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Garmin Fleet 670

I have seen some Garmin Fleet 670s for sale on Ebay. Has anybody here ever used one? It looks like they are Android based. Is there any way to add other Android apps to it? My assumption is that it would be locked down and not easy to unlock it, but who knows.

RV 780 Lockup on Custom POI

Just got a new RV780 and have 64gb Sandisk Extreme Sd card with the Custom POI loaded on it. When I turn on the RV780, and get the prompt to copy the custom POI file to the GPS, I can click on No and everything is fine. If I check the box to don't ask again, then click No, the GPS stops responding and leaves that screen showing.

car charger for drivesmart 7

anyone know if it's ok to use an old car charger from a (garmin 1450) with a drivesmart 7?

the old car charger is 5v, 1a.

i bought a used drivesmart 7 but it didn't come with a car charger so i'm using the old car charger from the garmin 1450...

seems to work so far but but just wanted to make sure..

Garmin Drivesmart & Traffic $219 Limited Time Offer

Good price on a new Garmin Drivesmart 65 & traffic. $219 Amazon limited time offer.

Rare Find: Driveluxe 51 Refurb $129.95

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Just wondering where, k6rtm?

k6rtm is these days? I used to like reading his posts.

Anyone know what happened to k6rtm ?

I'm posting this in the Garmin thread since I have no idea where else he may have posted.

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Can Basecamp create route from another file?

My Dashcam has GPS, so if I've driven a route and a program like exports the GPS route to a file of CSV, can this be inputed into Basecamp, saved and uploaded into a Garmin DriveSmart 50LMT so that the exact route can be followed in future?

New map updates - Street name announcements

I just noticed last night while driving on highway 427 south in Toronto Canada area that Garmin Maps now have starting calling Dundas Street as Highway 5. I know on highway signs they have written highway 5 besides Dundas Street as well but everyone calls it Dundas Street and no one calls it highway 5 except Garmin. It never used to be the case. Waze still calls it Dundas Street.

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Delete custom category

Does anyone know how to delete a custom category? I made a couple of custom categories when planning a trip to keep the waypoints/stops in their own category. Now I would like to delete them and their contents? Garmin Drivesmart 61

Stree Pilot 7200 Maps

Any way they can be updated?

POI Loader 2.4.1 Will Not Install on MacOS 10.15 Catalina

Downloaded POILoaderforMac_241.dmg from Garmn website on Oct 11, 2019 but it will not install on my 2019 iMac running MacOS 10.15 Catalina.

Error message: “Install POILoader.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. Contact the developer.

OpenMapChest shows water everywhere!

I've been using OSM maps for quite some time on our old Nuvi 265WT and generally find that they are more detailed and accurate than the Garmin maps but address search seems to be relatively nonexistant.

Restoring identical Garmins

I have two identical Garmin Drivesmart 61 units. I plan a trip using the Trip Planner in the Garmin on one unit then save it to backup on my computer, then connect the other unit to the computer which has all the trips and saved places deleted already and do a "restore" from the first Garmin and the trips never come out right with stops missing or other entries labeled "Area".

When will the next map update arrive Fall 2019

Can't believe that no one has started this thread yet, it's been 10 weeks.
I'm guessing December

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POI Loader 2.4.1 for Mac (64 bit)

I am not a Mac user but ran across this in another forum and don't know if it has been mentioned here.

Changes made from version 2.3.0 to 2.4.1:
Updated app to 64-bit.
Fixed issue with detecting Garmin-mode USB devices.
Dropped support for Mac OS 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9.

System Requirements:
Intel based Mac running OS 10.10 or higher.
Older OS users should use POI Loader 2.1.0

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Firmware file version 500 for Nuvi 255W?

Found a working Nuvi 255W at a thrift store recently. From examination of GarminDevice.xml it is running SoftwareVersion 500 (the PartNumber is 006-B0827-00, interestingly this is the same as my 265W). I want to try updating it to version 780 but need a copy of version 500 in case I have to put it back for any reason.

Speed Cameras in US

I am due to visit both Florida and Tennessee in the next three months. I am in the UK and have a Drivesmart 65 with Alexa. I bought a City Navigator Lower 49 States map from Garmin and have put POI's on it from here. If I buy the speed camera POI's from here as well, will they work on my 65 in the US? I have used the map in the States before and it gives you the basics i.e. no traffic.


I did the latest map update two nights ago...firmware, etc updated my gtm60 will not receive powers the device fine but I am getting the need proper traffic receiver message...the cable is not pinched or cut...there is, however, slight wiggle in the connector into the magnetic mount for the 3597. I had no problems before the latest updates.

"You can't get there from here"

POI Loader - Application

I am using POI Loader with sox.exe (in the same folder) to load POIs to my Drive 52 TM and in 'manual' for each file the POI Loader Application pops up with a screen that states "Do you want allow this app to make changes to your device" ;
I have been clicking on NO..
I know this screen only appears when installing / updating a program.

DriveSmart 51 won't turn on

I've inherited a DriveSmart 51 that won't turn on. I've charged it for 48 hours, it doesn't look abused, and I haven't attempted to open it up yet.

Has anyone experienced this problem before and have a solution? Thanks.

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