Help with new maps on Nuvi 350


Hi all, first post, so please pardon my stupidity.
I am trying to figure out how to update my maps on Garmin Nuvi 350... and am paralyzed by fear. Reading some of the documentation on the update process, it would seem that by "updating", everything is first wiped out from the unit and then replaced with the new maps. I am afraid everything would be erased and if I can't successfully update, then I'd be left with a useless system. Can someone kindly walk me through the update process?

many thanks!

Umm...I was half drunk when

Umm...I was half drunk when I did it, and it turned out

I can't remember the exact process, but stick the dvd into a dvd drive (not cd) and follow the instructions on the screen. It isn't too hard.

If you are really scared, then copy the entire nuvi over to your computer and if you want too, you can replace it on the nuvi

I truly doubt that you will mess it up though, so don't happy! I was after the update.

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