Anyone know what ordering logic it's using?


I used to think when you select the "Near..." option to search for a different city, it would display in the alphabetical order. So imagine my surprise when I entered 'Glendale' (next city from where I live) and didn't see Glendale, AZ show up (it's not a small city either with the population of 250,000+ and home to NHL Phoenix Coyotes and NFL Arizona Cardinals). I tried several ways and made sure the spelling was correct (but how many ways can one spell Glendale?).

Then I tried other cities and noticed something peculiar about the display order. Though at first it appears to be displaying in alphabetical order, it is neither alphabetical or proximity order.

So I went back to Glendale and this is the order my Nuvi displayed:

Glendale, AL 1463mi
Glendale, AR 1165mi
Glendale, CO 582.7mi
Glendale, DE 2058mi
Glendale, FL 1538mi
Glendale, ID 583.5mi
Glendale, ID 800.9mi
Glendale, IL 1308mi
Glendale, IL 1350mi
Glendale, IN 1442mi
Glendale, IN 1499mi
Glendale, KS 877.9mi
Glendale, KY 1502mi
Glendale, MD 2009mi
Glendale, MA 2184mi
Glendale, MA 2302mi
Glendale, MI 1545mi
Glendale, MN 1412mi
Glendale, MS 1346mi
Glendale, MO 1171mi
Glendale, MT 825mi
Glendale, NV 244.1mi
Glendale, NH 2288mi
Glendale, NJ 2095mi
Glendale, NJ 2105mi
Glendale, NY 2156mi
Glendale, NY 2153mi
Glendale, NY 2088mi
Glendale, OH 1676mi
Glendale, OK 1006mi
Glendale, PA 1826mi
Glendale, PA 2094mi
Glendale, PA 2059mi
Glendale, RI 2271mi
Glendale, SC 1735mi
Glendale, TN 1420mi
Glendale, TN 1441mi
Glendale, TN 1536mi
Glendale, TN 1597mi
Glendale, TN 1685mi
Glendale, TX 1007mi
Glendale, VA 1974mi
Glendale, VA 1978mi
Glendale, VA 2020mi

At this point, I've scrolled down 11 screens, and so far it has listed in alphabetical order. This is why I was so puzzled and thought it was some sort of a bug...but when you go down further...

Glendale, WA 1118mi
Glendale, WV 1764mi
Glendale, AZ 10.4mi
Glendale, CA 816.5mi
Glendale, CA 346.4mi
Glendale, WI 1367mi
Glendale, WI 1465mi
Glendale, MO 1265mi
Glendale, CO 580.1
Glendale, OH 1588mi
Glendale, OR 870.4mi
Glendale, UT 251.6mi

Can anyone shed a light to this?

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Is it listing them in proximity order from your "Near..." location, but showing the distance from your present location. Or vice-versa smile

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Where from

I saw a similar example after installing the enhanced basemap. It may be that maps are queried sequentially with each result set displayed in proximity order.

Then again, maybe not.

- Keith