I was doing my twice a year/yearly maintenance on my computers and noticed I could defrag anything that is inserted into the card openings on desktop. I plugged in the 1450 and fired up one of my defrag programs and it showed that the 1450 has
1% fragmented internal memory
39% fragmented SD card
Has anyone else done this? Or not to worry.

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Why Bother?

There's no read/write delays due to mechanical head movement like occurs in a computer's hard drive, so unless you expect to do some sector by sector file recoveries in the future, why use up any of the (fairly large, but) limited number of lifetime write cycles for your GPS's (or SD card's) memory?


No. No. NO.



Defragging on these small flash drives is unnecessary. Defragging is designed for traditional hard drive spindles that have to seek the data scattered throughout the disk. There will be no noticeable performance from defragging a Garmin and if anything, you put yourself at risk for corrupting a file or damaging the file structure. Indeed, the read/write cycles are limited with any flash memory and while it may last for many years, it isn't infinite. I've had flash memory go on me.

Dont do it

Dont do it


don't do it!


(1) it won't improve anything
(2) you run the risk of damaging the file system

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Yep, another no. SSD's don't need it.

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If it needed a regular defrag it would be listed

If the GPS unit needed a regular defragment process it would be listed in the owners manual, be an option on the interface screen, or would be a feature in the PC software as part of the loading of new maps and updates.

This is beside the fact that it has solid state memory that doesn't need defragmentation processes.

Not recommended

It has been discussed before here. You don't need to defrag solid state drives or flash memory. It may help on that odd ball issue but generally it will create more harm.

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Ditto, don't defrag any SSD.


This has been discussed here as well as elsewhere and the discussion(s) can sometimes end up in heated debates. Here's my view on this:

1. The fact is that the nuvi periodically performs it's own defrag procedure automatically. Just let the nuvi handle it. Besides, you can't intervene with or disable the process anyways. It's something you don't even need to be concerned with unless issues arise with the file system. (point #3)

2. Because of point #1 above, don't defrag the unit just to defrag it or to expect some kind of performance gain. If required, the nuvi will handle it on it's own.

3. If the file system is indeed somehow corrupted, any means used to correct it (defrag, check for errors, whatever) should be considered OK.

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I'm convienced

After I started reading some of the suggestions, I realize the internal memory and SD card are like a solid state drive that is in newer computers now. They do not need to be defragged like hard disk drives. Thanks for the replies. It woke me up!!

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Defrag your Garmin ?

That is asking for trouble..

What they said...not

What they said...not needed...


another NO vote

I vote don't do it too!

Not a good idea.

Not a good idea.

Never heard of anyone ...

... who tried defraging files on a chip & then willing to discuss that misadventure in public. (Seriously, defraging is about hard drive access times & file reassembly of fragmented files. Further I'm not sure there are any utility programs that can be trusted to do the task, even on a modern HD drive, w/64 bit file systems)

So said, here is a probably useless ritual whenever I update my Nuvi LM. 1: I go into the internal Nuvi GPX directory with GPS Track Editor & delete any GPX debris left over by Garmin's delete trip log? 2: I use POI Loader to delete my resident POI files. I first determine whether there are any firmware files & update those first, and only then will I reinstall Garmin's LM maps, usually towards the end of their "current" status. After road testing whether the LM will work properly I finally reinstall the latest POIs for my anticipated driving range.

Do I think this ritual is of any value? Probably not. But then again I am also one of those guys that still changes their engine oil/filters before 3500 miles. wink


Defrag is only necessary to reduce search time between clusters. Since there is no physical movement required there is no advantage to defragging. Since repeated rewrites is harmful to flash memory, it is not good as well.

oh go ahead

Ignore everyone's advise here...

What's the worst that could happen if you defrag the internal memory and the SD card?

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