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Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S Won't Power Up

Yesterday I noticed that my Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S will no longer power up. What works bertter for Garmin Support these days, an email or a telephone call? (Does it matter?) It is no longer under warranty. Am I wasting my time and their time?

Dēzl™ OTR1000 10" GPS Truck Navigator

I obviously have not been paying close attention. I just saw that Garmin has 10 inch navigators. I had no idea.

ZUMO XT Trip Planning

Does anybody know what the limit is on trips on the Zumo XT? I know using my Drivesmart 65 it breaks up my trips if they exceed 30 way points. My understanding is this unit uses "explore" vs. basecamp. And the limits were 100 or so per trips. Does anybody know if future automotive products will also use Explore?

Garmin Express v7.0.0.0

Garmin Express v7.0.0.0 ready to download.

Garmin Express Secondary Device "Greyed Out" Issue

Is there any reason why a Dezl 770 is "Greyed Out" & not opaque like my Nuvi 2797 in Garmin Express? I've tried to delete the GarminDevice.xml file & Current.gpx file but curiously they come back with the same timestamp of February 13th 2020 which should they not repopulate whatever the current time is?

Garmin's devices for your car on sale 5-24-2020

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Fuel Prices Now Available - Drivesmart 65

I own a Drivesmart 65 and just noticed they added Fuel Prices! They haven't had this option in years. Anybody have any thoughts on this and how they source their prices?

Garmin Nuvi 50

Does anybody here know a good place to get just the cradle for a Garmin Nuvi 50? The official Garmin website shows that it includes the suction cup mount, cradle and dashboard disc. All I need is the cradle.

DriveSmart 55 success with Mac

Someone on Ebay had a too-good-to-pass-up price on a Drivesmart 55 Ex, so I bought one in spite of the possible challenges in gps-to-Mac connections. It works better than I had anticipated.

Dave - Garmin model 45, III+, V deluxe, SP2610, Nuvi 760, 1450, 2797

Unintentional drop-test and Garmin durability

I foolishly let a "Garmin DriveSmart™ 55 & Traffic" fall onto an epoxy garage floor from about four feet, thinking it was snapped into its ring mount (it's a bit easy to release the plastic spring clip if a finger hits it). My question is whether it suffered any long term damage if it seems to work fine.

Are there any practical limits to Track Logs or track log points these days?

In ancient times (model 45, III+, V deluxe for example) there were some serious hardware memory limits. Garmin had some not-always-predictable limits to the number of track logs, points per log, and total points that were saved.

These days with memory as cheap as it is, is there anything other than physical memory space that limits the data saved on the unit?

Dave - Garmin model 45, III+, V deluxe, SP2610, Nuvi 760, 1450, 2797

Will Covid 19 delay the next map update

With everyone in lockdown , will this effect the release of the next map update.

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Icon does not show in map for garmion dezl truck gps

i created point of interest files and icon files and named them same and when i transfer these icon are not showing on maps.I need help to solve this problem if anybody knows how to fix this


POIs in Zumo 595

Ok folks I have made some progress in getting POIs on to my 595. I have 2 questions:

I have a series of waypoints that I want to make into a POI, see SNIP please. These are all the Gas Stations I have in BC. In order for them to work in the 595 I need to use the larger ICONs. Is there a easy way to "MASS UPDATE" these current ones or do I have to do each one at a time.


Garmin Nuvi 500 Time And Date Are Incorrect

Given our current quarantine situation, I have found myself going through some of my older electronic devices. I still have a Garmin Nuvi 350, 360 and 500. Usually I will update the maps on them, but not much more. Today, while checking the time on some devices, I decided that using a GPS might be a great device to use to synchronize clocks around the home.


What does list of es,fi,fr,etc. stand for in Garmin Express,or BaseCamp and can they be deleted.Thanks.


GE leaving excess files

After installing 2021.10 with GE I noticed my hard drive was getting quite full.

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Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S

There's a tempting DriveLuxe 51 on eBay right now from a Seller with good feedback. $83.20 with free shipping. Just search for:

Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S with North America Maps & Accessories TESTED WORKS

I hope someone buys it soon so that I don't Buy It Now as yet another backup for the one I already own. redface

Zumo XT

I'm not a biker and have no need for one of these but it's sort of surprising that no one has one or at least asked about the new zūmo XT.
It's only mentioned once here and only because it was having a map update issue.

Garmin Express not offering to use SD card for map update

Like many folks who had previously been able to update maps to their Garmin GPS using its built-in memory, the latest maps don't fit on my Garmin Drive 50 LMT. So I figured out I needed to get a Class 10 microSHDC card. I installed a 32GB one, which is the correct maximum size allowed by this model per Garmin, in the correct slot in back of the GPS. I rebooted both the GPS and the PC.

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