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Garmin Express Is Out

Just downloaded to my pc. Never ending updates.

Nuvi 800 How Far Back BaseCamp

Garmin Nuvi has horrid help. I searched for days and finally had to call for help and than wrong info. I want to know how far back can you get the routes to load into Basecamp. It used to be you could go back a year. I am only able to upload around ten days. I am desperate as I need to get gps info to prove my whereabouts thanks

So Much Pain So Little Time To Enjoy It

CNNT 2015.4 Download Fails to Unlock in Basecamp

I downloaded CNNT 2015.4 using G.E. V4.0.17.0 with the “Install to device and Computer” option checked to my Win7-64 desktop. The download completed successfully but the 2015.4 map shows as locked in both Basecamp and Mapsource.

Garmin Announces new high end Nuvi - nüviCam LMTHD

OLATHE, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), today announced nüviCam LMTHD, the first portable navigation device (PND) to feature a built-in dash cam and advanced alerts to enhance driver awareness on the road.

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Garmin StreetPilot Onboard

I know that there has been some discussion in the past about Garmin StreetPilot Onboard, but I want to re-kindle this since I am considering an Apple iPhone and I would buy this app if I bought the iPhone. How well does this work? I currently have Viago on Android. I am reluctant to buy it if it will be going the way of Viago soon, though.

"Lost" custom avoidance.

A few months ago we took a trip to a location in the countryside, let the GPS (3579) calculate the route. This involved many secondary roads and was a very pretty drive. However along the way we came up to a “Road Closed” sign (bridge out) so took the DOT detour to get to our destination. Before heading home I set up a Custom Avoidance for what I thought was the closed section of road.

CamSam Plus

I know that this is technically not the correct forum, however the reason I am posting here is that the correct forum Smartphones & Tablets is not very active and there is only one reference to CamSam there.

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A look at future technology

I was blown away by this video.

Speed traps California

Hello, I'm from Argentina and the next week I will be in California. My question is: there are any POIs that shows speed radar, speed traps, something similar?
Thanks for your time, I will be waiting an answer.

Search Foursquare bug in Smartphone Link app

I have noticed that when I open Foursqure in Smartphone link for IOS and then select Check in, it shows places near me as 955x km away. Does anyone else has same problem? I reporte the matter to Garmin.

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How to avoid major highways and the proper kinds of via or waypoints

I have recently purchased a Garmin 3590LMT. I am planning a road trip. I want to travel through AL, TN, KY and IN on highway 231. No interstates, etc. 231 extends from the FL panhandle to north of my final destination in Indiana. My specific example:

Huge HERE Update

So, the Map Creator at HERE isn't even available. It says that they are integrating a huge number of new roads to the maps across the world, including 6.5 million km of new roads in the USA! This is a great sign.

Google buys Garmin, could anyone see this happening?

I've always loved our Garmins except for the live traffic data. IMO, I think Google has the market when it comes to providing up to date traffic info. So in my dreams, I see Google come in and buy Garmin, future Garmin models all provide the crowd sourced traffic data, build slimmer less clunky models and like that, the Garmin brand effectively kills off the competition.

Arranging Sub-folders

How do you change the arrangement of sub-folders in the Custom POIs folder so they are organized in a logical order?

Let's help Garmin design their next flagship GPS for us aficionados!!

I think Garmin should build at least one unit for us! People who like to use our GPS, and know what information we'd like to get rather than the great unwashed masses who just want to know where the next Starbucks is!!

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Nuvi 710

Hi everybody, I have a Nuvi 710 and I have the following problems that seems to be unsolvable, firstly, my GPS`s time is a hour in advance, the time zone is correct, but the time is out.

Garmin Express

Garmin began rolling out Garmin Express v4.0.17.0 for the PC today. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version, Check for Updates to Express on the Settings page within the Express application. This version includes the following changes:

• Fixed issue affecting automatic Garmin Express application updates

Mac version still appears to be at

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Refurb Garmin Nuvi 2757LM or Nexus with CamSam?

I can get a 2757LM for 179.95 or I can get a Refurb Nexus 7 for 79.95.

The advantage of the Nexus7 is obviously that it can be used for many things in addition to a GPS.

I am trying to justify spending the extra $100 for the Garmin.

"Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam" “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

campground poi limited number showing

Downloaded and installed campgroung poi. it only shows campgrounds about 45 miles from home. am I doing something wrong? is that how it should work? Garmin 2598. any input welcome.

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