Garmin Rino 700

I just received the following a few minutes ago. And, if I may add, good move, Garmin. I have often thought that the Garmin RINOs are neat devices, BUT over the top expensive. I do feel that there is a need for non-cellular communications for many people, but the price needs to be reasonable.

"Today we have announced the Rino 700, an affordably priced addition to our popular Rino series of rugged two-way radio and GPS navigation handhelds. The Rino 700 features a sunlight-readable monochrome display and thumbstick control. It boasts built-in high-sensitivity GPS with GLONASS support to give users superior reception in the most challenging conditions. Similar to the existing Rino handhelds, it includes position reporting capabilities that allow users to see the location and send messages to other Rino users on their same channel. With the easy-to-operate, powerful communication features and preloaded worldwide basemap, explorers of all kinds can have a sense of security and safety with the Rino 700 in tow.

“The Rino 700 lets you stay-in-touch with your group anywhere, anytime,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “It’s a budget-friendly option that’s perfect for a family or group of friends who want an easy-to-use device for basic communication and navigation.”
With the built-in 5-watt GMRS radio, the Rino 700 has a range of up to 20 miles to communicate at the touch of a button. Compatible with all existing Rino devices, FRS and GMRS, the Rino 700 features a unique positioning reporting capability that allows users to send their exact location to another Rino user on the same channel and view it on the map display, or request a position from another Rino device with the position polling feature. This new handheld also supports unit-to-unit text messages with other users in the area, another way to stay in touch with other Rino-carrying members of the group. VOX capable with a 3.5mm headphone jack for headset support, this radio is equipped with all the essential Rino series core features.
The new Rino 700 has high sensitivity GPS with GLONASS support for better satellite reception, even in challenging environments like heavy tree cover or deep canyons. Additionally, this handheld has a sunlight readable, 2.2-inch monochrome LCD display making outdoor viewing a breeze. It offers an adjustable backlight for night operation, and the thumbstick selector provides easy one handed control, even when wearing gloves. This rugged unit has an ergonomic design, and with a water rating of IPX71 it can withstand the elements. This device houses an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a battery life of up to 13 hours between charges.
The Rino 700 handheld navigator is expected to be available in August 2017 and will have a suggested retail price of $349.99. For more information, visit
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Good Move By Garmin

The Rino 700 is indeed a good move by Garmin. The high price tag of the Rino series has always been a factor in limiting sales. Marketing a unit $200 or so cheaper, with most of the popular features, may generate renewed interest in the line. It certainly has peaked my interest. Thanks for the info.

It should be noted that Garmin, along with most FRS / GMRS radio manufacturers, overstate the range of their products. The advertised 20 mile range for a 5 watt unit is only possible in line of sight applications as in mountain top to mountain top. Users in wooded, mountainous and city areas will be lucky to get a 2 mile range.

Garmin Rino 700

I know that there is not a lot of discussion about the Garmin RINOs, but I did read that the rules have been changed regarding radios like that. It will be interesting to see if Garmin has a firmware update to handle these changes or if they have to release new radios.

And on a related not, I would love to see Garmin have other versions of this in VHF, using MURS frequencies, and on 900 MHz ISM with FHSS. MURS, since it is VHF, might work a bit better in some wooded area.

On the other hand, 900 MHx ISM FHSS works well on the Motorola DTR and other lines. It seems like it would be a good option!

That's insanely priced ...

... $650 each for the Rino 755t. I want two! grin


it's the dog's fault

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Garmin Rino 700

Honestly, other than automotive GPS units, aren't many/most of the other Garmin products "over the top" expensive? For those here that use Garmin marine or aviation products, how does Garmin compare with their competitors?

Garmin Rino 700

I have been thinking about these again. I noticed that they are in stock at my local Cabelas. We like to ride our ATVs as a hobby and I have been considering a GPS, mounted on the handlebars, for navigating.

My wife has also mentioned how nice it would be to have two way radios, with helmet speaker microphones, so that we would talk to one another while riding. I have been draggin my feet on both of those. I would really like to have two way radios that have Bluetooth for wireless speaker microphones.

Maybe I will watch for a sale price on the Garmin RINO 700s. I also suspect that a monochrome screen is easier to read in the sunlight than a color screen.

I did notice in the manual that text notes are limited to 13 characters, due to FCC regulations. That is a pretty short note!

Compatibility With Older Rino GPSr's

With the FCC rule changes of 5/17, and those proposed for 9/19, compatibility issues between the new Rino 700 and earlier Garmin as well as other FRS/GMRS models may occur.

An explanation of the FCC changes is available here:

Earlier Rinos were limited to .5 watt EIRP on some channels while the Rino 700 is allowed 2 and for some channels, 5 watts. While the units will be able to communicate when near each other, the effective range on the older unit will be reduced.

This will make for confusion when switching channels on the fly with one unit generating less power than the other.

A feature I wish my old Rino 650 had was a power output indicator which would show the actual EIRP depending on the channel used.

Garmin Rino 700 Sale Price $250.00

The Garmin Rino 700 is currently on sale for $250.00 until 10-20-2019 at Cabelas.

Garmin Rino 700 Remote Speaker Microphone

I am slightly surprised that Garmin doesn't offer a remote speaker microphone for the RINO series radios.