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Garmin Ma Updater and Garmin Express have different map versions

I went to Garmin Map Installer. It told me that there was a new update NA 2019.20 from NA 2019.10 for my DriveSmart 5LMT. When I checked Garmin Express it told me there was a new version NA 2020.10. Does Garmin Map Updater lag with the releases or does each version have to be installed to get to the newest version? I do not have enough space on Drive C to use Garmin Express.

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Interesting problem

Something curious happened.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

USB Ethernet vs. Mass Storage Mode

So after going to CES, I noticed that Mass Storage Mode has been renamed to USB Ethernet. I haven't upgraded since my 3490 so I was looking for confirmation that USB Ethernet is in fact Mass Storage Mode. I can only assume that it is but just wanted to confirm.

The options were:

MTP Auto Detect
USB Ethernet
USB Ethernet Single Session

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Adding a saved location to a route DS 50

I've downloaded the user manual, followed the directions in the manual as well as the directions in the GPS itself but am not getting anywhere.
In a current created route I'm finding it impossible to add a saved location and add it somewhere in a route. Anyone else experience that too? Could it be the software update I had to install before I could update to the 2010.10 map.

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Garmin folder structure

I have a Garmin DriveLuxe 51.

On the SD card, the folder structure is like below:


When I get the "City Navigator Europe NT", the folder structure is like below:

Addintional filesAddress Point - All North
Addintional filesAddress Point - All South
Addintional filesAddress Search - All North

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Nuvi backlight repair?

The backlight on my Garmin has suddenly gone dark on one side. Does anyone have a link for repair to this? Do I need a new touch screen? Are they still available?



Garmin Nuvi 3597 A Challenge Updating To CN NA 2020.10 This Time

I decided to update my Garmins to CN NA 2020.10 yesterday. I updated the Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S first. Then I switched to the Garmin mini USB cable and updated the Nuvi 350, 360 and 500 without a hitch.

freeze LCD display

I know Gamin has temperature specifications wonder if anyone ever had one freeze up from cold or die because of heat?


Large JCV File for North American 2020.10 Map

Below is a link for the large JCV file (D3060290A.JCV). The file does not need to be unzipped as it is in the native, uncompressed state.!P4AQAISb!PSkYx8uWhBzhPDugL2Krn97ynVGgnA3IS-osmhDatRc

CN NA 2020.10

CN NA 2020.10 just been released.

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Drive 51 LM and traffic

Is anyone using a Drive 51 LM and a GTM-36 traffic cable?

I have a friend that is not using the GTM-36 (still in box, never been used) that he says came with another model he is not using and he's willing to part with it for $15.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

Karen: "Leave the road!" in New Jersey

For years before they invented GPS, New Jersey has been difficult to navigate. If an important turn is missed, it might not be possible to ever get back on the original route or make a U-turn. Cloverleafs have ramps missing. Roads cross without cloverleafs. U-turns are prohibited.

Where are they? (gmapprom.img and JVC files on 61)

Out of curiosity I was looking at the files on the hard drives of a Nuvi 2460 & a DriveSmart 61.

I could find the map file gmapprom.img on the 2460 but could not on the 61, so where is it on the 61?

Also, I found it on the 2460 by using the "windows search bar" for gmapprom.img didn't see it in any of the folders. Same search on the 61 got nothing?

Hidden files are set to show.

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GPS accuracy

I have a Nuvi 2599 and lately the unit shows my car off the road approximately 50 feet to the left of where I actually am.

If I am in a neighborhood it will show me 1 block over and if I am on a highway it shows me as being out in the middle of nothing.

Save a trip so I can repeat it??

I have a Garmin Drivesmart 50. Wife still insists on travelling with sheet maps (created from Google maps) that she has highlighted our route. Our Garmin follows her route except in a few areas where she will take a 2 lane road instead of staying on the interstate. Her route saves us 1 hour over a 14 hour trip. Ontario to Myrtle Beach.

GPX Archive Folder

Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the Archive folder in the GPX directory is?

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Is there a limit on Saved locations?

I have a Garmin 2557LMT I use for work and Save locations frequently for future reference. Typically a customer location. I back these up by uploading them to Garmin Basecamp.

Scenic Routes .gpi file - Zumo 660

Within my HD Zumo 660 there is a reference to a scenic routes POI file (Scenic_Routes_Provider_1) - I was wondering if anyone's Zumo came with that file and if so, could they share it. Also, I learned that if you completely remove the larger .gpi file, which contains all the HD dealers - the HD 'Where to' icon will disappear.

Nuvi 2689 can't update a language file

My nuvi 2689 shows 94% full but it has a 16 GB memory card installed. When I attempt to update the English language file (471 MB) it can't be accomplished because of insufficient space. Do I have to do anything special to the memory card for it to be used. I can see the card in Windows Explorer. It has been formatted (FAT32), is empty and can hold 16 GB.

Thanks much for any feedback.

John from PA

POI Wont load on DriveAssistâ„¢ 50LMT

I used POI LOADER to load them on my DriveAssistâ„¢ 50LMT. Its new. The poi tries to load then says there is a unexpected error during the transfer of the custom POI Files. what am I doing wrong in loading them.

Fred W.Renon III
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