Garmin 3957LMT & Windows 10 problem......Half Solved


I have had the most terrible problem with my Garmin 3597LMT gps. Windows 10 would not recognize it. I have called both Dell and Garmin a whole bunch of times so I hope they are reading this now. I have found a partial solution!!!!!!!

I dowloaded web updater to my computer and now presto! If I plug the GPS into my type C hub it now gets recognized but only on the hub. If I plug it into one of built in ports it still is not recognized but now I can upgrade my maps.

Again, Garmin I hope you pass this onto your software guys and make a note of it somewhere where other people that have the same problem can benifit from it too. Please also pass it onto Dell.


It sounds like you're missing the Garmin drivers on Win 10. Do you have Garmin Express installed?

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Or ...

Switch to mass storage mode

Win10 doesn't seem to work well with mtp devices

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Mass storage for me

I've got a couple of 3597s. They always talk to a Windows 10 computer.

Mass storage mode was the magic answer to get this working. Once I put them there I never switched them back.

No trouble since.

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Windows 10

Yes, I have windows Express installed but if you google known problem with Garmin and Windows 10 (since it updated to the Anniversary Edition, you will see a multitude of people that have had the same problem. All my drivers are the latest.

Have you ...

... Tried mass storage mode??

Where there's a will ... there's a way ... DriveSmart50LMT-D, Nuvi 2508LMT-D, 1490LMT, 1310, Montana 650T, Etrex 20

Try Switching

As sussamb and archae86 said, try switching from Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to Mass Storage Class (MSC) or Mass Storage Mode. Using the instructions from or

To change to Mass Storage:

1. Bring up the volume screen on the GPS.

2. On the upper right hand corner. Press your finger on screen and hold for approx 10 seconds.

3. Shortly you will see the developers screen.

4. Find MTP Settings and touch it.

5. It will show 3 selections. MTP Auto Detect, Mass Storage and Mass Storage Single Session.

6. Touch Mass Storage as your selection.

7. Now select save and you are good to go.


I have heard of Garmin connection problems on some platforms when connecting to a USB3 port. This only seems to be a problem with certain hardware. The USB3 ports on my CyberPowerPC desktop connect to my Garmin devices just fine.

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