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refresh my memory.

refresh my memory. how do u use google to make a data base.

User Icons

Well, I stayed up a few extra hours last night and got the basic framework in place for user icons.

Some accounts now have a "poi contributor" icon below the name. It will show for anyone who submits a POI file or location data.

I'm also working on an "active member" icon that will show if you are regularly participating in the discussion forums. It will be ready later this week.

User icons (aka "Badges") are kind of fun, and they provide another way to recognize your contributions to the POI Factory community.

i love this place

hello to everyone i'm new to the world of gps and i'm learning a lot of information since i joined this site. i give credit to all the people here who are willing to provide and give answers and suggestions to all queries of navigation. congratulations JM, Maryann, the staff and all the members of this group...YOU ALL ARE GREAT..
more power and God Bless!!!


i hope we can get an official bumper sticker or even a printed logo shirt with this group?

Newbie without a GPS Yet

Bob Fennessy

functionality for week 11/13

This week, I'm working on some additional improvements for the site. The list includes:

* download counters
* forum layout improvements
* recognition for active users

I'm also starting some design work on a POI database that will let us manage locations individually rather than just as POI files. This will make it easier to collaborate on POI projects. It will also make it possible to download customized POI files that contain just the locations you want.

Caching (the non-Geo kind)

Another FYI for our regular visitors -- The web site now has page caching enabled, which helps reduce server load as the site becomes more active.

For users who aren't logged in, the site will show saved copies of recently generated pages rather than building a new page each time.

As a result, Active forum topics and the Who's online list may be a few minutes old, but this is usually good enough for guest visitors.

Who's online

FYI -- I changed the settings for the Who's online section in the lower right column. It used to show anyone who viewed a page in the last half hour. Now it shows just the last 15 minutes.

The list will be a little shorter, but I think it more accurately reflects current activity on the site.


new forum categories

Following up on feedback from raybonz and others, I've added some new forum categories and reorganized our old posts.

Here are the new categories:

* welcome / open talk (same as before)
* creating POI files (evolved from POI help)
* sharing POI locations (evolved from places to visit)
* ticket cameras (same as before)
* Garmin talk (evolved from open talk / POI help)
* other GPS brands (evolved from open talk / POI help)

Just saying hi.

I just wanted to say hi to everyone.
This is a great site for a GPS noob.
I just got my first gps (Garmin Nuvi 660). So I am out here on the web trying to learn some stuff.

Thanks for all the great reading.

JM highly entertaining today.

I really should get a video of JM writing code and post it here for you all to watch. It is very entertaining, he has his head phones on and is listening the soundtrack for "Gladiator". He is going to war and will succeed. Big smiles and lots of head shaking is happening today.
miss poi


I'd just like to thank everyone, and exspecially JM and Miss POI, for the support and help in getting my Paintball Sites up and in the right formats.

Everyone has answered many questions, and have been very supportive and helpful.

(I broke my elbow at work, and am on Pain Meds, I'm going to bed now, before I say anything really dumb)


a sense of community

I have to tell you that I get a huge smile on my face when I log on and see familiar faces online, this is really starting to feel like a supportive community.
miss poi

Kindergarten tech

I was watching a cartoon with our oldest daughter (age 5) the other day about Lewis and Clark. When she realized that they were navigating with just a compass she got really excited and said “mommy they should just get a gps machine and they would not be lost”.
I had to explain that the technology that she is growing up with was not around during the days of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

a chat room would be an asset

i see JM on line it would be nice if i could IM him.

for our regular visitors

One of the goals JM and I have for POI Factory is to attract an active community of GPS users. The more of us who share locations and post in the forums, the better this site will be for everyone.

If you visit the site regularly, we want to reward your efforts. Feel free to download the red light cameras and any other files on the site. Your contributions are just as valuable as those who donate financially.

Downloads with AOL?

I don't have an AOL account, so I haven't been able to test if downloads are working properly for America Online users.

If you're using AOL, can you let me know if downloads are working for you?


Downloading the .zip POI files

Tried to download the waterfalls.zip files and all I get is a blank page....any offers to help would be appreciated.....JT

Newbie to POI Factory

Hi everyone.... just found this site from the Yahoo group link. It's Great I wished I found it earlier. I live in Bucks county Pa. and we have allot of covered bridges that local motorcycle groups do a tour of. I wanted to do one with just one other bike. I downloaded the "bridges POI" and it has all the coverd bridges on it!!! Can't wait to try it!!!


Furman The Manic Mechanic


My mother is a Snow Bird, and has arrived in FL (yea ??)

She saw my Garmin C330, and spent the next whole day telling me what a waste it was.

A few days later, I took her with to a Dr. Appt, and then shopping, She got directions to a place I never heard of, and I programmed it into the GPS.
She insisted we use her notes, and got lost really quickly due to road construction by the airport.
I told her to watch, and told GPS to "GO"


Some minor improvements

I reformated the main POI files page today to make it a little easier to read. It now has thumbnail images, location count and notes for each category.

Next on the list will probably be the discussion forums. The message lists are pretty ugly and hard to use.

If I do a good job, perhaps more of you will post some messages smile