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Ok, now that I installed mapsource v8 on my laptop, I would like to use my CSV files and import them in so that I can check to make sure the addresses are close to where they are to be. Only problem is I dont know how to do this.

I would also like to create poi files in the mapsource and make them CSVs to upload here..

Any help will be great ... (And yea, I did do a search but didnt find anything to help me..) Thanks everyone!!!

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You will need to convert the

You will need to convert the csv files to gpx in order to load them in MapSource.

POI Edit will do it. Or else Google search for "csv to gpx".

In MapSource, once you create your locations, save the file as a gpx. Then you can use POI Edit to convert it back to csv if you need to.

However, you can upload gpx files to this site as well as csv files.

poi edit

is there something else besides poi edit.. I have had problems with that software and dont really want to use it.. So I need to make my csv into a gpx.. ok now to google and look for a program to do this (besides poi edit..)

btw, once I do get it to a gpx file.. how do i import them in?

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Disadvantage to POI Edit

It only deals with the first 3 columns in the Garmin csv files.

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Here are some other

Here are some other options.

I think GPS Babel will do it as well.

You don't have to "import" them into MapSource.

Simply open MapSource, click File, Open and navigate to the file. Make sure your drop down box is looking at either "All Files" or gpx files.

gpx to poi

I also use gpx to poi it's FAST and easy.
save one file as gpx and one as csv.
If you have either type file say a shared csv or gpx or a created gpx from a trip you can make the other quickly. makes looking at your csv files for reference EASY.
Then I have a poi's on standby file and a
poi's to load file
fast fast fast on my map60csx w/ 1GB card


GPS Babel

I use GPS Babel and it works fine - this has been a great tool for me, as it converts between dozens of different formats includine GPX, GDB, csv.

I have a Magellan Meridian, so it is also nice to convert files between my Magellan and Garmin, Delorme maps, etc

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