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Pop up warning on Garmin 765 T

Had a Pop Up on screen of 765T today that my Map Update was over a year old. Never saw this before and yes it and the 1450 haven't seen a Computer in more then a year

Why no password on newer Garmin models?

I'm still wondering why Garmin decided to stop including a password option on power-up.

Virgin 3597

Just picked up a NOS 3597LMT.
It responds quicker than my original in route calculation and screen refresh. Any ideas what causes the slower response? I'm assuming all 3597s have the same processor. The serial number on the new one is about 1400 higher than my original.

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Which charging cable is better for my new drivesmart 55?

I have a gtm-60 from my 3590 and the ta-20 that came with the DS 55.
Both work, but which one is better suited for the drivesmart 55?
If the DS55 doesnt get digital traffic and only gets it through the app I might as well give the gtm-60 to my dad (whom I gave the 3590 to)

Just upgraded from a 3590lmt to a drivesmart 55

Like the title says, upgraded, figured it was time. the 3590 was 8 years old. I like the 55 mostly and added a ton of POI's. It's faster and BT pairs better (but still has horrible issues with pairing when you turn the device on, and I know it's not my note 9.. Believe me, the 3590 BT stack was way worse, it wouldn't even let the device shut down unless I turned off BT).

NuviCam and Bluetooth issues

My NuviCam BT issues were finally resolved by Garmin about year ago but looks like it broken again. It could be new Apple IOS causing issues. It is not consistent anymore. Secondly, it does not allow me to connect BLE only anymore. I have to connect BT as well. Before I used to use BLE only for traffic and weather. I don't use BT for Phone etc.

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? on Smartphone Link

Finally was in an area with significant traffic. Smartphone link app on phone showed connected to Garmin. Icon for connection showed on the Garmin. The traffic info received was very generic, such as Accident on I10. No east/west bound, no mile marker etc. Not very useful IMO. Do I have some setting wrong or am I just expecting too much?

Maps for multiple Garmins through Express

I have 4 Garmins and updating them all takes some time. Is there a way to either, download the map file and have it installed through Garmin Express or have Express do it through a setting that I don't see?

Thank you all, I've got to learn to use BaseCamp. I've tried to but when I export it to device, I can't find it. I have 3 Nuvi's and one Drive GPS

BC 40 Backup Camera Stuff

I have questioned if the BC 40 gives a “Low Battery” message before the batteries are completely dead and never gotten an answer, even from Garmin. The BC 40 gave me that answer today when a “Low Battery” message appeared at the top of the DriveSmart 65 screen.

Issue with mount for Nuvi 3597

After updating to the new map and installing the Nuvi in the car, I noticed that I was not receiving any sound. I removed the GPS from the mount and got sound from the Nuvi. Upon reinstalling it, again, no sound. I did this a couple more times with the same result. I removed the Nuvi once again and rubbed my fingers over the pins on the mount, reinstalled the Nuvi and guess what?

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Prior to new map Update 2/2020

On way to vacation in FLA We had trips to and from Disney Parks from our rental house, and we encountered a strange issue....

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Large JCV File (D3060320A.JCV) Download Link

Large JCV File D3060320A.JCV (829.1 MB) for Garmin CN North America 2021.10 Map Update. The file is in the native unzipped state and no password is needed.!nw4GwS6D!XinqBHEwcZOiwtKYeN5hVwT5bEGrik-nmkqml-fDDVo


Is this the new update? Garmin says it is.
Several other updates that don't pertain to me.

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New Maps 2021.10 Are Out

I'm downloading 2021.10 right now.

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Why does Garmin continue to use Foursquare?

For those of you familiar, Foursquare is similar to Yelp and Google in terms of POIs, but it's ridiculously inferior in every way. Much of the POIs are three or more years old, often extinct. Surely Garmin can use Nokia (HERE) Maps POIs instead or another source?

speed and red light cameras (for just a few states)

Is it possible to just load these cameras for just a few states in your vicinity instead of all 50 states when downloading from POI factory.

Garmin 2797 Bricked

Unfortunately formatting my sd card in the device caused my Garmin 2797 internal drive to be wiped. I was able to restore many files to the point that GRMIN express can load the latest maps. The installed files came from Garmin 3790 which is quite different.

In Windows file manager, the maps are shown as installed, however are not operating in the machine.

Topo Map Not Recognized On An Oregon 650

I recently bought Garmin's Topo US 24K pre-programmed data card northeast version. I installed it in the usual way in the mini SD card slot behind the batteries on my Oregon 650. After booting, the Oregon will not recognize the map. It is not listed when going to "Settings", "Map", "Configure Maps". I have other Garmin 24K map products which work normally on the Oregon.

Bluetooth Pairing Failure with Smartphone Link

I ran across a situation recently with my DriveLuxe 51 where the DriveLuxe would not automatically pair with my Android smartphone. It has always worked perfectly for me, but this problem started a few days ago after I installed the updated Timezone and Traffic Provider files on the DriveLuxe.

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battery (Garmin 50)

If battery is dead in my garmin 50 will it keep working plugged into lighter socket

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