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Garmin nuvi 68 LM GPS

My Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT is dying and I am looking at purchasing a new Garmin GPS. It seems that the Garmin nuvi 68 LM seems to be equivalent to or better than the nuvi 2595 with a larger display screen. The Live Traffic is one requirement I feel was useless for me, as its accuracy was questionable in my opinion and experience with it.

CNNANT 2017.30 Full-screen Junction View

Download both parts below and extract using WinRAR or 7-Zip. Internet Explorer users are required to use another browser as Internet explorer will crash. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Edge should work without issue.

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Large JCV file for 2017.30

Now that we have the new maps does anybody have a lead on the large JCV file for 2017.30?


nuvi 855, new map and how identified

I just updated my old nuvi 855 to the new City Navigator map, 2017.30. Since this nuvi is a backup to a backup for me and since the nuvi 8x5 series is not offered the map-update-to-SD -card option, I decided with the previous map update and this one to simply let Garmin do a regional update of the US and Canada rather than go through the clone method to install all of North America.

Garmin map 2017.30 is now available.

I have just launched Garmin Express and a new map is available. 2017.30

Bass Pro is buying Cabela's

Talk about big news in the outdoor activity world. It was announced yesterday that Bass Pro is buying Cabela's.


Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

Proximity Alert

There is a POI file called Offbeat Tourist Attractions, which is very interesting. I'd like to set up a proximity alert so when I'm within 3 mile radius of any one of those POIs the garmin will sound/show alert. However, it seem that the GPS will alert only if I'm routed through that POI. If you would make a left turn within two mile radius of the POI then GPS will not sound any alarm.

Update for Larger Map Size available for the Nuvi

One indication that a map update may not be far off is that Garmin has released a device software update to handle larger map files better.

For my 3597 this is Version 5.40 and the only item in the change log is:

Added improvements for handling larger map files.

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New cars with Garmin GPS Systems ?

How many of the new cars available today have Garmin systems installed in them ?

The next car I buy, I hope will have a Garmin system in it.


Is there an adapter where I can plug my nuvi into 110-v wall socket?

When I connect my 2789 to my Win 10 computer via the USB cable, the unit goes into what I call a data receive mode (ready for downloads from Garmin Express, BaseCamp, etc). This connection also charges my battery. When I want to put my GPS in navigation mode so I can play around with it, I have to unplug it from my computer, which then drains my battery in about an hour.

nuvi 3790 and 2789 in Arkansas

Garmin Express v4.1.28.0

Garmin Express has been updated to today. However, I couldn't find the change log for the update. I did noticed there is a new tab called "Purchased" where you can see items you purchased in the past and option to renew them if they are subscriptions.

Praises for the Nuvi 2699LMTHD.

After having my OLD 2699LMTHD GPS stolen (which I bought early in 2016), I needed a replacement. I also wanted to replace the oh so expensive 3597 that I have as it was only 5 inch, did not work with sunglasses, and would not remember the zoom setting.
I bought two new(er)Garmin 2699LMTHD GPSs. The newest ones have a round mounting socket in the back.

Garmin Smartphone Link Live Services Transfer

Hi all,

If I were to purchase live traffic within the smartphone link app using the phone I have now, would I still have the live traffic services when I get my new iPhone next month? Trying to avoid not having to pay for the subscription twice. When I buy the live traffic subscription, does the subscription link to my apple account?

Garmin Nuvi 3490lmt, 765t with Lifetime maps and Clear Channel traffic

Garmin N. America iOS App Needs Fix For iOS 10

The Garmin N. America iOS App has display issues with iOS 10. I noticed it shortly after I installed iOS 10 on an iPhone 6.

This has been confirmed by Garmin.

The issue is that the app has problems displaying in the landscape mode.

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Move Streetpilot 2720 from Old XP Machine to Win 10 Laptop?

I have Streetpilot 2720 that I've had since new and it still works fine, except for the remote. The maps, data, etc. are located on my old XP laptop. I'd purchased lifetime maps sometime ago, and I'd like to have the data, maps, etc., moved to my Windows 10 machine. If able to do this, checking for updates, etc., would be more convenient. I'd read about Javawa, and that's clear as mud for me.

Garmin DriveSmart Series & Blind Spot Monitoring

The Garmin DriveSmart 70 LMT (perhaps others within that series) supports multiple cameras such as a baby cam or backup cam. Does anyone know of a way to rig up a separate camera for blind spot monitoring - one for each side would be ideal.

Smart Link App

Just got notification that there is an update for the Smart Link app. Did the update but cant see any obvious changes.

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NUVI2555LMT Just Died

My 2555 was working perfectly fine all day. I unplugged it and then had a need to use it about 10 minutes later and it was totally dead. Would not start, screen blank. The unit was plugged into the truck lighter socket.

I used the proper power supply and also plugged it in with the USB port on my computer and have no response.



I will make this short. I plan a route from Tuscaloosa,Ala to Jackson, Ga. When I was pass thru, Newnan,Ga it want to route me to I-85 North to I 285 across to I-75 South. I didn't know why. I reverse the route and the GPS wanted to route me to I-75 north to I-285 and than to I-85 south. I rechecked every thing, I saw where I had set it for the fastest route.

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT, 60LMTHD

2598LMT vs 3580LMT

My heated up 3790 packed it in. I replaced it with a 3580.
My 2598 is similar in behavior. In the "where to" screen i can Add Shortcuts. I added my custom pois there. Great idea, don't have to use the Categories icon, which is a bit of a pain. The 3580 has that function also BUT, can't seem to add my custom pois.
I can add anything else but not that. Any idea guys? Thanks

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