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A few years back while traveling on a lengthy trip I encountered an unusual problem with my Garmin 478. I had preplanned my entire trip of approximately 10,000 miles.
My first leg (route) was around 2,500 miles (South Florida to Glacier NP). Somewhere in eastern Wyoming in Nav mode, the GPS said "approaching destination" and yet I was several hundred miles from Glacier. Sitting on the side of the road with my laptop on the tank of my motorcycle I edited my route by deleting the first 1500 miles or so that I had already covered. I re-imported the route and continued on my merry way to my planned destination. While planning all of my routes I was careful not to exceed 50 viapoints and carefully checked the placement of those points for positioning errors (wrong side of road, slightly off the road type thing).
The only thing that was different was the length of that route.
Since then I have upgraded to a 590LM and use BaseCamp but I still avoid creating routes over 1500 miles and have never had that problem again.
Has anyone else experienced this type of thing? -JEP-

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On my dezl 560. I have routed from atlanta, Ga and out of Ca from there, gps said route to long to computer. will add points as it gets closer, never had a problem shows the whole route at all times but just had that comenent come up on my screen.

I've owned a Z550, Z660 and

I've owned a Z550, Z660 and now have had a Z590 for about three years. I have run into issues because of too many route points but never because a route was too long in miles. Maine to Montana via Colorado and Wyoming was 3,615 miles without issues. That said, I generally keep my routes to a little more than on days riding.

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