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New Map Update 2022.20 Is Up

Mcginkleschmidt reports New Map Update 2022.20 Is Up

Frank DriveSmart55 37.322760, -79.511267

Garmin NA 2022.20 Map Update Is Available

Ready, Set, Download!!!!

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Garmin Dash Cam Red Light & Speed - Subscription Only

So I obviously have a Nuvi and a Drivesmart and download the Red Light and Speed Camera info from POI Factory but I was considering one of the Garmin Dash cams yet it doesn't look like it would accept POI Loader like the navigators do. The ad for the cams shows that it's a subscription service only.

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Basecamp - IDP.GENERIC virus warning

Hello everyone,

New map update

Is there a new map update on the horizon.

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short freeze ups Garmin DriveSmart 61

I have a Garmin DriveSmart 61. On this GPS when you are using the touchscreen what you touch is highlighted in orange for a couple seconds (see the photos at the links below) then it completes the task.

When I touch a command now it tends to freeze, what used to be a couple seconds can be a minute or more now. It used to be once in a while, but now it's more frequent.

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Traffic no longer works on Nuvi 2689

All of a sudden I notice I am no longer getting traffic on my 2689. When I plug my older 2597 spare into the same traffic cable, traffic is available. I forget the cable # but it is the extra one purchased specifically for traffic, and it was working just fine.
From a traffic inquiry I get a message to the effect: The traffic cable is not compatible........

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ATV Custom Vehicle Icon

It has been quite some time since there has been discussion of custom vehicle icons on here. Now that I just set up my Garmin Zumo XT on my ATV, I am interested in getting an ATV icon. Does anybody know where I should check for an ATV icon? Many of the URLs from some years back are no longer active.

Garmin Express 7.6 (Windows) recalled?

I fired up an old laptop for some Windows updates and after doing all that, decided to update Garmin Express from 7.5 to the current 7.6. I was surprised that GE 7.5 said it was the lastest version. I then uninstalled 7.5 and downloaded GE straight from Garmin and ran it. It installed 7.5 and once again, showed no update to 7.6.

Garmin Drive 52 M > "Where To" > "Cities"??

Hi. I looked through the FAQ's, my owners manual, searched the internet and this website but couldn't find the answer. I apologize if the questions have been asked or the answer is obvious.

I recently bought a Garmin Drive 52M.

1.) Where is "Cities" located in the "Where To" interface?

Water Resistant Garmins

I have been shopping for a water resistant Garmin for use on an ATV. It looks like Garmin uses IPX ratings. I gather that the higher the number on an IPX rating, the more resistant to water it is.

Right now I am still using my Garmin Nuvi 500. Yes, it does still work, but it has some limitations at this point.

Base Camp updated

I don't know if anyone else noted but Basecamp has been updated to release 4.7.4 from 4.7.1.

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Garmin Dezl 770 LMT

The new Map Updates are out 2022.10 but my Garmin Expess says my maps are up to date which is 2021.30 on my dezl 770 my other GPS updated to 2022.10 with no problem can any one fig out why the 770 is doing this

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I uploaded rest areas POI but the closest ones on my route are not showing on my up ahead closest been 69miles out while i have 15 and 33 miles closer on the same route.

Action Required: Your (GARMIN) Account Will Be Deleted in 60 Days

Spam or Hacking attempt?

Just received an e-mail with "Action Required: Your Account Will Be Deleted in 60 Days" in the subject from Garmin saying "Your Account Will Be Deleted in 60 Days

about garmin nuvi display

I have 2 3597s. Somehow I have gotten them to display different menus. on the Where to? menu, one has Go Home, Address, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Shopping, Custom POIs, and Add Shortcut.
The other only has Add Shortcut.
The folders and files on each one appear identical.
I can access all of them by tapping Categories

How do I configure the Where To? screen???

USB-C Power Upgrade Delivers A Whopping 240W For Gaming Laptops And Other Devices

Is Garmin currently using USB-C ports on any automobile GPS devices?

Symbols not transferring to device

I was able to change symbols (pictures) on basecamp for my route. When I transferred my route onto my Garmin Drivesmart 65 it did not copy over my symbols. What is the most effective way of doing this without manually creating separate files for each POI. Does anybody have a good process for this?

Garmin BC 40 mounting

Does anyone know if you can mount a Garmin BC 40 camera with magnets without creating any adverse affects or product damage?

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