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Just wondering if anyone else feels Rand McNally is a little slow on the updates. I use some roads that are new but have been around for a few years yet they dont show on my TND 720 I just got for Christmas. Any one else experiencing the same issues?

Rand McNally

i the tnd720 to and yes little slow big time slow for updates

Agreed that the new roads

Agreed that the new roads and the construction and speed limits are not up to date.

new roads

yes rand mcnally is way too slow with update...you would think that a highway that is 5 years old would be in a gps that you just purchased or at least be included with the first update, gosh rand mcnally if you are having trouble updating the map then use a Garmin map...

Yeah I've ran into at least

Yeah I've ran into at least ten different US routes and interstates that have been rerouted over the past few years, and it's hilarious when my tnd720 thinks I'm off-roading in a 70 foot long semi.



A lot has to do with the model and the version of maps you are on. If are running an older model you would not have the current maps.

The updates only update the software, not the maps which are yearly.

List the roads you see the issues on and I will check them.

rand mcnally update

here is a reply I got from rand mcnally
Thank you for contacting Rand McNally.

An incremental update with over 80,000 attributes was released in Jan 2014. The next map update is scheduled for Sept 2014. If you find a road is missing from your data please send a Tell Rand. This will alert our mapping department to review. Our map data is an accumulation from several mapping sources and parties. We suggest also contacting them to update their data. Once done, they will review, confirm, and provide us the data which we will load to our devices. Please note this process can take 6-12 months to complete.

HERE (formerly NAVTEQ), TomTom, and Trimble (purchased ALK) provide data to many of the truck navigation devices in the market. Notifying them will help to ensure any incorrect information is updated in our database and many others.

For HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) the contact information can be found at the first link. To provide map errors – they have a website where you enter the information.



For TomTom:



For ALK/Trimble:


If you have any additional questions please free to contact us.

Technical Support is available:

Monday – Friday

7am – 6pm (CST)



For answers to the most frequently asked questions please see our helpful on-line guides: www.randmcnally.com/support or for instructional videos on many of the TND features please visit the Rand McNally You Tube page at www.youtube.com/randmcnallyonline.


Rand McNally Technical Support

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Rand Mcnally Updates

I've been waiting patiently a year-and-a-half, and still no "lifetime map updates".

I receieved one map update in July 2013, but no updates yet.
This is despite the fact that my Dock indicates "Life Time Map Updates - subscribed!!"

My gps is the TND510.

Does anyone know when the next map update will occur?

RE: RM updates

Have you tried
Technical Support is available:

Monday – Friday

7am – 6pm (CST)



Illiterate? Write for free help.

Rand Mcnally Update

They said towards the end of the year.

I don't have much confidence in their product though because comparing it to Garmin, which consistantly has quarterly updates(hastle free), it's taken way too long.

It would have been great to get a more reasonable reply(from Rand).

Anyhow, sorry to rant and rave.

Thank you.

no updates

i have no updates for a 1 year and i call and call for updates we r working it working it.

Rand Map Update

Interesting- thank you Duckie1962 & Boxcar!!

I guess we just need to be patient, huh?

rand mcnally updates

the rand mcnally map update is now available...i downloaded a week ago and i am impressed....after installing be sure to read release notes about some new features that have been added