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Garmin POI for Singapore?


Anyone has POI for Singapore, Malaysia


None here -- this site focuses on USA and Canada.


See here


You seem to have to register to access the full download section, so I don't know if they've got what you're looking for.

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I loved Singapore

I went there back in 1999 (a friend paid for everything, or else I wouldn't been able to go). I loved it!!!!! But I had something better then a GPSr, I had her!

That being said, I went all over Singapore by myself. It isn't all that big and I would never try to drive in it. So I really don't see a use (Except to find stuff, hence the request of the POI) for a GPSr in Singapore.

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Maps for Singapore

Malsing is the place. You have to register for free and you get all the maps of Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo etc. Very active group.

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