Garmin express not installing on win10 computer with a .net fail


I re installed Win 10 on a Sony Vaio and cannot get Garmin Express to install. It worked before it was re installed. .net Framework seems to be the problem. I installed the .net repair tool but that never worked. Has anyone got a solution to this.
Cheers Steve

install .NET framework

It could be that Microsoft .NET Framework is missing, not up-to-date, or is not being updated by Windows Update.

Check Control Panel/Programs and Features/ for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 (This is for Windows 7 and Windows 10. I don't know about XP and Vista.)

If it is not listed, download it from Microsoft. This is a new link since the link has changed:

Once you have .NET Framework installed, Windows Update will offer updates in the future.

The repair tool should be able to tell you this, but it is too complicated.

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