Garmin c330: How can I enter phone numbers for a saved location?


I there a way for me to enter phone numbers or other data for a saved location in the GPS?

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For Favorites? No,

For Favorites?

No, unfortunately there isn't. You can only change the name and the map symbol.

Phone #

Hmmm. on my C330 when a red light cam is detected, the GPS flashes the city name as listed in the POI files. Why couldn't the file simply be changed to show the phone # of a site (if applicable). A person usually knows what city they are in or they simply don't care. So, would the phone # then show. I'll check it out, I guess.


For Custom POIs, you can enter the phone number in the file before you load it. That would certainly work in that instance.

However, for other locations/items, if you don't have the name listed first, you might not know what the POI is.

You know, it really sucks,

You know, it really sucks, on my C530, I able to add a phone number to my favorites, now I can't with the nuvi.

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