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Map Auto Zooming Out

I have a 1390T and a 2495LMT. I'm wondering why whenever I'm on the highway the map sometimes automatically zooms out and you only see the highway and basically only a few other roads on each side. Is there a way to keep the map from zooming out?

Night-time in the tunnel

I thought my '40 changed from daytime to nighttime mode due to when it thought dawn/dusk is, but on a recent trip, it changed to night mode about 30 seconds into a tunnel, then back to daytime about 30 seconds after leaving the tunnel (long tunnel).

I don't remember it doing this before. My Nuvi 40 does not have a camera, so no 'eye'.

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Garmin Nuvi 1450

Looking for someone that has gotten through to Garmin support to help with the usb connection for the Garmin Nuvi 1450. Have went to the garmin site and followed all directions given but to no avail. It updated fine 3 months ago and now, the system can't locate it. Called Garmin and the wait time is 2 hrs. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Replace Memory & System Files

I have read posts referring to "memory" being replaced. My question comes about from a recent post 'back from the dead" where a user made comment "try to replace the memory."

Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)

Running out of room on 2797

I just noticed that I've used up 72% of storage space on my 2797, what can I delete to get more room?

Where I've Been App on Nuvi 2455LMT

I have a couple questions regarding the "where I've been" app on Garmin Nuvi 2455LMT.

As per Garmin's website: A nuvi, dezl, LIVE, Camper/RV, or zumo device can store 10,000 points before it begins the process of archiving additional logs. My question is how much navigating does it take to get to the 10,000 points?

Factory Reset on Garmin 3597

I am never successful in doing factory reset on Garmin 3597 by holding the bottom right corner while booting the device. But I have found another method to reset it.
I always end up going into Developer mode and then erasing User Data. It does the same thing. I will appreciate your feedback.

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Oh, a number of things....

I was just given a Nuvi 750. Tried hooking it up to the computer and got a message that it wanted to be near or attached ro an ANT. Antenna? Still need to download the manual if Garmin still has it. BRW battery was dead, am charging it.

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Downloading new software

I want to download uk maps to my PC and then to my Nuvi 40ml but the download cost is non refundable. How will I know if it will be acceptable to my gps device before I buy


POI problem on Zumo 550

I have a Harley branded Garmin Road Tech Zumo 550. I am running the complete map of the United States from the SD card since the internal memory will not hold all the maps. I have installed Mad Maps, RestArea POI, Tourist Stuff POI and Harley Dealers POI. I have 3 files for the Harley POI H-D Dealers.bmp, H-D Dealers.gpx and H-D Dealers.mp3.

Back From The Dead

My Nuvi 765T... after the last map update, it wouldn't boot past loading maps and stalling out... I installed the latest Garmin Express on my MacBook Pro... hooked up the 765T... and it proceeded to install 2015.10 maps... and my Nuvi is back from the dead... I'm not at all sure what happened or why... just quite pleased that it's working again.

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Garmin Nuvi 50lm: No "Go" Button to get to my custom POIs...

Brand new to pre-loading POIs onto a GPS. Took me hours to figure out the HOW.

Does anyone have any issue with 2595 USB charging port

I have a 2595LMT and lately I have been having issue with the connectivity with USB charging port. I thought the port was dirty but it turned out that the soldered pins on the port separated from the board and there is no way you can fix it.

Installing Alert

I am trying to install a wifi alert but every time I do all I get is the default alert. I'm using the Garmin 2797 can anybody give me some info on this.

Garmin Communicator Plugin Update

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255w replace old factory install map with the new 2015.10 internally?

Hello. Just got a 255w for a trip to Europe. It came with the Europe map on an SD and the newest 2015.10 map on another SD card. The preinstalled north american map is very old 2012. So I see no reason to ever need it or even use it.

So is it possible to take the 2015.10 file off the SD & replace the preinstalled old 2012 & just kill off that old preinstalled map?

Over speed limit warning? way to change?

Its somewhat annoying the speed changes to red when you go 1 over. Sometimes its harder to see/read when its red.
Who doesnt go 1 over?
Is there any way to change it say 5 over before it turns red?

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categories and icons

On the 2597 if you create a new category how do you tell the GPS what category a saved favorite or waypoint is supposed to go in. For example with my 855 I would load geocaches with EasyGPS and they would automatically appear on the map with the little treasure chest icon. With the 2597 they appear in the saved list but not on the map unless I assign an icon to each individual listing.

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Nuvi 2597 Power Cable

Does anybody knows where can I buy a replacement power cable for my 2597? It is a TA20, part number 320-00239-70.
I haven't been able to find it anywhere, not even at I believe it specifically has to be this one because even though the cable doesn't have a traffic receiver, it acts as an antenna.
Eddie S.

POIs don't show upcoming