Not trusting my Nuvi 680


From past experiences in a town I am familiar with and the way my Nuvi 680 tries to take me down dead end streets and the long way around and then right into a bridge out sign..........well yesterday I was in an area I knew a little bit about and so I punched in to go to my daughters house and it took me down this old road that turned to dirt and gravel for abougt a mile and I was on my motorcyle and so now I am thinking OK here we go again......but another mile or so it turned back to pavement and then to my original 219 route.........can I really trust Nuvi again??? Hopefully in time I can...........Dave

Settings correct?

Are the settings correct. Like: type of vehicle, Route preference, things to avoid.

Forgot I had mine set to Pedestrian and was wondering why it was avoiding the freeways, till I changed it back.

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In for service

I had the same issue with my 660 and after some discussion and help here I decided to call Garmin.
Viv (Garmin Tech.) asked me to do the clear all screen and try it again. It locked up on the very first use. I called back, explained all of the crazy things it's been doing, and they directed me to send it in with a RMA number and they would take care of it.
It has not come back from Garmin yet.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

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I guess there are lemons for everything huh? Hopefully you will get it back soon........I bought mine at Best Buy and the extra warranty so hopefully they will stand behind it.........Dave

Trust your GPS

I've also had similar issues - with my Nuvi and with my Garmin GPS V - it's almost always either an avoidance (U-turn, Highways, etc.) that you set some time ago and forgot about or it's because you have it set as a pedestrian or for off-road calculating.

I wish the c530 had

I wish the c530 had pedestrian mode, or does it and I just haven't found it yet?

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