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DriveSmart61 software version 6.0 is available

Drivesmart 61 version 6.0 is available via Garmin Express.

Changes made from version 4.50 to 6.00:

Added support for the new Garmin BC 40 Wireless Backup Camera.
Enabled Galileo satellite support.
Improved routing calculations.
Improved the reliability of connections to Bluetooth devices.

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Beanbag Mount

I thought I read here that someone bought a Beanbag Mount that had a "Silicone" pad on the bottom. If so, could someone tell me the brand name and/or the model number?

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Icons Really Small

I have custom icons for speedways and red light cameras. When I migrated from my Drive Assist 50 to my new Drive Smart 55, the Icons are now TINY! Any idea if this is a known issue? Or was is just designed this way to not take up as much space. The speedway logo is now just about the width of 3 lanes of highway!

Difficulties installing Custom POIs using POI Loader

I've used BaseCamp Ver. 4.7.0 to create many waypoints for an upcoming trip. Each waypoint has a text description in the Notes to remind me of what will be found at that waypoint. I have then collected related waypoints in Lists named things like "Castles," "Distilleries," and so forth, then exported each list as a GPX file into a 22 uniquely named folders.

Basecamp Tutorials

For those who may be interested, the New England Riders BaseCamp PC and MAC Tutorials have been updated in early 2019. Thanks to Gérard Friedman we now have a MAC version translated to French.

While these were developed for motorcyclists and the Zumo line they should be useful for other users as well.

New England Riders BaseCamp Tutorial:

Android Smartphone Link update

Saw that an update was avalible for the iPhone so I thought I'd check for Android. The "store" had an update button.

Not sure if it's truly new but I am up to 2.9.8. b30 now.

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Garmin Express v6.13.1.0 Is Here

Garmin Express v6.13.1.0 is now available to download.

POI Files not loading

I been trying to add some new POI files I down loaded from the factory.

A New Version Of Garmin Express ( Is Now Available

I just saw that a new version of Garmin Express( is now available. So, that made me wonder, do most people here update Garmin Express as soon as you know a newer version is available or do you wait and do it just before you need to for updating maps?

Changelog of the four changes below:


Hi, Basecamp 4.7 not working at my HP Laptop Windows 10, what can I do for fix it. thanks

Garmin External Memory

Hello All,

I have purchase a North America Garmin LMT-S 61 and I have inserted a microsd card of 64gb but my Garmin is not using it.

My Garmin has 15GB internal and have 7GB free space how can I use the microsd or is it use for specific things only.

also how large can I do on microsd that is accepted.

Love this community base website - 11 years strong

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Garmin Express v6.13.0.0 Is Here

Garmin Express v6.13.0.0 is ready to download.

JaVaWa Device Manager won't read my Garmin DriveSmart 61.

I’m trying to create a virtual USB for using Garmin Basecamp with my purchased Gamin maps, and several sources pointed me to JaVaWa Device Manager to help the process along.

curious about POI file likes or pet peeves

If you use the POI files directly as downloaded, what do you like or dislike about them when using them on your Nuvi or other units?

Not enough storage for map update: where is the option to manually select regions?

I thought in the past Garmin Express would give you the option to download only certain areas like west, east, etc. I don't recall seeing that option anymore.

Am I missing something?

Nuvi 650 and Garmin Map Version 2020.1

Files tend to grow in size over time. My Nuvi 650 apparently choked on updating to map version 2020.1. I used to be able to get all of the US and Canada between the Nuvi itself and the SD card. With this last map update, I was only able to get the Lower 48 states.

Anyone with a Nuvi 650 have the same problem?

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New map upgrade --- When

Ok.... Isn't it about time for this re-occurring thread?
How long till next Map Update?

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

DriveSmart 61 Planned trip Problem


Have just made a new trip in new trip planner.
Was HOME---> Waypoint--->AN ADDRESS 100 MILE Away--->Waypoint--->HOME.

Is it not possible to do a "Round Trip" as I was heading back HOME from my address 100 mile away, it told me to do a 'U" turn and head back. Even 3 mile from home it kept telling me to head back to the 100 MILE Address.

3597 Sound Issue

I had a recent problem with the sound on my Nuvi 3597. I while ago, I switched the voice from "Jill" to "Michelle". After a few hours of use, the sound quit working. Muting, un-muting and volume adjustments made no difference. A hard reset solved the problem temporarily but after a few hours of operation, the sound quit again. The problem disappeared after switching the voice back to "Jill".

USB connection trouble with Macbook and Nuvi 2797LMT

Hello all,

I have 2 2797LMT's for rally GPS's. Two years ago they seemed to work fine and connect reliably to my Macbook air 13 running OS X El capitan.

I recently charged and fired them up hoping to update maps so I updated my primary GPS and the update had some hiccups (claimed to be out of space) but after restarting a few times it cleared up and appears to have updated.

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