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Destination limits


Garmin Drive Smart 61

Does anyone know the total destinations that can be entered
using the "TRIP PLANNER"?
I put in a trip of 45 destinations and only 31 show and usable on a simulated trip.
Once the 31 are done then I have to go in and select the 14 to complete the trip.

DriveAssist Real Vision - Does it work?

Does anyone have real world experience with Garmin Real Vision feature? Garmin said may only work where applicable. I'm sure mileage may vary. Looks very cool in the Ad you have argument map on destination address.

I believed feature only applied to DriveAssist 50 and 51.

DriveLuxe 51 updates (and all Drivexxx x1 devices!) Now they see Galileo sats

I don't think this has been reported yet. The DriveLuxe 51 has a couple of updates:

Software version 6.00 March 27, 2019:
Change History
Changes made from version 4.40 to 6.00:
-Added support for the new Garmin BC 40 Wireless Backup Camera.
-Enabled Galileo satellite support.
-Improved routing calculations.
-Improved the reliability of connections to Bluetooth devices.

CN NA 2020.20

Am I blind or has no one asked yet when the new 2020.20 map update will come around?

Nuvi 350 long gone, Nuvi 855LMT, Nuvi 2797LMT, SmartDrive 50 LMT-HD, 3790LMT now my daughters. Using Windows 10. DashCam A108C with GPS.

3597LM with GtM60


What's the difference between the 3597lmthd vs the 3597lm? If I connect a gtm60 to the lm version, will it become a lmthd?



GTM36 vs GTM60 + Garmin Drive App

Question. I was thinking about upgrading my 3490 (which I still love due to its size) for a Drive 55. When I went to CES, the resolution appeared to be the best with that model. Anyway, the website indicates that this unit comes with a •Traffic receiver/vehicle power cable but it does not indicate which one. Under accessories, it lists both cables as being compatible.

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POI Loader - Will Not Load - HELP!!

Tried to re-load Garmin POI Loader to my computer running Windows 10 and program does not install. I get a pop up window that says "Modify Setup" with options to "Uninstall" or "Cancel".'

It does load the desktop with an icon .... but that just takes me to the pre-mentioned screen.

What am I doing wrong??

proximity alert for route with many waypoins

hi, I've loaded my WPs using POILoader and also using ETE to my garmin 700 device successfully, i have verified that they have thier prox' set to 10m as i wanted. started the garmin and selected that route and started walking but execpt for the start point there was no alert. where did i go wrong ? is it possible to follow a route and get alert 10 meterd before each and every point ?


Traveling in Europe (GPS w/ update-able Europe maps)

I will be traveling to France, UK and Ireland this summer. I have a Garmin Nuvi 55LM, which is getting a bit old in the tooth and Garmin will not update the Europe map that I have that is many years old. I need a reliable Garmin to use in Europe, with update-able Europe maps. All suggestions appreciated.

J. Britt

Garmin 51LMT "off west?"

Never seen this in a lot of years of Garmin use. Worked fine. Powered down, next trip, car was ?west of the road I was on - consistently stayed that way for a 2mi trip. After a power down and reboot, it was fine.

Normally it thinks its off in space, then corrects itself?

was on most recent firmware, will check again w garmin express....

Garmin smart link

Normally I have Garmin Bluetooth turned off on GPS
Because it fights with 2011 Ford Escape over the phone iPhone. It’s the latest firmware on iPhone 6, Smart Link, and Ford Sync for 2011 Ford Escape.

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Imagery Subscription

I have never used the BirdsEye Satellite Imagery Subscription. I know that there has been some sporadic discussion of it here in the past. None of my devices will work with this anyway. However, for those that do have devices compatible with this and have a subscription, how useful have you found it to be?

Saving a Trip

Hi Everyone,

Garmin Drive Smart 61
I have made some trips with "TRIP PLANNER"----> "NEW TRIP"
The trips are in my "SAVED TRIPS" screen.
Can I save them on the Micro SD and access them after I reset the unit.
Also can I share the trips in the Micro SD in another unit my friend owns.

Thank you

Garmin Devices Compatible With Galileo GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)

I was inspired by the post referenced below and some other previous posts the mentioned the Galileo GNSS. Honestly, much like others have posted, I don't need another automobile navigator. I have a Garmin Nuvi 3597, a DriveLuxe 51 and others. However, now that some Garmin devices have Galileo, I need to start paying closer attention to this.

3790 Nuvi not connecting to computer

My Nuvi 3790 will use the computer for power when connected by USB but I can not get it to show up as a drive so I can update the maps. Using a 2015 iMac and MacBook Air. Also have newest Garmin Express which can't see the Nuvi.

NUVI 660, Late 2012 iMac, Macbook 2.1 Fall 2008, iPhone6 , Nuvi 3790, iPad2

GPS to fail April 6 ??

In the March 2019 edition of PC Magazine there is an article about the possibility of some GPS systems failing come April 6. Evidently something to do with resetting the timing stamp every 20 years. Anyone heard of this? According to the article any GPS systems built after 2010 should be fine or those that conform to the ICD-200 or GPS-200 specifications.

Lives in Edmonton AB A volunteer driver for Drive and uses a 2689 to find my way.


First of all, a special THANK YOU to POI FACTORY and especially CraigW. This is a first class site with first class people whose generosity is priceless.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!

Garmin Venture oddity

Anyone ever had this happen?

Few years ago, I was traveling through WV at dawn, on I-64. The highway was empty. The Venture was set to display the 'highway' graphic view. At one point, I notice a vehicle coming towards us on the display. Sure enough, there was one vehicle traveling west as I was traveling east. As it passed my window, it passed us on the gps.

Custom waypoint icons on routes?

I've collected a number of custom waypoint icons and included them in my Custom POIs. These were sent to my DriveSmart 61 using Garmin POI Loader. That all worked well.

Garmin 2020.1 vs. Microsoft S&T 2013

Well this is ridiculous.

Nuvi 350 long gone, Nuvi 855LMT, Nuvi 2797LMT, SmartDrive 50 LMT-HD, 3790LMT now my daughters. Using Windows 10. DashCam A108C with GPS.
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