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Garmin no longer supporting display of Custom POI files on latest update for DriveAssist 51 LMT-S

I lost the ability to show Custom POI files on my Garmin Drive Assist LMT-S after the last update. I am currently using Version 6.20 on the Garmin. I called support and they advised me the engineers had disable that feature in the last update. Is anyone else aware of this or any workarounds?

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How do I get custom POIs to list in alphabetical order?

Hi, I have a NUVI 68. Historically, when I loaded custom POIs from the POI factory, they would list in alphbetical order. All of the sudden, I can't get them to do this. I've tried everything I can think of but they stil list on the Garmin when I select "Custom POI" in not perticular order. I just did the latest update and still no order. Thanks Terry

Terry Duffy Retired Air Traffic Controller "Some Day" Finally Got Here.

Garmin Express Is Here

Garmin Express is available to download.

Proximity Alert distance

Just acquired a new Garmin (Drivesmart 55) and decided to install a group of POIs that I had acquired for my old Garmin. It took a couple minutes to remember the process, but it all went well. My question concerns the screen that requires some check boxes to be selected.
What is the result if I choose: Ignore this file?


Garmin 30 hour sale

Garmin is celebrating its 30th birthday with a special sale event! For 30 hours only, you get at least 30% off select products. The sale ends tomorrow, so don’t be late to the party!

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Get 4 Gigs to 16 Gigs extra free space on C Drive with this trick.

I just got an extra 16 gigs on my C Drive. Garmin needs 10 Gigs to install maps. Change the size of the Drive C Paging File. Follow the instructions here:
Do not delete the Page File, but shrink it instead.

School zone popup with new map update

Couple of days ago I finally got around to doing the map update to my Garmin. Ever since, I keep getting this popup on my screen for Watch for children. I always drive through a school zone when leaving mu house. I have always gotten the normal school zone yellow banner on the top of the screen and the dingle. But now I get this watch for children box and it does not go away or clear.

GPS and Stormes

For those in hurricane areas (east coast), don’t forget that you can track a hurricane with the NHC track info by putting the GPS in “Off Road Mode” and creating a route.” I have tracked the last two hurricanes and the current threat with my DriveSmart 51, but most any Garmin can do the job.

CN EU 2020.20 NTU

New EU map update just released

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Garmin RV770 notification annoyances

I have a Garmin RV770 and generally like it. A feature is various notifications that show up, such as school zones, speed limit changes, curved road ahead. I find aspects of this feature very annoying and a safety hazard, and wondered if anyone else feels the same.

New Drivexxxx updates

Many (all?) Drivexxxx models have a new software update available dated August 29 or 30, 2019. For the DriveLuxe 51, the change log includes:

Change History

Changes made from version 6.10 to 6.20:

-Improved the reliability of phone calls made using the Smartphone Link app.

-Fixed an issue that caused the device to shut down with certain third-party maps.

RV760 will not start

Used my RV760LMT about 2 weeks ago with no problem. Took it out and brought it inside, like usual. Last week downloaded tracks with no problem.

Today I tried to turn it on. I get the GARMIN splash screen, the copyright screen and Loading Maps. It then shuts off. Does this by itself just pushing power button, also does it plugged in computer or docked and in vehicle.

-- Later... Ray

Birds eye junction view

When I first purchased my DriveSmart 50 LMT, I was seeing Birds eye junction view at several junctions/overpasses around the Ottawa (CA) area, then stopped seeing them for a few months. I noticed this past week, I've started seeing them again.


DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Garmin Drivesmart 50 LMT without Smart Link??

Can you use the Garmin Drivesmart 50 LMT without the SmartLink app? Does the Garmin Drivesmart 50 LMT have the ability to receive the older FM info for traffic without being connected to SmartLink on a smartphone?

How do I remove: Banks, Restaurants and Gas station Icoms

I picked up the Garmin Drivesmart 61 to replace an old Garmin.

While the new screen is a lot better, I drive around Los Angeles and the screen is full of Icons for Banks, restaurants and gas stations.

Is there anyway to turn off these pop up icons???


nuvi 1450lmt -- can't get rid of duplicate custom poi's

I guess that in years gone by, I mistakenly, deleted custom POI's by sending them to trash while hooked up to my laptop. Now, I can't get rid of duplicates, as listed on the NUVI's custom poi screen. The files only appear once, on my laptop, as I look at the Garmin Poi directory.

Window 10 PC can't eject nuvi

Using my W10 PC I have just succesfully updated the software and maps on my nuvi 2597LM, but the PC was then unable succesfully to eject/safely remove the device. After trying, Windows Explorer failed to respond and could not be closed using Task Manager.

G.E. v6.17.0.0

Ready to install.

TA20 Power Supply

Are all TA20 power supplies the same?

I need to replace mine for my NUVI2555LMT. Found one on Amazon, but not sure if OK.


Speed limit showing on DriveSmart 65 with Alexa

I reported to Garmin UK yesterday that occasionally, the speed limit on the satnav screen would change to 2mph. This is random, no particular location, stays there for up to one minute then the speed limit changes back to the correct one. This also occurred on my last unit - a DriveSmart 61.

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