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When to buy a new map

I have a 2009 map and now I see they have a 2009.1 available. wouldn't it make more sense for me to wait until the 2010 map comes out? What are your thoughts?

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Registered vs active vs General maitainers

Hi Miss POI,

I saw the post about the most active users and, out of curiosity, I was wondering if you'd be willing to share with us the break down of the site's membership:

- Registered:
- Active Members:
- General Maintainers:
- POI contributor:

Just curious, but either way, we can see that this community is alive and well.



Contributors of the week 2009-01-26

This week we are recognizing Aophiuchus and Scubazar.

Aophiuchus, You are such a great guy, we really love having you as one of our outstanding leaders in this community. It is nice to have you in charge of one of our largest projects.

Scubazar, this week you have helped me clean up the redlight file for your area. I really appreciate all of your input and legwork.

Miss POI

Seattle, WA wants to track and tax based on GPS info

Just heard on the news that Seattle wants to keep track of when and how their citizens use the roadways. This information would be fed into gas pumps when they fill up and add a fee into that total based on if they use it during prime time hopeing to get revenue and cut back on when and where they drive.

Not sure that'll fly. Seems like a big invasion of privacy.

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Chit Chat Thread for the week of February 2nd 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Miss POI

Login problems

I am having problems with my login. If I am away from my computer for a few days and I want to login to the site it always says invalid password or userID. I have to request a new password and then it works ok. Is it a function of the site or am I screwing something up. Thanks indyjkraft

New Member Here


I thought that I would take a moment to say hello. I just picked up a Garmin Nuvi 700 series a few days back and have found this site to be a great source of information as well as some real nice POI files. The red light camera POI file is great!!! I was testing that out last night.

I look forward to contributing when I can,



fresh and easy stores

Hello My name is brian and I'm still kinda new here but I'm trying to share a list of addresses that I have for the fresh and easy stores in nevada, california,and arizona that I have and don't know if this is the proper way to go about it or not but I'm not to savy on converting them into .csv or .gpx files so i figured someone could use these , the reason is the stores are all new and we build t

Can You Beat This? (nuvi repaired)

My Nuvi was repaired...new folding antenna, all for the total of $50 bucks which I thought was reasonable with one day turn around.
Here's what you've got to beat....it was shipped from Pittsburgh, PA. to the Dallas, TX area. on the 28th via Priority Mail.
I decided to track it 'cause I should have had it it 2-3 days. Well, guess what? It left LONG BEACH, CA on the evening of the 30th.

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Logic behind custom POI's

I have a question about the logic behind creating custom POI files. I saw on this site the discussion about creating a custom POI for hotels, however, in my Nuvi 350, lodging is included. Some would say that all of the hotels are not in the Nuvi, however, when the custom POI is created all the hotels are also not in this either.

I tripped going up the escalator and I fell for an hour and a half!

Indiana bill wants red-light camera pilot


It does mention that they want at least a 5 second delay on the yellow light.

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ecoRoute future compatibility with more Nuvi units???

Hi All,

Does anyone know if Garmin plans to make the "ecoRoute" software available, for more Nuvi units?

Presently ecoRoute is only supported on these Nuvi's:
Nüvi® 205-series
Nüvi® 705-series

I currently own a Nuvi 670 & 880.

Thanks for your time.



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Garmin StreetPilot 7200 Refurbished on Woot $249.99

I have not heard of Woot until today, but they have a Refurbished Garmin StreetPilot 7200 for $249.99. If I understand this correctly, they have one item a day and they have it until it sells out that day.


When is it time for a new GPS?

I've been using a Garmin C330 for a number of years. I have thought about getting a newer model but why? My question to all you GPS users is this.. what was the deciding factor that made you go out and buy a new GPS

Display size?
Map up date?
Lane Assist
Speaking street names

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connecting nuvi 350

Is it possible to connect my nuvi 350 to the audio system in my vehicle

How did I get my trophies?

Next to my name I have a windmill and 2 stars. What is the basis for earning these trophies and what are the thresholds for earning more?

I was just curious because I am not quite sure when I got my existing trophies and I have had the same ones for several weeks now. Thanks

I tripped going up the escalator and I fell for an hour and a half!

Returned third Nuvi 765T that was rebooting

I know other owners of the 765 experienced the same problem that I am having but after having it occur with THREE new 765's, I am beginning to wonder if it could possible be something on my end and not the fault of the 765. Do you suppose there is a something in common with the units that are causing this problem or do you think it is the unit, itself.

Another GPS Review

Another review of some of the latest GPS models from PC Mag.

arrow http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2339300,00.asp

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any other members of the Steeler Nation here?


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