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Why do I want POI files? (Zumo 590)

when my Zumo 590 has an "up ahead" feature?
Apologies if that sounded rude, it wasn't meant to. It's just the short cut of the question and I'm new to POI.

Auto Destination?

Our new 2598 seems to randomly pick a recent destination and display driving time in the top banner. A neat feature, but annoying if you're not going there and want to see upcoming streets. Anyway to disable it? I can't find one.

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Garmin 2797 LMT

I recently purchased a Garmin 2797 LMT and really like the new features, a real upgrade from my NUVI 54. I am disappointed though with the traffic feature. Its not intuitive, its very slow, inaccurate, and on a trip through Orlando on I-4 it only notified of traffic after I was at a dead stop!

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Does the new maps update also updates or changes Route calculation?

I updated new maps on my devices. I have noticed that after the map update on my Nuvicam, it calculates routes differently now. For example, while going to work in the morning, on highway 401 Eastbound, it used to ask me to take Dufferen Street exit but I always take next exit Allen Road. Now after the map updates, it started asking me to take Allen Road exit now.

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NuviCam $469.99 at Costco Canada

Yesterday I was in Costco store in Woodbridge Ontario. I saw NuviCam listed for $469.99. This price is better than what I paid last year in July.

Iphone 6 Plus, Nuvicam, Nuvi 3597LMTHD,765T,1490LMT

Garminfone Map Updates

I have been thinking about resurrecting one of my Garminfones for use as a GPS in one of my vehicles. Does anybody happen to know if the maps can still be updated or did Garmin discontinue ALL support of the Garminfones some time ago?

2017.10 Large JCV File Download

So the links don't get lost in the JCV discussion thread, I created a separate post.

Part 1
Part 2

Use WinRAR ( or 7-zip ( to extract.

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Garmin Express is out

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Dashboard Nuvicam vs Nuvi 3590

I recently got a Nuvicam which I really like except the dashboard is limited to a few setting - MPH and Time to Arrival (with only 2 data points). I really liked my old Nuvi 3590 which had 4 data point - speed, time to arrival, time at arrival and distance to arrival. Does anyone know if you can do that with the NuviCam? Haven't found it anywhere in the settings.


2017.10 large JCV thread

I have a Nuvi 1450 for which Garmin no longer offers the large JCV file. Thankfully, one finally shows up somewhere sometime and we users of the older hardware can still get it.

Let's use this thread for people to post where to find the new, large JCV file and instructions on how to download and install it.


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Dammit, Garmin! (2017.10 Update)

2017.10 is available. Garmin, you are supposed to give use months' lead time to whine, speculate, and postulate on the release date of the new update. Instead, you have just quietly posted the update and snuck back into the background.

Thank you!

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Garmin Map Update 2017.10 is out

My Garmin Express has a map update for 2017.10. What is Garmin doing?

Garmin 2595 (traffic problems)

Anybody having problems with traffic?

3597 a& SmartPhone Link

I'm not sure when it happened, but now, when my SmartPhone Link pairs with my 3597 and I get a call on my SmartPhone, the garmin automatically answers it. Then, even with a headset in the phone, when I make a call using the SmartPhone, it is again transfered to the Garmin.

I've tried and tried and tried to stop this behaviour.

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Garmin Lock

I have both a 3597 and a 2797.
Have gone through settings and owner's manuals and couldn't find them.
Do either have Garmin lock?
How can I activate them if they do?
Thanks in advance.

politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reason.

Can favorites be routed to SD card on zumo 550

Trying to upload the HD dealer POI to my zumo 550. Downloaded from POI Factory to my .GPX on memory card but when I try to import it after disconnecting gps from pc it wont let me do it. Says I need to deselect some 374 dealer files. Is there a way to make the zumo 550 internal memory for favorites go to the SD card .gpx storage?

New Dodge Journey

I was shopping online today for the new Dodge Journey and I see that the new Dodges come with Garmin Navigation... was wondering if anyone knows weather you can upload POI's on to the system or if it is a closed system that cant be altered?
not that would sway my decision to or not to buy a Dodge just thought I would pose the question.

Garmin Forerunner 225 On Sale for $189.99 Today Only (1/23)

Anyone looking for a sports watch might be interested in this Amazon "Deal of the Day":

Working on device with usb cord connected.

Whenever I connect my Nuvi 2598 to the usb cord to the pc it goes into usb mode. Is there a way to work on the unit at the same time?

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Garmin Nuvi Smart Link SmartLink iOS App Updated

I see Garmin Smartphone Link for iOS was updated today to version 2.0.1. I had to re-pair my Nuvi and iPhone. I think this thing still needs some work as it often doesn't automatically connect as it should. I'm hoping the new version improves that but so far I'm not that impressed.

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