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~6" GPS in new Caravan -- where to mount???

I'm looking at moving to a newer and larger unit. One problem I currently have with my Nuvi 650 is mounting it. I'm using a vent mount with suction disk. This positions the Nuvi a couple of inches out, and even when I can get the darn thing to stick, it tends to fall out.

New Garmin GPS

Just received (was given to me) a Nuvi 52LM. Other than the slightly larger screen size, most everything seems to be about the same.

It looks like to me, by next week, I'll have my 8th anniversary here at the POI Factory.

(Former) Nuvi1300WTGPS... (Now) Nuvi52LMGPS

I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!

Garmin Smartphone Link 2.7.0 (iOS)

New release available:

2.7.0 changes

  • iOS 11 adaptations
  • Proper map display for users in South Korea
  • iMiscellaneous big fixes and improvements
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Screen Scrolling

Starting to look for a newer gps unit, maybe a 5" 2599LMTHD or a 6" 2639LMT. Something with free map and traffic updating. Been shopping the mostly.

best map software for garmin etrex interface

I have used Basecamp now for quite some time and I have also used google maps/earth, though I have not done much trying to link the two together. There are advantages to using Basecamp as well as advantages to using Google maps/earth but my question there an overall single program I should look to use for integrating my etrex and all my saved waypoints/icons into one single place.

DriveSmart 50 and sox

I'm trying to add the voice alert for RLC files, but doesn't work. Is sox compatible with the DS 50?

I have sox.exe in the POI Loader folder and have renamed the .wav file appropriately.


Doug J

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Find highway on Garmin while driving

With Garmin 2589 while driving, can you call the Garmin unit to route to a highway that you want to drive on?

Is There Currently Any Way To Get My Garmin Nüvi 3597LMTHD To Display County Name And Mile Marker

As posted above, I am just wondering if there is currently any way for my Garmin Nüvi 3597LMTHD to display the name of the county I am in and the nearest mile marker when I am on an Interstate Trunk Highway. My wife and I were traveling from the Saint Paul MN area to the Wisconsin Dells area yesterday and returned this afternoon.

Garmin Express v5.6.2

P.C. Release Notes:

Fixed a failure that would occur when attempting to reinstall a CourseView map.

Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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ipad and traffic

Can you use an ipad for traffic or do you have to have a smart phone?


School zone and speed cameras reduntant?

I have the speed zone POIs on my 2595 and I downloaded the "speed cameras" as well..what I'm finding is that I'm getting dual alerts at every school zone which I guess would be expected, so my question is,is it redundant to have the two files on my unit?..the school zones by themselves worked fine...I realize that the speed cameras cover a huge area where as the school zones is local (at least for

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Nuvi won't show purple active route

Help! My wife and I just arrived in Florida yesterday for vacation.
Our nuvi 3597 worked fine on the way to Atlanta. We took a flight to Ft. Lauderdale.
Ever since we've been in Florida, the nuvi is acting strange and I have never experienced it before. First, the unit won't "lock on" to a road and never displays the road we are on (and therefore, no speed limits or anything either).

BMP Icons to my Garmin a no go

I'm trying to upload a couple of icons to my 2595 via POI Loader, but with having downloaded them to my desktop and following the detailed instructions on the forum to the letter I'm getting "No data found in the folder" when I click to upload it.
I've renamed them EXACTLY as the POI's I want to use them for but it's a no go..

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Problems to install Garmin Express

As an explanation why I had a frustrating experience with a new and complete re-install of GE v.

I found several past versions of GE in my Revo-uninstaller. I uninstalled them and that is when my problem started. Try as I might I could not re-install v.

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Vehicle icon changed color on 3597

I normally figure things like this out on my own, but this has me stumped. About a week ago, the vehicle icon on seen on the map screen on my 3597 has turned bright yellow and the features on it that were dark like the windshield are now white. All the other colors on the map are correct. I noticed this the 1st time it powered on after I crossed into Canada.

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Questions on new Garmin

I've been away from these discussions for awhile and so have a couple questions that can only be answered here. First, looking at new Garmins I'm wondering about the Garmin Drive. Price seems right. How is it in operation? Will it fit the Bean Bag I use on my present 3790?

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GE v5.6.2.0

GE v ready to download.

Garmin Red Light and Speed POIs

Hey all!
Quick question here, I have existing Trapster,Cyclops and other speed camera and red light camera POIs on my Nuvi from a few years ago..
With downloading the latest offerings on here, do I "need" to remove the old ones first?.. will leaving them on the unit cause multiple alerts?...or is it simply a redundancy issue?

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GPS Recommendations for Trailering

I am thinking about transitioning to traveling around the US up to 80% of the year. I plan on getting a fifth wheel trailer and a new truck to pull it. I want to be comfortable but also would like to be able to camp in most National Parks and other public places.

John B - Garmin 765T


I have a Drive Smart 60 that when I go to the All Saved Places, nothing shows my Saved Places. What is wrong? It brings up a map.

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