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Garmin 2014 Nuvi Advanced Series.

Garmin has finally announced some 2014 models other than the Essentials Series:

Alan - Nuvi 3597LMTHD, Oregon 550T, Nuvi 855, Nuvi 755T, Lowrance Endura Sierra

Garmin Express Released for Download

Garmin has released a new version of Garmin Express which maybe helpful to anyone having issues installing the 2015.20 map update. The change log reads:

• Fix an installation of Garmin Express issue with the C++ redistributable
• Fix an issue where updating computer installed maps would fail
• Fix an issue where Express was not recognizing the Monterra

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Arrow Icons

I use Trip Planner to route a trip with multiple waypoints. Unfortunately, I have had cases where it comes to a waypoint and fails to give the next direction until, I pass through the point.

Once I pass through the waypoint, it works fine. Unfortunately, until that happens, I'm left with the dilemma of deciding if I make a left or right turn, or to go straight.


CSV Files

Provided an Intro on the Welcome Forum. Using GPSBabel and POI DownLoader I downloaded a particular POI file in CSV format and then successfully translated it to GPX. However when I open the file on BaseCamp the coordinates are all over the ma. Everywhere but where they are suppose to be. Yet if I do each location one at a time they are spot on. What am I doing wrong?

Adding POIs in Chrysler products 430N

I know I can add POIs to the nav system 430N. I've done it.
But want to know if you can add POIs with alerts. And if so how to do it. Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

ps. this is a 2014 Chrysler T&C with a Garmin nav system 430N.

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Accidentally deleted all files from nuvi250

Hi Anyone,

I accidentally deleted all files from the GPS folder including the map. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone can copy and zip the files from GPS and upload it to somewhere like dropbox so I can download it that would be awesome. You dont need to include the map (.img) files as i am aware it's quite big.

Thanks in advance everyone.

New junction view?

Driving home from a day trip yesterday, I noticed a new junction view screen on my 2597. This is the first time I've taken a trip since the new map update (and I missed quite a few updates so forgive me if this is old news) so this was new to me. I don't know the names for things but this is what I call them:

Base Camp 4.3.5

Whenever I type an address I get the message "This product does not support address search."

Am I overlooking something?

Importing Spotwalla Tracks

Just curious if anyone has experienced an import error in Basecamp while importing gpx files from Spotwalla Trips?

I'm able to download from Spotwalla any number of my rides in the GPX format. Most of them I am able to import into Garmin's BaseCamp with no problems. It seems that just a few of them will not import at all and I receive and generic error message.

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Garmin GPS Best Bang for the $

What is the best buy right now. Looking to change my 750 for a newer model.Looking for max features for the $.



Garmin 1390 - Accidently Formatted - I'm a tool - Please Help!


I've accidentally formatted my Garmin 1390. I had a micro SD card in the satnav and thought I was formatting that instead.

Can anybody provide me with a zip file containing the files/folders via dropbox/rapidshare/bittorrent, so that I can restore my device?



Garmin poi loader

My older computer cannot run XP Service Pack 3. Does anyone know where I can get a version of windows poi loader that will install on XP SP2? Garmin says they cannot provide the file.


Which do you consider the best? I'm leaning toward the 2555...



DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Garmin® Introduces Its First Android™-Based Fleet Navigators

I just saw his tonight, but the announcement was a week ago. I was wondering when something like this would be available from Garmin.

Splicing cables?

Hey all,

So I have a Garmin Streetpilot C550 (old reliable) unit that the cable is frayed which also has my traffic receiver which has the lifetime subscription on it. So I looked into pricing for a replacement cable and didn't feel like shelling out the money for it. It's not cheap... But what is cheap is just another power cable without the traffic receiver.

Moving favourites from Nuvi11490 to Kenwood with garmin

Can someone help be by explaining how to move my favourites from my old garmin nuvi 1490 to the new Kenwood DNN9350BT with Garmin gps?

I cannot locate any .gpx file in the new Kenwood Garmin files....


I am trying to download the 2015-20 map into my Garmins. I get a msg (A connection to the Server could not be established. The msg appears on all three of my Garmins. I have checked all connection and all is connected.

What could be happening.

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT

Connector for 2 pin on Garmin Nuvi 2460 LMT

Hello, while attempting to replace the LCD screen on the garmin 2460 LMT, there is a 2 pin connector that you have to remove. Well, I did not realize, you have to lift it up. I actually pulled the two wires (red black ) out. Where can I locate one of the connectors

Thanks in advance

Custom POI In Nuvi

I have downloaded a custom POI from this site and used the Garmin POI Loader to get it loaded into my Nuvi 1450. I see the file in the Nuvi POI subdirectory but when I do a Where To - Points of Interest and search for one of the items contained in the custom POI, it does not appear in the list. Am I missing a step?

Thanks in advance.


Inaccurate directions - nuvi 2557/2597

I recently switched from nuvi 885 to 2597. The newer Garmin gives inaccurate readings of my location -- in one case, as I was stopped at a complex intersection, the device told me I was already past the light, on the wrong street and had to make a u-turn.

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