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Nuvi 52 LM (transfer favorites from nuvi 350?)

Can I transfer my old favorites and custom POIs from my Nuvi 350 to my new Nuvi 52 LM?

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mounting garmin 50LM

can you share your experience, good and bad, of mounting a Garmin GPS to windshield or dashboard?

it seems bean bag mount is the best but would like to see how creative everyone is.

Traffic for Nuvi 780

I understand the MSN service that sent traffic and other info to my receiver via an FM signal has been discontinued since 2012 or so. Are there any other options or am I stuck with a (used to be really cool) unit that no longer gives me traffic?

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Garmin Express again

We all know how this works....or doesn't.
It just updated to version
Just went into my Temp directory to grab some poi files to add to my Unit and I see all these log files Express made.
One of them gets my immediate attention.
Garmin_Express_4_Lifetime_Removal.log. I open it up and this is what i see.

Entered Lifetime Removal
Attempting to remove related Garmin applications

nüvi®3790LMT nüvi®3590LMT| We do not live in Igloo's, and do not ride to work on snow mobiles

Lifetime Garmin NuMaps $39.99

I didn't see this posted, so here goes...Garmin is offering the North America NuMaps Lifetime for only $39.99.

If you ever wanted to get a subscription for a device, this is the cheapest I have ever seen this.

Which Florida is a better map?

Probably because there are some good free maps projects available for Argentina and Brazil and Garmin does not include full coverage there, they have added Florida as part of the South America map.

However, taking a look side by side of the Florida map at the South America map and the North America one, at least at basecamp and mapsource, the maps were different.

Trapster says goodbye...

I got this email today from Trapster...seems they will be ceasing service. I seldom used the service but just the same, I hate to see them go.


After evaluating our ongoing investments, we have decided to discontinue the Trapster service by the end of the year.

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The prices I see for the add ons in viago are they all a one time fee or yearly prices?

nuvi 2699LMTHD Discussion

I'm upgrading from a 750 and have questions about some of the changes and differences.

I expected to have spoken street names but apparently that has been replaced with "Real Directions". I'm not buying Garmins explanation - what am I missing?

I haven't found the ability to create, edit and save routes like the 750 ie Route x with waypoints a, b, c. Did Garmin drop this capability?

Nuvi 3580LMT Internal Memory

The internal memory for the Garmin Nuvi 3580 LMT was difficult to find in the various webpage advertisements. It was reported as 4Gb in one post but is actually 8Gb as determined on my PC.

It is a nicely designed unit.

Does anyone know where to find a list that shows Nuvi memory for the various models?


Anyone With A 885T

Back in May 2010 I performed the 2011.10 map upgrade. At that time the voice commands still worked for navigating the basic menus ( e.g. "Show Map", "Where To" , etc), but once I got to the screen for entering the City, voice command where no longer accepted. I made some posts in this thread

Garmin Express For Windows now

Garmin began rolling out Garmin Express v3.2.25.0 for the PC today. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version, Check for Application Updates on the Settings page within the Express application. This version includes the following changes:

Fixed an issue that was causing initial vivofit / vivosmart setup to not complete.


Garmin Basecamp is up to version 4.4.4. If it's been a while since you updated, or used Basecamp, recent changes has made a nice difference in ease of use and reduced a number of glitches.

Changes made from version 4.4.2 to 4.4.4:

Fixed several issues when using the Pan Tool and the key to move route points

Atlanta HOV Lanes

I'm planning a trip to Florida and the Atlanta HOV lanes, are a real plus.

There are 2 or 3 locations where the HOV Lanes leave the main part of I-75 and then reconnect a little farther along. I tried to create a POI file that would force my NUVI 2555 LMT to force the navigation onto these divergences.

I have 2015-3 loaded.


Which Garmin would you buy on Black Friday?

We need a new GPS. There should be some good deals on Friday. Which brick and mortar store has the best deal and most features on a Garmin GPS? Thank you in advance for your information.

lost voice recognition on 3790LMT

After I replaced the battery on my 3790LMT recently, I had a few oddities. (I accidentally hit the power button several times while doing the difficult opening of the case and dislodging of the old battery, so may have insulted the unit with some odd power cycles).

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Garmin Nüvi 3597LMTHD

If somebody would happen to see a Garmin Nüvi 3597LMTHD at a Black Friday price anywhere, I am in the market.

Map update for StreetPilot c330

Looking to update my girlfriend's StreetPilot c330. It currently has City Navigator NA 2012.30 that was installed on a 2gb SD card. This was a one-time update for the device.

Garmin 3597 LMTHD (phone features)

How do you edit the phone book in a Garmin 3597.At the top of my phone book it has homephone . I don't know how it got there ,it does not ring my home phone although it makes sounds as if the call is going thru. I can go to the phone book list that came over thru blutooth and that works fine


numi 2598 delete or manage saved / favorites POI's via PC

After adding a bunch of POI's as saved POI to the unit from a PC I would like to know if there is a way to selectively delete them using a PC.

The current.gpx file has all the saved POI's but deleting them from this file does not delete on the unit.

Any help would be apreciated

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