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Black flag icon along route?

If/when I set a route there are the occasional black flag icons along the route. What are they supposed to represent?

Lives in Edmonton AB A volunteer driver for Drive and now (since June 20 2021) uses a DS65 to find his clients.

Nuvi 2x5 and later Nuvi 2x0 models add to the turn distance while driving

My Garmin nuvi 2x5 units and my nuvi 2x0 units that run the software that the 2x5s do (I think the SN's start with 1G....) will randomly add to the turn distance while driving. All that I've had done it are using Software Version 7.80 and have various different CN NA NT maps. For example, say I'm driving down the road, and it says I have 1.4 miles until my next turn.

What is everyones favorite POI file creation tool

I have been using the Extra POI Editor for years to create and edit my GPX POI files. Today, it finally seems to have stopped working correctly. I dropped back to an old version of Excel spreadsheet to make the CSV file, but I prefer the extra information I get with the GPX file. What is everyone's favorite editor to use to create GPX files? Thanks in advance

Garmin City Navigator update schedule

Is anyone aware of a published update schedule for Garmin City Navigator maps? I'll be wanting the latest version of the 010-10691-00 Europe U.K. & Ireland Micro SD or Download.


Ordered a Garmin DriveSmart 76

Just a couple of months ago my ancient Nuvi 660 lost the USB connection, so no more map updates so I disposed of it, as it was just a backup anyway.

A couple of weeks ago my 3597 had a ring on the screen about 1/4 inch in diameter. The ring looked like a water drop hitting a flat surface.

Metricman Nuvi 3597 GTM-60 Traffic Receiver Williamsburg, VA

BC 40 Unexpected Benefits

1. Just to start with, there is connecting it to the DS-86. The view and control is just remarkable. The large screen makes everything better.


Drive 5 Map update; Is it worth it?

Last fall, I purchased a used Nuvi 2597LMT ($30), updated the maps etc for free. After using it on our last trip; I concluded it's - physically - worn out. You have to really push hard to get the touch screen to work. It's well used and going to be relegated to back up duties.

Garmin Dash Cam

Does anybody know if you can download Free Redlight cameras for a Garmin Dash Cam ?

Inconsistent startup of Garmin Express

First off let me say I'm up to date on Windows 10 and .NET on a machine that came with Win 10 from the factory. More on this thought later...

John from PA

Saved Places - Not Organized - Basecamp

Tried to see if this was asked before but I couldn't find anything. When using Basecamp, you see all the saved places listed under Internal Storage (either on the device or PC) and it looks fine. However, when sent back to the unit, it shows me a folder with a date from back in 2013 for 98% of the items and then two remaining items are listed in two other folders such as Address and Lodging.

Garmin: GPSIII / StreetPilot / StreetPilot Color Map / StreetPilot III / StreetPilot 2610 / GPSMAP 60CSx / Nuvi 770 / Nuvi 765T / Nuvi 3490LMT / Drivesmart 55 / GPSMAP 66st * Pioneer: AVIC-80 / N3 / X950BH

Drivesmart 86 - A Review

Drivesmart 86

Coming from a Drivesmart 65(non Alexa version)

- Integrates very well with Apple Carplay
- When connected to Carplay you can hear everything through your car speakers without using bluetooth.
- Garmin Drive app connects every time and never has issues disconnecting. My Drivesmart 65 is about 80% (4/5 it's good to go)
- I like the extra real estate on the screen

Garmin DriveAssist - Go button greyed out for POI file

I recently upgraded to version 6.20 and installed a new POI file using the POI loader. All the destinations are there but the GO button is greyed out. I tried to reinstall my back up and I got the same thing.


$100 off Garmin's RV1090

Just got an email from Garmin about a sale price on their RV1090:

Even with the sale, it's still $600. A bit too rich for me but I thought I'd pass it along in case someone else is interested.

I love this Garmin

Thanks to you guys and your enormous patience with a newb (heh heh) I am getting a lot of use out of my Garmin Nuvi. Coupled with the improved COVID-19 numbers, I am getting to places!

I went to a meeting that took place in a church I had never been to before. My Nuvi took me there without a single issue.

POI Loader issues (DriveSmart 65)

I've just received my new DriveSmart 65, a replacement for my Nuvi 2587LMT

When I connected the Nuvi to my W10 computer it appeared as a drive, usually G: and I could use POI loader to load custom POIs - specifically geocaches.

Nuvi 2699LMTHD battery

My Nuvi battery dies after ~3 weeks of no use. I replaced the battery on 05/16/20 with a Newpower, and guess I need another one. The reviews on Amazon talk about poor long-term battery life (not running on battery time). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much else available other than the Newpower.

Using Routes on Nuvi or Drivesmart devices

I was directed to this site by Garmin support, so if this is not the right place to ask, please forgive me.

I have used BaseCamp to import a GPX file and export the route to my Nuvi2597LMT. When I go t the Trip Planner app I can see the route points present there, but I cannot see any way to persuade the Nuvi to display the route and navigate along it.

Current Top of the Line NUVI ?

Hi All.

What is the current Top-of-the-line Garmin Nuvi ?

I haven't paid attention to most of the emails I get from Garmin as they seem to be aimed towards their watches.

Not much in the way of Automotive products.

Thanks for the help.

3G Cell Network or Satellite?

Hi All.

I have a 3590 and read that AT&T is shutting down their 3G Cellular network tomorrow.

I have no idea what network my 3590 uses. 3G, 4G, or is it all Satellite based? I thought that some of the older add-on programs used Cellular, like weather and parking.

How about the "Traffic"... Satellite or Cellular, AM, FM?

Nuvi 260 Screen Problem

Hey all, I have a Nuvi 260 that has a screen where the touch doesn't work, but it displays a picture. I used my iFixit kit to open it up, and attempted to reseat the screen cable. That didn't work. I have a spare Nuvi 260 screen laying around. I figured I could use that. Apparently not.

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