After the V7.8 firmware update on my 2689LMT Nuvi, after all the reboots I see a message not seen before when I view map:

Library: No Traffic 24 (Word I forgot after 24)....

OK what's that last word, and what does it mean, Alphy?

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

How to enter coordinates in Nuvi

Hello friends, Today I got stuck with coordinates. I could not figure out how to enter coordinates in my nuvi3597 from a web site.

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Custom POI's on SD Card

Since I am adding and deleting customs POI's and POI folders regularly, I am wondering if I could store these points on SD cards and insert the appropiate corresponding card into my nuvi 2595.

Do I use a folder on the SD Cards named "Garmin"?
Do I need to use POI Loader to load the POI points onto the SD Card or can I just copy the files(*.gpx or .csv) into the Garmin folder?


2597LMT questions

New 2597LMT. Vast improvement over my previous 50LM, but I have a couple questions:

Found an answer, but I would have thought it would have done this automatically

Our new 2689LMT Garmin, suddenly, when we use it on the way up our 1.5 lane mountain roads, where we just moved, and the garmin displays no roads...

Only having background with a Nuvi 660, I tried to find the setting where I could add more detail... no such setting on the 2689.....

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Nuvi 2555LMT log not accessible

Hi. I'll start with the same three magic words often found at the beginning of a post like this: I just got (lol) a Nuvi2555LMT. I've charged it up, disconnected it from my computer, turned it on, put it in my backpack, get on my motorcycle, ride about 1-1.5hrs to my destination, then I find it looks like it's turned off.

Red Light Camera

My red Light Camera poi activated. cause was at intersection with red light camera. But now will not go away..... How do I make it disappear?

Help. My nuvi 2598 no longer connects with iPhone 6 via Bluetooth

This may be an iOS 9 problem or perhaps something with 2598 software but just tried pairing the devices today, first time since iOS upgrade. iPhone came back with a message that the 2598 was not a compatible device! Super bummed about this. Anyone with a similar experience?

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Smartphone Link for IOS got updates

Garmin has updated Smartphone Link app for IOS to version today to fix the IOS 9 compatibility issues.

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Getting Proximity Alerts When driving Offroad ??

Hi Guys, I'm a just a freshman on the subject of POI files.
Thing is I'm in Kazachstan and they my company want me to guide vehicles safely through the dessert.

This means that i'm given a load of waypoint which are not waypoints in the way you can use for the desired track, no it are "anomalies" keep away points.

driving a Trecol and a Hagglund

Uploading POI file to Garmin Nuvi 2557

I love this site and plan to add some POIs.

I just purchased a Nuvi 2557 and I don't know how to upload the file to my Nuvi. Any help is appreciated.

Also, what is the best format to add POIs? Lat/long for cameras for instance or intersection?

StickyCup windshield mount

I just bought a new type of suction cup for my Beltronics GPS enabled RADAR detector called StickyCup, it's an Escort/Beltronics product. Much better than any windshield mount I've ever come across, really holds well, almost like glue. It has a washable sticky type surface.

This is a removable mount, not permanent.

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