Standardizing POI error reporting/updating


At this website there is no single method to report POI problems or fixes. I noticed RT, Miss POI, myself and others spending quite a bit of time fixing up POIs. Also on some occasions it was cumbersome to contact the correct POI owner. With so many POIs the problem will only get worse.

I would suggest each POI file have a log. We kind of already have posted comments on the POI file pages. It would be nice if it was standardized. I would have it automatically put in the userid and the date then also send an email to the owner of files so he knows there is a needed update. Also a note that only corrections or problems should be posted in the log.. no general comments.

Wondering if the admins have any comments/suggestions?

I think this change would make an already very good website into a great website.

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Great Idea

Would be even better if the author had the capability of marking the item complete so we would always know the status of a file

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Great idea. Would be nice

Great idea. Would be nice to hear some comments from admins to see if these requests are reasonable.

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That would be Miss poi and JM :)

If you peek behind the scenes at POI Factory, you'll see there are just two people working out of a spare bedroom turned home office. All of the activity that’s happening on the site is pretty exciting, but keeping ahead of all the growth is a big job.

I'm working on the design for a new workflow / issue tracking system. It will enable tracking of issues / requests / worklogs for a POI file or an individual location in the database. I think this is a good direction for the longer term, as it will provide a structured process for tracking and addressing issues.

Another factor is opening up maintenance to groups rather than just individuals. Files that are managed in the POI Database can be maintained by more than one person at the same time (each location is entered / edited individually). This is why I want to eventually convert all of the uploaded files into records in the POI Database.

It looks like most of these features will need to be custom developed, and that will take time.

In the interim, it might make sense to implement a manual work-around. Where requested, Miss poi can setup a link from a POI File to a discussion topic that’s used to track issues/activity for the file. It’s not elegant, but it might be helpful for some of the busier files. Feedback / other ideas are always welcome.