Garmin Street Pilot 2730 and POI Memory Capacity


I have had my Garmin StreetPilot 2730 for about a year now and I loaded up a number of POIs. Most of them from POI Factory, but some that I created. What is the maximum number of POIs that I can put on this? I realize that it isn't probably a finite number, but how do I tell if I have used say 10% or 50% or 75% of the memory? The reason that I ask is becasue I am thinking about putping in a bunch more, but knowing how much capacity I have will help me select which POIs to select.
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Info from Garmin

Question: How many POIs can I fit into my GPS device?

There is no set limit on how many POIs can be loaded into the Garmin device. This depends on the size of the POI files and the space available for POIs. The size of the loaded POIs will depend on the amount of text included with each POI and the size of any included bitmaps. Since POIs can be loaded into internal memory or onto SD cards, the space available will vary widely. Typically, the user should be able to fit more than 3000 POIs onto a unit. If the available space is exceeded, POI Loader will tell the user how much space is available in the device and how much space would be required to fit all the POIs that were chosen.

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How much room

If you have your Garmin unit hooked up to your computer using the USB cord, it should show up as another drive.

When you locate that drive under "My Computer" all you have to do is right click on it and scroll down and select "Properties" and click on it.

It will show you how much of the memory/disk is used and how much is free.

I would have to dig out my owners manual, but I seem to remember something like 7,000 Poi's being able to be loaded on my 2730 ?