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2597 Question

Do the POI for red light / speed cameras work on this model? I had been considering purchasing from Garmin but found out that the newer models are not compatible. Thanks.

School Zones

Have a Garmin 2595 and it doesn't let you know when you are near a school zone. Is there any way you can make them show up? If not do any of the Garmin's alert on a school zone? Thanks

Rest Area Alert too late :(

Needed a pit stop toady, missed the sign and the POI alert was too late. As I understand it (right or wrong), I have two choices. I can create a TourGuide, or I can load the POIs with a distance like 5280ft which will alert at the one mile mark. If I use TourGuide it will alert at 2 miles if 10560 feet is entered. Is all this correct, or part of?

Garmin discontinuing support for Windows XP

Just started getting alerts on my taskbar from Garmin warning me of pending discontinue of support for XP. I wonder if that means I will not be able to update the maps if I keep XP for a while?

Eventually I'll upgrade to Windows 7. I'm in no rush.

Michael J

Import Garmin PoI(s) into Toyota (Sienna)


My father just bought a 2014 Toyota Sienna with Toyota factory nav installed.

Is there a known way to export the Garmin PoIs from his Nuvi and import them into the Toyota?


Jordan Murphy Nashua NH

Thanks for the help!

I joined here about 3 weeks ago and have read a number of posts and asked many questions. What I have learned has helped in me in getting more out of my 2460LMT.

I think I originally found this site through a Google for some question/issue I had. Anyway, you all have helped my immensely.

Thanks again for all your contributions.


Language Files Update

Noticed in GE that there are optional updates for Languages. What do these updates accomplish and are they necessary? I guess the latter is a little subjective. Anyway, will I benefit from the 180mb update for English?

TIA!! smile

3D Maps on 2460LMT

Is it possible to install 3D maps on a 2460LMT? On a 8gb SD card?

Are the 3D maps strictly terrain or are they buildings, etc?

General Use Database


I bought a Garmin device today, the 2595LMT. I don't live in a rural neighborhood, and the four businesses I tried to locate today were not in the database. After updating the map database on the Garmin site, two of the businesses were still not listed and one of the other two seemed to have a spelling issue.

Nuvi 2595 screen freezes?

Have others experienced screen freezes with their Nuvis? I experienced two episodes of this during a road trip this week after multiple prior trips over the past couple of months without such issue.

Mine is the 2595LMT model purchased at Costco.


Nuvi 3597 and hotel key cards

Never thought of this until tonight but thought it could help others out.

Nuvi 350, 760, 1695LM, 3790LMT, 2460LMT, 3597LMTHD and TomTom XXL540s

NUVI Temperature Cut-off

Left my NUVI 40 in the sun for a couple of hours the other day.

It did not seem to want to turn on, but after a minute, a message flashed across the screen that said it turned itself off due to temperature extremes. Then it came back perfectly.

Did not know it did that! Very Cool ( redface )

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

GE Forced Update to 3.1.7

I just tried to open GE version 3.1.6 and was met with a dialog that stated it had to close due to a required update. I read the change file for that update and it appeared that none of the issues in anyway effected my use of GE. If you say no to the install, GE will not run. When did Garmin start "forced" updates?

Unlock Maps

Since initially unlocking 2014.40, I can't repeat the task. Following the steps to repeat the job on line results in a dialog box stating the map(s) were successfully unlocked, but when I open RoadTrip a message says the map detail is locked and recommends That I unlock the map on line.

Bought "new" 1450LMT but no map updates

Guys, not sure if there's anything I can do, but I bought a "new" 1450LMT on eBay and it appears the device had been turned on contrary to the claims of the seller. I can see an address saved to Recents. So, I gather that started the 90 day clock ticking for map updates. I registered the device at and it tells me I can purchase updated maps for $90 or $110.

(2) Nuvi 1450LMT + (2) 265WT New England region

Please Help, I'm new to Garmin and for some reason cannot install Garmin Express on my Laptop

I'm new to garmin and already experiencing problems with the installing of the Garmin Express program, it downloads fine but every time i try to install the program it gets 2/3rds of the way through and then errors with a statement asking if i have "sufficient privileges"

Has anyone experienced this and do you know how to overcome this issue?


red light camera question

I haven't gotten the files yet but have a question. Do they give general area or actual direction you are traveling? I heard only area and false alarms. Thanks

Garmin 2460LMT - Where is the My Data icon?

I can't find the My Data area on my Garmin 2460LMT.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


TTS3 voices -- has anyone seen differences between them?


I looked through the various threads here but decided it'd be better in a new thread so here goes.

As I looked at the TTS3 voices available for the newer nuvi models, I wondered about the size differences. I see that the current version of Samantha is over 30MB in size while all other TTS3 voices range from 20-27MB.

fuel poi problem

I recently purchased a second hand nuvi 255,
when I press the fuel icon, I get a variety of shops, resteraunts, bars etc all alegedly selling petrol!
Anyone any idea how I can fix this?
Cheers Brynx

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