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Chit Chat Thread for the week of May 25th 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI


To all those who served or are serving...Thank you so much exclaim ...ENJOY YOUR DAY grin

Newbie here

Hi all i am new to this site and also new to the nav systems. I just purchased my very first one yesterday. Garmin Nuvi 255. My question is about downloading the poi's. Do i have to download all of the icons and/or sounds seperatly or are the bundled together? Thank you.


Seeking a GPS recommendation

I currently have a Nuvi 650 and I have also borrowed my neighbor's TomTom One (I believe it was) before buying my Garmin.

I went with the Garmin because I understood that the Garmin's maps were better for the US, whereas the TomTom had better maps for Europe.

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Windshield Mounted GPS....A Safety Feature?

I've been noticing lately how much less often I have to take my eyes off the road and look down at the speedometer to check my speed with the GPSR on my windshield, compared to vehicles where it's built-in and you have to look way down to see your speed and where you are on the map.

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Lets here how long it takes your GPS to get a sat. fix

No long stories here just a model and how long
(on avererage) does it take your GPS to give you a satelite fix. I'm talking about in your car on or near your dash.

Garmin C330 2 Minutes
Garmin Mobile xt on blackjack Phone 4-6 Minutes

Just wondering!

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Smith River MT Boat Camp Locations

Anybody have coordinate info for the Smith River, MT boat camps? I'm about to "float" the Smith River and would love to have some data on the camp sites before getting there. Any help would be appreciated.


Steve Byars

Arrival Times misleading

With the download to the 2010 maps it seems that my estimated time of arrival is predicated on driving slightly over the limit. With the 2008 maps, I usually picked up some time over the long haul as I generally travel 5-10% over limit. Now I seem to lose time over the long haul.

It would be great to be able to adjust the system to allow for my driving habits.


Strange Anomoly

I saw something really unusual this morning on my Nuvi 760. I drive a school bus part time. This morning, while making a turn-around at a dead end, I started back up the road and with the stock blue vehicle, the map started backing up with the map moving up the screen away from me. The car was actually backing up. I've never seen this before.

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Anybody ever drive from Chicago to the Indy 500?

We're going to the Indy 500 for the first time this year and are driving down there from the Chicago area Sunday morning. We know we have to start early, but what I want to know is: just how badly does I-65 clog up and how badly do the Speedway neighborhoods gridlock before and after this race?

JMoo On

Thai Restaurants

Hi, anybody lives or familiar with the DuPont Circle area of D.C.? I'll be in D.C. for a business conference in mid-July. My wife and I enjoy Thai and Malaysia cuisines. We would like some recommendations about that near DuPont Circle. If it is really good, we don't even mind driving a little. There will be time to kill after all day meetings and so on.

Thanks in advance laugh out loud razz

Merging topics.

Miss. POI I was wondering if the software for this site had the capability for the standard user to flag topics that need to be merged?

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Interesting Article GPS Satellite discussion

Although from the UK, I found this article rather interesting. I know some people out in Colorado Springs that keep these satellites aligned correctly, and will check the validity of the story.


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New here...

I'm a (new) proud owner of a Nuvi 255W - So far, this forum has been invaluable and has given me so much helpful information.

Thanks to all who keep the POI files updated. Looking forward to contributing as much as I can.

Jan ~ Nuvi 255W

Re-Subscribing to POI Factory

my subscription here is going to expire in 1 day.. i cant find where to re-up my subscription.

can anyone help me?

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Contributors of the Week 2009-05-11

This week we are recognizing Bilson and Ghayman.

Bilson, You put Brainerd MN on the map this week with all of your files located here: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/22508
Great Job!!!

Ghayman, you just keep writing articles that are very helpful to all Nuvi lovers out there. It is really fantastic to have you as one of our site celebrities.

Miss POI

Chit Chat Thread for the week of May 18th 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

Miss POI


Anyone familiar with these in dash GPS units in new vehicles? Are they any better than my portable Garmin unit or not worth the price upgrade to the new vehicle price?

How do you load POI files into DeLorme' Street Atlas 2006?

I have downloaded the Walmart, Sam's, and Super Center for Walmart POI file and have tried to load it into DeLorme' Street Atlas 2006. It loads from the Excel spreadsheet but places the POI's down at the South Pole.

Any help will be much appreciated from this newbie.