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255W Weird Problems (car power shows data connection)

My 255W started acting strangely about a month ago. When I connect it with the car power adapter, it acts like it's making a data connection to a computer. I tested it with another known-good Garmin car power adapter and it behaves the same way.

3790 battery and person or outfit to do the replacement

I'm looking for a outfit or person to replace a battery in my 3790LMT. I asked at @SHARCNETUSA (Twitter) but didn't receive a response.

I can't do it myself at this time.

Have you had RECENT experience with someone or an establishment who can do this for me?

My unit is working fine and has the most recent update (2 days ago.)

Suggestions welcomed.

Gary Hayman

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Suggestions for factory refurb Garmin 2599 LMTHD

Can anyone recommend some sources for a factory refurb 2599 LMTHD unit?

John from PA

New Time Zone Maps Available

GE is saying new time zone maps are available.

Come and get 'em!!!!

GPSMAP64s, iPhone XR w/Garmin North America, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS.

Navi 2599 Custom POIs & Favourites editing

Hi all, my apologies for what is probably an FAQ, but I couldn't find an exact answer by searching.

Routing with Map Update 2019.10

Is anyone having trouble routing from point a to point b using the 2019.10 maps within basecamp? I set up the route and tried to change the roads that it took by hitting Alt and mouse button to move the route to a different road and the route changes all over the place. Try it and see what you get. Might need to reinstall the maps again.

2019.10 Map Not Available to Me

Saw the thread about map update 2019.10 available (as of three weeks ago). Just now plugged in my 2689 and ran Garmin Express. It says I am up to date (with 2018.30). Any ideas on what is going on?

Nuvi 2797 Apps screen

Can apps on the apps screen be deleted and/or repositioned on the screen? If so, how?

Ping anyone with a 2595

BaseCamp and MapSource will suck waypoints from my 2595, but neither will suck routes (trips) from it. However, both will suck routes from my 2797. Is this a design feature of the 2595?


Just had a pleasant revelation. I completely uninstalled BaseCamp from my Mac in order to cleanup some files I had imported and couldn't get rid of. To my surprise, when I downloaded and installed BasCamp, MapInstaller, and MapManager were both installed.

I don't know why Garmin would do that.

Frank Nuvi 3597LMT 37.322760, -79.511267

POI for truck stops that are RV friendly (Gas)

I usually try to get to Flying J's that are RV friendly (Separate GAS Island for RV'ers), but occasionally I run into Flying J's without the RV island.

Has a POI been created for Flying J's/Pilot's that is RV friendly for GAS?

Another reason for use of the Flying J is for the Extra .05 off I get on the gallon. (Adds up on a long trip)

Thanks in advance for the link!

Garmin Speak™ Plus with Amazon Alexa

Just ordered the Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa, looking forward in playing with this new device since I have an unlimited data voice package from Verizon

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Maybe not giving up on my nUvi 500...

Most of the newer units out there are under a C note. What do the masses recommend to replace my old boat anchor? My preferences are ease of use and long distance/no cell service routing. I use Waze way more than I do most other apps, but when traveling out west (on those rare coast to coast vacations), I have been in the blackout areas where the cell phone is useless.

Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best.

Rv Gps

I've always wanted one but couldn't justify the price. I'm finding myself driving past quite a few Fuel station because of my Length.

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Map Won't Unlock when Downloaded to Computer Via GE

I posted on this several years ago and apparently, at the time, I was the only one with this issue.

When I download the latest mapset using GE to both GPS and computer, the map works fine on the GPS. The problem is, the map won't unlock when trying to use it with Basecamp or Mapsource on the computer.

Brand new Nuvi 2539 Went Bad

I purchased a brand new Nuvi 2539 last September. I just sent it back for warranty repair. I got the replacement last week. The replacement unit seems ok. The micro usb plug became very contrary. It would not receive traffic signals and would charge intermittently leaving me a stone dead battery. Has anyone else had problems with their micro usb ports?

Transferring maps between Nuvi LMT units

Is there any way to transfer maps between nuvi units (2539/2559) that have Lifetime maps? One garmin rep told me that each map has a license specific to a particular unit's serial number; thus maps were not transferrable and needed to be downloaded for each unit. Another Garmin rep told me that there was a way to copy maps from one unit to another but did not explain how to do it.

Nuvi 2539 and 2559 -- Will the battery drain quicker in hibernation mode

Does anyone know the difference between hibernation and power off? I know that hibernation starts up the unit much quicker. Will the battery drain quicker if I do not use the unit for a few weeks and leave the unit to hibernate? Thanks for the answers.

Finding A Location Near Destination: Garmin Nuvi 3597 Vs. DriveLuxe 51

Now that I have been using my DriveLuxe 51 for a while now, I am starting to notice some other little differences between the 3597 and DriveLuxe 51.

When I am en route to a location with the Nuvi 3597 and look for another location near my destination, the 3597 shows how close the new location is to the destination.

Delete Faves from GE?

GE keeps repopulating my GPS' after removing old, and outdated faves.

How do you delete this file?

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