Garmin zumo 340 bricked ? (formatted to GARMIN/FAT 32/MBR)


Hi all.
My name is John, new to the forum and of course with a problem. Ive been long time user of garmin and familiar with the OS in general. Now here is what happened. I own garmin zumo 340 to use on my motorcycle. It was maxed out of the internal memory, so i decided not just to delete the usual files but to format it. Hooked it to my mac and formatted to GARMIN/FAT 32/MBR thinking that it will be OK. Well not so. Now the unit boots up with the usual interface all works, of course no maps, no country to choose or any of the keyboards etc and when plugged in with the USB it will only charge but will not be recognised by the PC any more.

What i've tried
1. Hard reset> no go
2. MTP settings>Mass Storage > no go
3. Tried on all my PC/windows and macs, switching to deferent USB ports> no go
4. Tried deferent USB cables> no go.

So my question is> I'm i running out of options or there is something i do not know and will bring my unit back to normal state.
Thanks in advance

recover from format.

To get it into mass storage mode, you could try this procedure:

boyd wrote:

Try this: when it starts the loop, try pressing and holding the power button. This is not the same as just pressing and holding the button continuously, you need to try several times to find just the right time to press it(edit: during bootup). Try doing this after it displays the copyright for starters.

If you can time it right, you should get the screen that says "Turn off the Device?" and there should be two buttons - "Off" and "Cancel". Press the Cancel button. This should allow the unit to complete the boot process without loading any maps or other files.

If you succeed, you can then connect it to your computer and it should be recognized as a disk. The problem you describe is usually caused by a corrupt map or firmware file, so with it connected to your computer you can investigate what is wrong.

Note: This method was given over on the GPS Review forum by member Boyd.

If that doesn't work, about your only option is to try the preboot/Cure3 method as a last resort.

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Thanks Alan, unfortunately

Thanks Alan,
unfortunately that did't work for me, so i will try Garmin Cure3 method. Is there any download links for Cure3 you know?
Thanks again

From "A Glossary of Terms and Links"

Rule of thumb

Too late for that, but generally the advice is to BACK UP the GPS before monkeying with anything internally.

I did something like that many years ago with a Nuvi350. I was able to get most everything back by using a recovery program.
At least enough so I could replace everything from Garmin.

Actually you have not deleted the files from the GPS but what happens the first letter of a file is removed and replaced with an _ underscore. So the file looks like _ile.img as an example. It takes a lot of guessing with which letter to replace the first letter in the recovery program.

Good luck in any case

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@ John

I just checked the link you provided & the file isn't there any longer.

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It seems to be available here:

but you'll need to open an account to be able to download it.

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Ok , thanks guys. I got the

Ok , thanks guys. I got the Garmin Cure3 downloaded and installed on my Windows PC, now i'm running in to a problem of putting the Zumo in pre boot mode. When is press the left upper corner on the screen simultaneously with power button and then let power button go but keep my finger on the left corner , i see no pre boot on screen it just goes to calibration with the dot screen. Any other way of getting it in pre boot mode?

Preboot is tricky

Getting a device into preboot mode is tricky, so you may need to try multiple times slightly changing the timing, where you are pressing the screen, etc.

Here is a very detailed post for a nuvi, but it may help:

Sadly, if you are unable to get your device into mass storage mode with the preboot/cure3 or the power button procedure I suggested above, I think you are SOL.

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JAM0707 Can you see the GPS in Windows Explorer at all?
If you can then try my recovery method. You have nothing to lose.

Here is a website offering FREE recovery programs:

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After exhausting hours

After exhausting hours pushing buttons and screen I found a spot on the display ( the right lower corner) that will trigger windows to recognize the zumo as a device in device manager. Here is what's happening right now. Unit off and plugged in the PC USB , place finger on the lower right corner and push power button. Unit will come on as finger is placed firmly on display. Windows will sound and I will see "USB Garmin device " in device manager. Staying as recognized device for 30 seconds and beeps off and immediately beeps back on. As long as I keep my finger on the display it will repeat that sequence. Then I got to Add devices screen and was able to trouble shoot it, windows says device not compatible with USB 3.0 . Don't know what to make of all this. Do you guys?

By the way I have backed up the unit prior to me screwing with it and have all files saved on my HD.

Are you using a USB2 cord

Are you using a USB2 cord with it? None of the Garmins use USB 3.0.

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i think it is a USB 2.0

i think it is a USB 2.0 cord, it is thiner then the USB 3.0 and does not have that blue insert. Unfortunately i don't have the original one but unit was working fine with it any cord. The thing is my mac's USBs are all 3.0 and when unit was working properly had no problems of been recognised. I'm thinking that windows trouble shooter is just assuming that is the USB because don't know what else to say.

Well, I just spoke to Garmin

Well, I just spoke to Garmin support to ask if they can tell me how to access the pre boot mode on the Zumo 340. The rep refused to and told me all they can do is to exchange the device like for like for 88 smackaroos. So no help from them.


I am not surprised that Garmin will not help with preboot, as the preboot/cure3 method was developed by creative end usere (referred to as hackers by some). If your "88 smackaroos" remark refers to US dollars, that offer from Garmin may be your best bet. Zumo's are expensie, even used ones sell for several hundred dollars.

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Yeah Alan i think i will

Yeah Alan i think i will take the offer from them. I'm like in dead end street.