Garmin Street pilot 2610____HOW



I need some infos for y street pilot 2610.......
I try to add some poi but i can't download a lot because the memory is not
big,,,,,,,have you a comment for that or an iadea to do some
thing_____thanks a lot


Please how to convert CSV files orto dowload to my GPS garmin street pilot 2610________Thanks

as far as I know Garmin's

as far as I know Garmin's Poi loader doesn't work with the pilot 2610.
above is a link to all the threads relating to this gps.

Miss Poi


You wont be able to use custom POI'S with your Unit it has to have waypoints only if you want custom poi's you will have to upgrade to a new unit

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Using POIs on older Garmin units

While it's true that you cannot load custom POI's on an older Garmin unit, that doesn't mean your only option is to upgrade. I have 2 Garmin Quests that don't support custom POI's but I still get to use some of the ones I like best, by making them waypoints.
First, I build a .csv file with the POI's that are most important to me. (keep this small).
Next, I convert the .csv file to .gpx format. (I use Garmin GPX Converter.exe)
Then I load the .gpx file into Mapsource, which displays the POIs as waypoints on the map.
Finally, I transfer the waypoints to my Quest.

The "extra" info is lost, and the proximity alerts don't work, but I can still use the waypoints to find the POI I am interested in, to route to , etc.

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Where to Get .exe

Where can you download the .exe program:

Garmin GPX Converter?



I believe the above referenced software is this one.

You can also check out this page for other converters and software.