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Drive 52, DriveSmart 55 and DriveSmart 65 price reductions

Walmart has Garmin's Drive 52, DriveSmart 55, and DriveSmart 65 GPS devices on sale for $30 to $50 off their suggested retail prices.

See for details

John from PA

Massachusetts Trip for my Mother 7-12-19

Hello I haven't been on here in a long time and basically forgot how to use all the Garmin Programs.

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New GPS Satellites

Did anyone notice a huge surge in GPS satellites yesterday around 3 pm. All total there was a total of 55 satellites that my gps in my phone was bouncing off of. I am aware of the Galileo satellites which there are usually 12 and the regular gps satellites which usually number around 5 but was showing additional satellites with SBS, GLO, BDS, and QZS. Does anyone know what these are for?

Garmin City Navigator North America On Minnesota State Park Roads

I spent much of my afternoon yesterday in Banning State Park and, after dinner with my wife and mother in law, Saint Croix State Park in east central Minnesota. I was using my MIL's vehicle, which has a Garmin Nuvi 3597 and City Navigator 2020.10 installed on it. I was slightly surprised to find out what state park roads that did not show up on the device while I was navigating.

Garmin Admits Macs Are Out

Below is the original letter I received from Garmin about Drive 55/65 not being able to be mounted as a drive in Finder. Note the smoke they blew about a POI Loader problem that I didn't mention to them. Also note the lane and incorrect procedure to use POI Loader in the future.

Frank Nuvi 3597LMT 37.322760, -79.511267

Garmin 3597 Waypoints

Is it possible to save over 3,000 waypoints to the garmin 3597? My internal memory is almost full and need to figure out how to transfer some of it to a 32gb memory card and install the 3,000 waypoints. Is it even possible to store waypoints to a memory card? I've looked everywhere and can't find the answer. Thanks

Garmin Express v6.15.0.0 Is Here

Garmin Express v6.15.0.0 is ready to download.

Garmin Co-Founder Passed Away

Went to check on something on Garmin's website today and I see that the co-founder Gary Burrell passed away.

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DriveSmart 55 MTB

There seems to be a problem with the New Drivesmart 55, and may be 65. It seems you can no longer Mout the Unit as a Drive in you Finder(MAC) or your Directory(WINDOWS). It connects to Garmin Express and to Basecamp and you can do the usual stuff there. But without being able to mount as a Drive, you cannot get to a copy of the garmindevice.xml file to create a clone for map updating.

Frank Nuvi 3597LMT 37.322760, -79.511267

Class action lawsuit against Garmin


Seems like an individual feels that a device with lifetime updates, should also have sufficient hardware to accomplish those updates.

John from PA

DriveSmart 65 (update available)

There is a DriveSmart 65 with Traffic software update available.

I installed it directly from the DS65 without using GE. It took about two minutes.

Garmin Express

New Garmin Express is out.

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Garmin ??? message ???

Has anyone received an email purporting to be about
"updated the privacy policies" recently???

The email it is sent from is "
That is "email1, the number one after email.
Somehow this does not look legit to me.

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CN EU 2020.10 NTU

CN EU 2020.10 NTU now available

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Garmin GPSMAP 66i (GPS And Satellite Communicator) And Exclusivity Agreements

I was looking at the Garmin GPSMAP 66i (GPS and Satellite Communicator) and noticed that it is "Available exclusively at REI." Has Garmin ever done this in the past with any other products? For those here that have more retailing and marketing experience than I do, which is pretty much everybody, is that a good move for Garmin? Is that a good move for REI?

Garmin Drops Prices By $50 - Auto Navigators

So it appears Garmin dropped the prices on the auto navigators by $50. Not sure how long ago they did this but does anyone know if this is a temporary reduction or now the new permanent pricing structure?

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Announcing Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa

I received a Garmin email about this, but wasn't this already discussed here?

Garmin gpsmap 498 internal satellite wiring diagram

Internal wiring diagram for satellite wiring garmin fodmap 498?

Garmin Asking Alexa for Help

Frank Nuvi 3597LMT 37.322760, -79.511267

Software update for older devices (GPS Chipset type M Version 3.0)

Both my old nuvi 755T and nuvi 855 are showing software updates available today for GPS Chipset type M) to "fix a possible bug in the reported date". I suspect this is a carry-over from April 6 2019 "Week Rollover" date issue that has been discussed in other threads.

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