Nuvi 2757 LMT - is latest software update causing charging issues?


Hello All,

Well, the latest weirdness has cropped up with my 2757 (but not my 755T). I recently used Garmin Express to update both devices with the latest maps but the 2757 had a software update that applied while the 755T did not.

As soon as the software and map updates were done on the 2757 I began getting the following error message when I place it on the charging cradle in the car: "The attached power cable cannot charge your device. Use the cable that was provided with your device." Well:

1. It is the cable/charger/cradle that came with my device.

2. The battery icon goes green and shows the charging "lightning bolt" for about 20 seconds every time you place it in the cradle before the message pops up.

3. I have "pencil eraser" cleaned the contacts on the back of the device and on the charger cradle to make sure that dirt is not the problem. They appeared just fine before cleaning and just the slightest bit more shiny afterward.

I am suspicious because this came about only after the software update was applied. Had it happened before, or even a couple of weeks after I'd chalk it up to a failing charger (or, perhaps, battery) but I'm not so certain given the confluence of events.

Has anyone else had a sudden appearance of the previously mentioned error message right after you applied the latest software update?

Recent thread

There was this recent thread which sounds like the same problem, but it wasn't solved:

Perhaps catnapped could tell us whether the problem has been solved.

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Humm that is weird

Others have reported this issue in the past but it was because they weren't using the charger that originally came with their device.

I'll let others share their thoughts & ideas on this matter but I have a hunch that the software update and your power cord are the reasons for this error message.

Personally what I would do is:

1- Do a master reset to see if it fixes the problem
2- If that didn't work I would call Garmin support & they'll probably offer to send you a new power cord.

Good luck smile

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Thanks. I have already sent


I have already sent Garmin Support a message through their website, so we'll see what they have to say. I don't expect to hear anything until Monday at earliest since they're closed over the weekend.

I will report back with their response.

Better results by calling.

Many Garmin customers have reported they get better support by calling rather than the web/email submission. Of course, that still means waiting until Monday.

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