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Garmin map update 2019.11 now out.

Map update 2019.11 is out.

Where To screen missing icons

Not sure how it happened but the Where To page on a Nuvi 2598 somehow is now missing all the icons. Anyone see this happen before? Is there a way to get the default icons back on this page?

Screen shot of Where To page missing icons:

GTM36 confusion (rusted USB connector)

I stupidly let my USB connector get rust in it when some snow was on the floor mat. It wasn't plugged into anything.

I have tried to get used replacements from Feebay, but keep running into issues.

1. I got one that had a straight mini-USB plug, but I have never seen that, The label on the 12V section looks as though it may have been pried from another unit. Not sure of that.

Custom POIs

Ok I have loaded my custom POIs into my Garmin Nuvi 67LM using the POI Loader that I downloaded from here.
Now how do I get them to show up on the screen. So I can not do so. But I can select one select to goto and when I am with in range it appears on the screens. But nearby ones do not show up on the screen.

Please help and alway Major Big thanks

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nuvi 2689 Lane Assist not working

Did I somehow turn off the Lane Assist or did the latest maps upgrade remove it?

Another Garmin file mystery .... Jeff.BIN

Here is another Garmin file mystery. I noticed this on the refurbished Driveluxe 50 LMTHD I recently purchased. There is a folder named JOURNAL and within that folder is one file named Jeff.BIN. Size is 32K. This file was on the original backup I made when I first took the DriveLuxe out of the box. It had an unusual date of 12/31/2025.

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Heck Of A Buy on Drive Smart 61 LM

This from the SPOOFEE Wen Site:

BuyDig is offering the Garmin Drive 61 LM 6" GPS Navigation System w/ Lifetime Maps & Driver Alerts for the best deal.

Regular Price is $179.99

1. BuyDig Price is $104.99

2. Use coupon code DRIVE to get $25 off

Final Price is $79.99 Shipped

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New To Me Drivesmart 50

Just received a newly overhauled (refurtbed?) DS50 and have a couple questions.
Which takes priority for traffic between smartlink and built-in traffic receiver?
Is there a way to change voice prompts when navigating?
Thanks in advance.

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Setting help - no voice but get POI sounds

I have a Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S.

When I travel the voice gets a bit annoying, so often mute her. The down side is I then don't get POI sounds.

Is there a way to mute only the voice and still get POI sounds? I guess I could remove voice files, but that seems a bit drastic.

Your recommendations always appreciated.

Garmin Drive Smart 61 NA LMT-S

Case for nuvi 2689

Just received a new nuvi 2689. I travel a lot by plane and like to keep my GPS gear in a protective case. Does anyone know of a case big enough for the GPS, cord and mount?


John from PA

Disable voice logs

I am using nuvi 67lm.
In internal storage, under voice --> logs, there is a file called vpm_log_all.txt that takes up 48.1 mb of space.

Is there a way to disable this? This file contains every spoken directions, street names, destination.etc.

I just do not like how much space this is taking up.

Publix Problems

Dezl 760
All of the POI files from here work just fine except the Publix file.

All of the Publix locations show normally. The problem is that the selected Publix location can’t be set as a destination. The “Go To” option is dimmed and can’t be selected.

The OEM Publix locations can be selected and used normally.

What could be the problem?


Garmin Express v6.3.0.0 Is Here

Garmin Express v6.3.0.0 is ready to download.

How to use the camera icon on a 3597

I have a 3597 and just noticed the camera icon on the main screen.
Has it always been there? Is it a new feature? Did I do something to turn it on?

Anyway, I can't find any info or settings about it. When I touch it, it created a camera shutter sound. So it is doing something. Since the unit does not have a camera, I assume it is taking screen shots, but I have no idea how to access them.

School alerts missing after uodate

updated my Nuvi 2797 with new map and now I dont have any school zone alerts. Not fond of the new lane view either

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Icon download help

I have successfully downloaded the Truck Stops POI to my Garmin RV 660. However I can’t seem to download any icons.
This is what I’ve done so far that doesn’t seem to work;

1. I’ve gone to the icon page and click on the icon “Truck Stops”

2. It goes to the next page with the Truck Stops.BMB in blue

"No Matches Found" When Searching For Some Locations

Have a Nuvi 52 with Base Map 5.01, Detailed Map dated 2017 and Software version 3.00.

Entered location name "Tullahoma" (located in TN, having a population of 24,494) and the GPS said... "No Matches Found". confused Tried using just the zip code 37388... and the same above results occurred. mad

I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!

Garmin has bricked!

My last GARMIN a 2689LMT has finally died. I am now totally only using a smartphone and Android-Auto.

I feel much better off. I have been using Google Maps and/or Waze almost exclusively for the past year, and only used the GARMIN in my 2nd car, now I'll be using my phone there also.

Tunnel Mode - Please add your model if it offers Tunnel Mode

Based on this thread:

it seems time to create a list of Garmin GPS devices that offer Tunnel Mode.

What is Tunnel Mode? Here's an example (the left-hand device in the video):

Garmin Tunnel Mode

Anyone know how Garmin Tunnel Mode works? I thought it might be Dead Reckoning, but my speed in the tunnel changed and the speedometer on the GPS unit did not. I have a Drive Assist 50 if that matters. Just curious how it worked.

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