Nuvi 650 does not show all places


Hello all,
I'm having an issue with my Garmin Nuvi 650. I just updated a portion of the North American maps. However, when I attempt to locate an address by entering either the town's name or the zip code, the unit will show only a small number of the places or zip codes. Moreover, it will not allow me to type in the full name of the town or the zip code before it jumps to the incomplete data. For example, if I try to type in 08002 as a zip, I can only get as far as the first four digits before it takes me to a screen with only three choices and none of them being 08002.

The same thing happens when I try to type in a town. I'm able to type in only the first three letters of the town before I'm taken to the next page which will list only one or two towns and none of them being what I'm looking for.

I've tried going to "Near" and just about everything else. And I've selected "American English" as the language.

As a result, I'm not able to search for anything on the unit.

Can anyone please help.

Thank you.

Well ...

... If that's happening after you've updated a portion of the map is what you're searching for on the map?

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Partial maps

Which partial map did you install? I expect you can find this by tapping Tools/Settings/Map/MapInfo. Are you searching in areas on your installed map?

It is possible to manually install all of North America to a nuvi 650 and an added SD card but it'll take some effort and you will need to reinstall the map. Shout if you want to do this.