No unlocked maps were found for this device.


Well, I just tried updating my North American maps on my Garmin Nuvi 2797 using Mapinstall and I get the message "No unlocked maps were found for this device".

The latest NA maps are already installed on my computer and on the 2797, but I wanted to see if I knew how to go through the procedure anyway. I recently updated those maps and I have a lifetime update that came with the Nuvi 2797.

The "Map product manager" in Garmin Express tells me that the CN NA NT 2017.10 map is "unlocked", yet Mapinstall indicates there are no unlocked maps found for my Nuvi 2797. The "Continue" button is grayed out and I'm not able to go any farther in the program.

Any help?


MapInstall is used to move maps already installed on your PC to your nuvi. What exactly are you trying to do?

If update the maps on your nuvi you need to use Express, but if you already have the updated maps there as you suggest I'm confused?

Also are you sure the map is installed on your PC? When you run BaseCamp without your nuvi connected is the map available in the BaseCamp map list?

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If you want to keep features like Junction View, Voice Recognition, etc., never use MapInstall to update a map on a Garmin device with these features. MapInstall only updates the map file itself, hopefully with the unlock file as well but you're seeing a problem even with the unlock file.

Another reason to never use MapInstall to update a Garmin device's map is that MapInstall creates a Supplemental Map and these maps need to be manually deleted as they will not be auto-deleted during a future map update.

My suggestion (and I urge you to wait and see what others say) is to search the nuvi 2597 for supplemental map files and to move them off the nuvi and keep them on a computer in case you need them again. Supplemental map files will be along the lines of gmapsupx.img where the 'x' can be another 'p' or a numeral.

When done, check your free space and check to see if you still have a functional City Navigator 2017.10 map on your device (go to the nuvi's myMaps page and tell us what you see and what's checked). If the current map is missing, reinstall it with Garmin Express.

Like sussamb, I can't understand why you tried using MapInstall to 'reinstall' an already present map on your device.

For future use, only use Garmin Express or GarminMapUpdater to update maps on the 2797 and never use MapInstall. Note that you have used MapInstall on your old nuvi 650 with a SD card to be able to have all of North America available between the nuvi and SD card. This is required due to the age of the 650 due to its limitations with current maps. But for the indefinite future, don't use MapInstall for any recent nuvi, especially if you want to keep its special features.

More questions

For over a year, I've been told by everyone at Garmin and everyone here to use Mapinstall to install maps. In fact, when I use Base Camp to update maps, as Garmin instructed me to do, it automatically switches me over to Mapinstall when I attempt to do this ON MY 2797. Per Craig's comment, I must only use Mapinstall on my Nuvi 650 and not my Nuvi 2797? But again, Base Camp automatically switches me to Mapinstall on the 2797.

Craig, I have been told repeatedly by Garmin NOT to use Map Updater to update maps. Garmin tells me that this program has been replaced by Express and Mapinstall. Please tell me who is correct? Should I now use Map Updater?

Sussamb, the NA map is already installed on my PC. Both 2016 and 2017 versions. This is how I had previously updated the original maps....using Express to download and Mapinstall to install....per instructions from everyone. Base Camp lists both maps when the 2797 isn't connected and both maps are shown in the computer's Program Data/Garmin directory.

In answer to sussamb's question, I was not going to actually reinstall my NA 2017.10 map on the 2797 when this all started. I only wanted to see that everything was working fine in the process, but I was going to terminate the program before it actually started the installation of the maps already on the 2797. So please don't get "confused" about this. And while doing this, I get the message that no unlocked maps were found on the device. I didn't have this issue recently because the maps were indeed updated from 2016 to 2017 only about a week ago.

Once again, the "Map Product Manager" in Base Camp tells me that the CN NA NT 2017.10 map is UNLOCKED, yet Mapinstall states that no unlocked maps were found for the 2797. It also gives me the option of unlocking the 2017 map "online"....but indicates that the map is already unlocked!

Craig, you indicated that I should use Express to update my maps. You advised me to remove any supplemental files from the 2797 and just keep them on the computer....and then reinstall with Express. However, when I turn on Garmin Express, it tells me that the "software" (not the maps) is up to date, but says NOTHING about updating the maps or reinstalling them. Is this because the 2797 is already up to date? If I remove the "supp" map from the unit, would Express then advise that an update is available and take me thru the procedure?

Sorry about bugging you folks. I know you are trying to help and you have indeed, helped. But Garmin seems to make this stuff a lot more difficult than it needs to least in my inexperienced view.


Gene1000 wrote:

For over a year, I've been told by everyone at Garmin and everyone here to use Mapinstall to install maps...

Whew, I had to take notes and even with them, I expect I won't answer everything you've asked.

1. MapInstall. This is the biggest cause of our confusion since you seem to use it WAY more than the rest of us here. For sure here at The Factory for the past several years, use of MapInstall is rarely suggested. As pointed out in several past replies, MapInstall will not update the majority of Garmin 'On The Road' nuvis and other models with extra features like Junction View, Voice Recognition, etc. Your nuvi 2797 has both and updating a 2797 map with MapInstall will lose all Junction Views and the Voice Recognition files needed for the map update. In the very old days (when the StreetPilots and the nuvi 350 and 650 reigned), MapInstall was needed more often because the devices had limited storage and couldn't hold all of a continent. As we've indicated in your current threads, your nuvi 650 will use a combination of Garmin Express (to the nuvi) and MapInstall (to the SD card) since it's the only way to get all of North America installed for use on your 650.

2. GarminMapUpdater vs. Garmin Express. Yes, Garmin generally states that we now should be updating maps and software with Garmin Express rather than GarminMapUpdater (for the map) and WebUpdater (for software). The biggest exception to this is that Garmin Express no longer works with MS Windows XP, so for folks with older PCs, GarminMapUpdater needs to be used for map updates. Also, on occasions when Garmin Express is given users grief, Garmin will also suggest using GarminMapUpdater (GMU). The one biggest problem with GMU is with certain premium model nuvis:

3. BaseCamp. Let's point out that most likely, the majority of Garmin GPS device owners don't even have BaseCamp installed to their computers. It is definitely not necessary for updating maps on Garmin devices. Yes, if you try to install maps to a device with BaseCamp, you will be directed to MapInstall. But remember that Garmin devices can update maps with only Garmin Express and in fact, that is the recommended and currently the best way to update maps on all but the oldest Garmin GPS devices. BaseCamp (and the earlier MapSource) are great ways to view Garmin maps on your computer and to create and test routes, etc., etc., but it's not the way to update Garmin City Navigator maps to a Garmin GPS device except in very unusual circumstances, your nuvi 650 unfortunately being one of them.

4. Garmin Express and reinstallations. Yes, once you've installed a map update to a GPS with Garmin Express, the software will tell you your maps are up-to-date. This will even be told to you if the map update failed. But within Garmin Express, you can force a reinstallation of what Garmin Express tells you is already there on your nuvi.

All in all, to me the biggest problem I see with your various issues with your 650 and 2797 is that you feel that 'everyone' is telling you to use MapInstall for map updates. I believe this to be totally wrong and its use has caused many of the issues you're currently trying to figure out. Certainly here at The POI Factory, no one for years has recommended MapInstall for performing map updates except in exceptional circumstances. I also can not imagine anyone at Garmin Tech Support currently or recently telling you to routinely use MapInstall for map updates.

Good luck.

To add to that very comprehensive reply

MapInstall these days is really only required for some older nuvis (for the reasons explained) and for Garmin's handheld devices, which don't have the junction view, voice files etc that the newer nuvis do. It's also used to install certain 3rd party maps onto Garmin devices.

Once you get Express working correctly with your 2797 you should just stick with it.

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For Gene1000

One last thought that may help explain things. On occasion, we find new users here that we see are very skilled experienced users of old Garmin automotive GPS devices who have just purchased a new Garmin nuvi and they are confused or surprised by the new device.

Some are shocked to find no AC adapter, no leather case, no Owners Manual, etc. for the new device. This isn't you although your mention of your 2797's short battery life and no AC adapter does indicate to me that the 2797 purchase was the first nuvi purchase in a very long time for you.

I have the feeling that you are a very experienced user of your old nuvi 650 and have learned how to do a lot with it, but that you haven't followed the recent developments until your very recent purchase of the nuvi 2797.

The good news is that these new devices do so much more and in general are so much better than the older devices. They're also simpler to update, etc. The bad news is that attempting to use the procedures on the nuvi 2797 that you've perfected over years with the old nuvi 650 is creating extra unneeded work for you and even creating problems.

Any thoughts?

Guys, your replies on this

Guys, your replies on this thread have been a big help. I going to try removing the "supp" file from the SD card on the Nuvi 2797 and use Express to reinstall, hopefully getting all of the other benefits. I'm a little concerned about doing this, given the message that "no unlocked files are found with this device". I'll let you know how I make out.

Also, while you folks were typing up responses to my long-winded questions, I just got a Garmin micro SD Europe card in the mail. I had ordered it a few days ago. I just popped it in the 2797 and it works like a charm. I also tried it in the 650 and as you have indicated, it's a bust. So it looks like the 2797 will be coming with me to Europe. I had wanted to take the 650 because of its small size, MP3 player and long battery life.

And unfortunately, it appears that I'll have to take the cradle for the 2797 with me too.....unless you can tell me of a better way to plug in the 2797 in to the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket WITHOUT THE CRADLE, which is something I could do with the 650.

I'm learning and some day I'll get this stuff right. But I do want to thank all of you for your help. It's good to know that you're out there.