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POI Factory top ten POI Files featured on Globe and

Here is another article about POI Factory:)

H Hannah and his Great Hot Dog

I have been enjoying that Hot Dog for a while.
Is that a special program that anybody can find and use? I would love to send a note to a friend who is a hot dog lover with that on it.

Paul..... Nuvi 765T

shopping for a GPS

I'm new here. Hi. This is a very helpful site and I'm impressed by all the info I've found here.

I don't actually own a GPS, yet. I've been borrowing my Dad's - a Garmin C340 - on an as needed basis.

Garmin Streetpilot c340, Garmin Nuvi 360

coordinates (from an address)

I need to find what is the best way to verify an address. When I enter an address into geocoder, teraserver or any of them they don’t always agree. I enter an address into Google Maps and usually can view the location on the satellite view but don’t know how to convert that to latitude / longitude. Is there a site that when I find the location I want that will display the coordinates?

Red Light Camera Sensitivity

Does anyone know what the approximate weight sensitivity of the sensor is? I have been at some interesections trying to turn left with a motorcycle and the combination of me and the bike at ~600lbs would not trip the sensor to make the light turn green. I've had to wait for another vehicle to trip it for me so I was wondering if the bike will not trip a green light, would it trip the camera?

Just saying Hello from Hot ETEX

Just wanted to Give a Big Hello from Hot EasTex - been running the roads with my Nuvi and have not had a chance to visit the site this week until now - hope everyone is having a great week and keeping cool - Prayer is out to all of those who are suffering from the flood ravaged areas in the mid west and along Ole Man River

CW -------Please Remember Those Who Are Serving & Those Who Have Perished Defending Our Freedom-------1Sgt(Ret)

New to the POI Factory

I just updated my Garmin C340 with the traffic/red light camera. I put in the gps but my question is will it automatically show up on the map when I'm driving. Not really sure how this works.

Sonic Drive-in files missing major locations..

Hello, I noticed that the Sonic Drive-in files were missing Midwest locations.....

OK folks, need to buy the cheapest, most bang for the buck GPS currently in the market

I have a Garmin C330 that is getting old. I need another one for my other car. With all new stuff coming out I will need your advise on what to get. I just need a basic one that can announce the street. Responders, please indicate why you think what you are suggesting is worth it. Tango Mucho Good Buddies.
As I've mentioned in the title..the cheapest yet most bang for the buck GPS. exclaim

Chit Chat Thread for the week of June 23rd 2008

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related, you can discuss whatever you would like, as long as it is clean. Remember we have families that have their children involved in the GPS fun and we don't want to make parents feel uncomfortable when their children ask what that word means.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Contributors of the week 2008-06-16

This week we are recognizing Bandido428, Dgstinner and Rbingham.

My Perfect GPS would have the following Features:

My Perfect GPS would have the following Features:

Nuvi 255W, Ham radio, MacBook Pro

External antennas

Does anyone one else here use an external antenna?

I've used one for 2 months now and the thing is great. Almost instant aquisition of satellites and more accurate positioning I've found. It was very inexpensive ($20) to boot.

"Delete nothing, back up everything"

Speaking Language Translator

I am wanting to learn a little Spanish, so I want one of these speaking translators. Where I can type in a word/phrase in English and have it speak the Spanish word/phrase back to me. Or vice versa.

There are many, many of these advertised on the internet, and some appear better than others. Confusion has set in......

nuvi 780 in Arkansas

Icons On Map

I noticed that when I'm navigating to a locatiion, I can't see my POI icons. My Nuvi 660 will not let me zoom in no closer than 500 feet. But when I'm not navigating (GPS is following me around) I can zoom down to 120 feet and see all icons. What can I do to see my icons when in navigation mode?


Jon and MaryAnn (Miss POI) in Newsweek Article

In an article relating to a new Cobra Radar Detector that accepts POI's.

Emergency Brake? What Emergency Brake?

Question about loading POI files and built in files.

Okay I have searched for this but couldn't find anything on it. Maybe you all can point me in the right direction if it has already been covered. So, If I download say the Panera Bread POI file from this site and install it on my NUVI. Now my NUVI already has a lot of the Panera Breads in the built in POIs.

Roll Tide Roll

Restaurant deals that will help keep prices down

i used this site before, but never told anyone about it.

you pay say $10 and get to buy a meal for $25
this is not a scam and have used it before without any problems smile

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 760

MSN Direct on Nuvi 760

Had switched to the MSN direct cable a few months ago for use on the nuvi 760. I have never seen an "avoid" or an audio alert ever on the "main navigation screen" or the " msn traffic screen". If I switch myself to the traffic screen it shows the traffic situations ( no avoids ) and I believe has always shown my chosen route to be in the "green"!

nuvi' 2450

Southwest Campgrounds

I recently loaded Southwest Campgrounds onto my Zumo- only one POI came up. I'm new at this technology, but have not had trouble loading other POI's from "the factory".

Newk, if you see this can you help me get your info loaded correctly? I'm headed on a 2 week motorcycle camping trip in 2 weeks (5th of July) and would like to use your POI listing.

Thanks in advance.



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