GPSMap 76C custom POIs into MapSource


I'm new at this but can't seem to find an answer elsewhere:
I have downloaded POI files (*.csv) from here, the Garmin POI Loader software and successfully loaded the csv file onto my handheld Garmin.
Then I go to MapSource (new v2008) and "Receive from Device", but the Custom POIs don't show up in MapSource.
What am I doing wrong? Or will the Custom POIs just not transfer into MapSource?

Custom POIs don't transfer to Mapsource

MapSource handles transfer of Favorites to Waypoints and vice versa, but not Custom POIs.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource


No, but if you really want to see them in MapSource, you can use POI Edit to convert the CSV files to GPX files and then open the GPX files in MapSource.

what are you trying to accomplish?

If you want to use the custom POI's in the 76, go to >>Find>>Custom POI's and >enter< on that. You may need to update the internal software, depending on how old the unit is, and what software is in it.

Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX