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SET LOCATION button sometimes missing

I just got a 2797 and set another city as a location using the SET LOCATION button but now I can't seem to set a different location.

Base Camp

I was using the new Base Camp and found the user interface difficult, but persistence has it's own rewards as this product has some very neat features for creating a Route and finding relevant POI's once you find out how to use the goodies. However, after a few tries, my Base Camp is now telling me that my .Net is corrupted and must be re-installed.

Mel Mills

wav vs mp3

I want to add some sound files to my POIs (red light and speed camera files) to my Garmin Nuvi 765. I have had problems with this before and was wondering if I need to use mp3 files or wav files. Thanks for your help.

a Trip Planner App question (Garmin 25xx)

On my 2557, for work I often use my Trip Planner App to Save a route with via points that will take me to the destination of a customer taking certain preferred roads that may differ from the shortest or fastest. The problem is on a return trip, I haven't found a way to Reverse that course without creating a brand new Trip/route.

Nuvi Prestige line or Nuvi Advanced Line?

just doing so research for a new GPS for my father and I'm just wondering which line is top of the line? the Nuvi Prestige line or Nuvi Advanced Line?


POI Loader error

Never had this happen before. POI Loader always worked A1. But today when I am trying to install the RLC POI on the 855 I get an error message "There was an unexpected error during the transfer of the custom POI file".

Then when I check the POI folder on the GPS the file name is there but ZERO Kb, nothing,nada.

Nuvi 855LMT and Nuvi 3790LMT


should I get any screen protector for my new Garmin Nuvi 3590lmt? if yes, which one?


Firmware Update for GTMxx Digital Radio Type S update - 2.30

WebUpdater reports an update for my nuvi 3597:

Firmware Update for GTMxx Digital Radio Type S software version 2.30

as of June 23, 2014

Change History

Changes made from version 2.00 to 2.30:
◦Reception improvements.

New to Me Streetpilot 2720

Bought a Garmin Streetpilot 2720 to use on my motorcycle. Came with City Navigator North America NT v8 loaded and included original setup disk with Unit Serial Number, Registration Code and Unlock Code.

Garmin Express does not run anymore

Today, I tried to open Garmin Express to update it but to my surprise it does not open any more on my Windows 7 laptop with the message "Garmin Express can not open because your internet connection is being blocked". I even disabled Norton firewall but no luck. ANyone else having any issues?

Google Nexus 4, Nuvi 3597LMTHD,765T,1490LMT

Is There A Garmin Automobile Navigator With A-GPS?

We have had some discussion recently on how smartphones use A-GPS to start navigating while waiting for a more accurate GPS signal from satellites. While most automobile navigators aren't connected to the cellular networks some are. Specifically, the Garmin nuvi 1690 and 1695 come to mind.

POI megafile for Base Camp

I am switching from S&T to Base Camp. When using S&T, I downloaded a .stt POI megafile and installed it.
I would like to do the same for Base Camp, but I can’t find the megafile in .CSV format. Any suggestions. Keep in mind that I am a newbie at this.

Garmin Express 3.2.13 Released - You may like this one!

Check out the change log, especially the second last entry:

•Improve Sync function for 910XT, 610 and 310XT devices
•Garmin Express will automatically detect golf devices when they are connected
•Fix an issue where the download status does not display the speed in KBs
•Fix an issue where Express would not correctly set up WIFI network on a FR620

Nuvi 350, 760, 1695LM, 3790LMT, 2460LMT, 3597LMTHD and TomTom XXL540s

how to gain space on 3597LT

I purchase a Europe map but cannot download as I have NO space on my new Australian device - can I clear space? If so How?


Does anyone remember City Navigator North America NT

Garmin City Navigator North America NT that you could get on a DVD for free if you called Garmin?

I still have mine but not have used it in a while..

Bobkz - Garmin Nuvi 2455LMT/C530/C580- "Pain Is Fear Leaving The Body"

Can't remove custom POIs from Garmin 2557

I have used POI Loader to add some custom POIs to my Garmin 2557LMT. When updated CSV files were available I deleted the GPI files in the POI folder on the device, and used POI loader to create and add the new GPI files to the device. Later I noticed I had multiple POI categories with the same name on the unit. I now have some POIs on the 2557 that I cannot remove by any means.

Garmin 2797 Directions

I had some problems with the 2797 telling me to turn the wrong direction to my driveway and at least one other location out of town. Somebody in a forum here had suggested turning off some avoidances. Turned all avoidances off now it tells me i'm home when i am in front of my house. Doesn't tell me to turn either way. Not sure about the other location

Question for Alaska map users ......

Does the Alaska map data base include land locked cities such as Juneau and Ketchikan ? Thanks.

Garmin 2797LMT

Any opinions on using SmartLink with the 2797LMT? Specifically, transferring recent locations from the smartphone to the GPS.

660 worked beautifly!

Just got back from 2 week trip to mountains of NC...
Beautiful weather! Anything I asked of the 660 was entirely successful!

2x Nuvi 660'sOne with -- Lifetime Maps -- Lifetime Traffic And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that Doesn't support External POI's BOO HOO!
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