Garmin updates slow running


When using Garmin Express to update maps takes a very long time. Is anyone else having this problem


What do you mean by a long time? How fast is your internet connection?

I have a 50 Mbs pipe and the map download for all of EU or NA takes around an hour.

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Garmin Express

Donpop wrote:

When using Garmin Express to update maps takes a very long time. Is anyone else having this problem

It you review this post it seems that not a lot of complaints about download time.

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Be sure to check out the FAQ tab located on top right of the screen and check out all the custom poi files that are available for download to your GPS. To get started here are some tools you will need.
1.POI Loader .Garmin's software for uploading POI files to your Garmin device. Needed for all the POI Factory custom poi files you may want to install.

2.Garmin Express .Garmin Express is the main tool for updating and managing all your Garmin devices. Such as updating maps,software and registering your unit with Garmin.

3.WebUpdater WebUpdater used to update certain device software without needing an Internet web browser. For downloading and installing software,vehicles and voice updates to your device. Always make sure your GPS has the latest software.

4.Other tools can be found at

I would suggest that you make a complete backup of your GPS files. Members have reported that their GPS files have been accidentally deleted lost or damaged. Some errors even resulted from updating new software.So it is important to have your backup files ready so that you can restore your device back to its prior status. Here is a video that may help.

Video 1. How to make a backup of your Garmin GPS

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The map updates are large files ~ 2GB. There are a lot of variables. The obvious one is how fast is your actual sustained connection, not the advertised speed of your ISP. Note: Many ISPs are speed test aware, that is they know you are running one of the utilities and give you priority for the 30 seconds or so that it takes to run to make them look good in your eyes. Is your computer busy doing other things? Some 3rd party anti-malware products can slow things down. Assuming you are using a WiFi connection, are you sharing it with others who are consuming bandwidth? Timing can be a factor. Many experience slower connection speeds in the evenings as other subscribers in your area are streaming video and playing online games competing with you for a slice of the pie. If this is the case and you are an early riser, you might find a better experience before the sun comes up. The first couple of weeks after an update becomes available, many are trying to download. It's like trying to get to see the new blockbuster movie on opening weekend, come back a couple of weeks later and the servers may be less busy. You can have a blinding fast connection but if the source is mired down, you will get only a trickle. Bandwidth costs money and providers buy what will suffice, not what will serve everyone all at once. All things being equal, if you have a really fast connection, ~ 1 hour is common, for an average good connection, ~ 2 hours is reasonable., some have slower connections and expect ~ 4 hours and they often set it up to start at bedtime and set their computer to stay awake but probably turn the screen off.

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I don't use Garmin Express - I still use the Garmin Map Updater and it works fine. I generally get from 120 - 170 Mbps down so I have a good pipe and the actual download goes very quickly. However, I use a pair of old nüvi 760 devices. They have USB 1.1 connectivity. THAT is slow as heck. smile

It doesn't bother me though. I just hook up the unit and then start the update process and go do something else. When the first one is finished I do the second one. The only real issue I have with the process is simply remembering to do the update in the first place.

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My downloads of North America (Canada &US) takes about 2 to 3 hours. As others have said, it depends on many things. I usually wait a few weeks after the map is released, so that the mad rush to download is mostly over. Do it before you go to bed, and it'll be done in the morning.

p.s. May I suggest that you include your Garmin model, in your profile signature. Each models has its own features and quirks. Members are more likely to customize and answer, based on their own knowledge of your product.



As well as the above, you also have to take into consideration how congested the node you're on may be. Too many variables for an easy answer to this problem.

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