Formatting SD card in a Nuvi 270


how can you format a sd card to suit a Garmin Nuvi 270 ,and change to mass storage . i just acquired this unit , my first unit


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History: The nuvi 270 is quite the device. It's now been out over ten years so is pretty long in the tooth. What made it special is that it was sold with full coverage of North America and Europe and to have space to accommodate both maps, was an early Garmin device to have 4GB of internal storage. From the FAQs here, the nuvi 270 is able to have Garmin map updates installed directly to a SD card and can read files over 2GB in size.

Mass Storage mode: not to worry, the 270 and all the early devices are already in MS mode as the MTP came along much later, possibly around late 2011. Your 270 which came out in 2007 is already in MS mode.

SD Card: The SD card should be formatted as FAT or FAT32 depending on its size and can be done through a card reader on your computer or less preferable, in the nuvi 270 itself. If formatting the SD in the nuvi, triple check that you're formatting the SD card and not the nuvi. There are several frantic threads here from folks who mistakenly formatted the nuvi by mistake. If the SD card has ever been partitioned as a boot drive for another device or had some other odd use, the program SDFormatter could be used as it also returns the card to a single partition for use. A SD card is already likely to be properly formatted so unless there's a reason to do a format, simply deleting all the files on the SD card (again, triple check you're not deleting all the files on the nuvi) will do the job for you.

If your newly acquired 270 has lifetime map updates, you will certainly need the SD card. If it didn't come with lifetime updates, you may find it better not to buy a lifetime map subscription but rather use free open source maps. If you want Garmin maps, you probably should consider purchasing a new Garmin device with lifetime maps as it will offer much more in terms of features and will cost about as much as buying a lifetime map subscription (if you can even still do so) for a single continent.

A caveat: I've never owned or used a 270 so I'm basing my answers on the FAQs here. If something I say here seems wrong, it may well be. I do worry about updating a map through Garmin given that your device was a transatlantic model, a device most of us here have never seen or used.

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On your question about formatting a SD card see

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On your question about formatting a SD card see

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