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garmin drive 51

any body know how to install new map in garmin drive 51 I bought from usa and it has only usa map I try to installed unlocked map but it shows wrong map .any body help me please.


Garmin Bluetooth Compatibility

One of these days my old Nuvi 650 will die. In anticipation of this, I periodically review the Garmin website to review available GPS models.

One feature that I do want, is a Bluetooth enabled GPS that will "speak" through the radio of the car. The product specs simply speak of making a Bluetooth connection through a smartphone. We do not have a smartphone.

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC

Garmin 2699lmt traffic cable

A message started popping up on my 2699Lmt that the cable was not right for traffic, does the traffic antennae’s in the cable go bad? Never had this happen before Thanjs for your feedback

Garmins Nuvis That Natively Download The Large JCV File

In order to more easily obtain a reliable source for the large JCV file, I'm thinking about buying an older Nuvi and buying a Garmin lifetime map update subscription.

My question deals with which of the older Garmin Nuvis natively downloads the large JCV file, currently D3060270A.jcv for 2019.20, as part of the update?

Drivesmart 61 Portrait mode

Can some folks report back if your units have the orientation option in display settings or not.

Garmin support indicates the device supports portrait mode, however the actual unit I have in hand (with current firmware) does not.

Garmin Express v6.6.0.0 is Here

Garmin Express is now available.

Garmin Smartphone Link 2.9.3

Garmin Smartphone Link 2.9.3 for iOS was released yesterday. Installed without problems.

Release notes say "We have further improved the stability of the app. Enjoy your drive!"

DriveAssist 50 (stolen), Nüvi 2595LMT

Checking for microSD presence

Although I don't yet need it, I've installed a 8 GB microSD card into my nuvi 2689. Prior to insertion it was formatted (FAT32) in a Windows 7 PC using a card reader. Is there a way solely via the GPS to determine if the card is functional?

John from PA

Totally lost

I have not updated my maps to the new map.
When I try to make a trip with way points, things get screwy. At first things worked OK. Then things went south.

nuvi 1390 LT, nuvi 1450 LMT, Vista, Win 10


A few minutes ago, I downloaded the pure-gas.csv file (1,503,743 bytes) from POI Factory and POI Loader said there was a formatting error on line 418. I opened the file with Notepad and Wordpad but didn't see a way to find line 418 (I primarily use Linux and only use this MS Windows box to update Garmin maps).

DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S bread crumbs

Hi all,

I just got a new DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S to replace my old Nuvi 2689. So far I am happy with the new GPS except for one thing, I can not figure out how to have that thin blue line appear on the map while I am driving. I like knowing how I got to a place.

. 2 Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S, Nuvi 2689, 2 Nuvi 2460, Zumo 550, Zumo 450, Uniden R3 radar detector with GPS built in, includes RLC info. Uconnect 430N Garmin based, built into my Jeep. .

NA 2019.20 large JCV File

Let's have this thread track the availability of the large JCV file that goes with NA 2019.20 that became available today, 6/20/18.


Nine messages after this one, tli has provided the information. Many thanks to him (her?).

Or, you could just go here:

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

City Navigator NA 2019.20 ... released 6/20/2018

Garmin Express is showing map update CN NA 2019.20 as available. Downloading now, will update with results when finished.

Update (device and computer) for DriveLuxe 50 clone using Garmin Express completed with no problems. Took about 50 minutes.

Alan - Android Auto, DriveLuxe 50LMTHD, Nuvi 3597LMTHD, Oregon 550T, Nuvi 855, Nuvi 755T, Lowrance Endura Sierra, Bosch Nyon

Driveluxe 50 firmware 5.70 trip planner [broken] no longer imports basecamp routes

Device: Driveluxe 50
Firmware: 5.70 (most current as of right now)

Issue: I used to be able to push a route created in basecamp/mapsource to the device. Shortly after booting it would get imported and become a navigable route.

Nuvi2699 screen


Is Altitude An Historical Artifact

On a trip last week our Nuvi 40 was burgled (and our handheld eTrex plus...) and I am about to replace the "40" My home is at about 6,250 feet above sea level and in my travels in the western US I am used to displaying the altitude and valuing it.

Mapping Software Prior To Garmin Base Camp

Several years back I would use Garmin mapping software that I downloaded when I updated my GPS devices. I know that Base Camp replaced it. What is the name of that and can I still get it somehow? Was it MapSource?

Apple Stores

Has anyone done a POI file of Apple Stores?

NUVI 660, Late 2012 iMac, Macbook 2.1 Fall 2008, iPhone6 , Nuvi 3790, iPad2

Predictions (new Garmin models)

I know that no one can answer this with certainty but what do you think would be the time before Garmin brings out new models of GPS? the models out now have been here for over a year. I need a new one but I just know if I get one now they will come out with something new. I looked at the DriveSmart 61 LMT-s at best buy and it's almost as big as an iPad mini. Plus it has some weird features.

NUVI 660, Late 2012 iMac, Macbook 2.1 Fall 2008, iPhone6 , Nuvi 3790, iPad2

Some Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S GPS deals

Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S GPS w/ Smart Features Refurbished 1 Year Warranty for $150 until June 18th. See for the details.

John from PA
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