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Installing Alert

I am trying to install a wifi alert but every time I do all I get is the default alert. I'm using the Garmin 2797 can anybody give me some info on this.

Garmin Communicator Plugin Update

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255w replace old factory install map with the new 2015.10 internally?

Hello. Just got a 255w for a trip to Europe. It came with the Europe map on an SD and the newest 2015.10 map on another SD card. The preinstalled north american map is very old 2012. So I see no reason to ever need it or even use it.

So is it possible to take the 2015.10 file off the SD & replace the preinstalled old 2012 & just kill off that old preinstalled map?

Over speed limit warning? way to change?

Its somewhat annoying the speed changes to red when you go 1 over. Sometimes its harder to see/read when its red.
Who doesnt go 1 over?
Is there any way to change it say 5 over before it turns red?

Im lost! And I can't find my Garmin

categories and icons

On the 2597 if you create a new category how do you tell the GPS what category a saved favorite or waypoint is supposed to go in. For example with my 855 I would load geocaches with EasyGPS and they would automatically appear on the map with the little treasure chest icon. With the 2597 they appear in the saved list but not on the map unless I assign an icon to each individual listing.

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Nuvi 2597 Power Cable

Does anybody knows where can I buy a replacement power cable for my 2597? It is a TA20, part number 320-00239-70.
I haven't been able to find it anywhere, not even at I believe it specifically has to be this one because even though the cable doesn't have a traffic receiver, it acts as an antenna.
Eddie S.

POIs don't show upcoming


Traffic Version

Searched the FAQs and Garmin before heading here. Where do you go to find the traffic version?

I read that you go to GE to update. All I find there is the perpetual update for the FM Traffic for everywhere, but the U.S.

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Out of warranty Nuvi 1490 won't boot past garmin logo, won't connect to PC even in recovery mode

Hey everyone, hoping there's some hope for this, as Garmin basically wants the price of a new GPS to repair the old one.

Edit IMG File

Is it possible to edit the Garmin IMG file on the GPS? I want to delete areas that I do not drive in and make room for a secondary map.

I could reinstall the maps and request certain regions only at install time as a last resort workaround, but I want to edit the IMG file myself.


Reducing Problems with Garmin Software

As most know, there have been numerous problems with Garmin software lately. Fortunately, I have not experienced similar problems and want to offer one reason why that might be the case.

I use Revo Uninstaller (as do a few of our other members like Malaqueman and williston)

Garmin Oh Garmin!

What's with Garmin with its installation problems, updates and what have you? Getting really sick and tired of this.

Automatically Start

Unable to find the setting that will turn off the "autostart" with Windows. Did G do away with the selection?

Don't be to hard on me for using GE in the auto mode. I WAS new and learning. Now I find that it takes resources I don't need to part with, and slows restarts to a snails pace.

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Install Maps to Computer

Couldn't find the post that said they were having trouble loading maps to PC because there wasn't an option in GE to do so. I have v3.2.4 installed and if you go to Device>Reinstall Maps>Advanced Options you have the 3 options available: Device, Computer, Both. I did not try the download to Computer so I don't know if the process works, but the option is there.

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Basecamp problems

I thought that I should start a fresh topic. I have had the same problems as others in downloading new map update into computer. As of today, I DL again and I didn't think it was successful but 2015.10 does show in uninstall programs list. It seems at that same time my computer decided to do a reboot.??

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Garmin Basecamp 4.3.1 for the PC

Garmin has released a new major upgrade for Basecamp, v4.3.1:


This release does not support XP.

Installation of this version will overwrite your existing 4.2.5 installation and replaces that version of BaseCamp.

Below is a list of changes.

Added waypoint categories to the waypoint and bulk waypoint property dialogs

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1490 download/installation error for 2015.1 maps

Guess I'm not the only one. Called the 800 # and they're working on a fix.
I don't know why I have so many problems trying to do updates with Garmin. Don't they have a testing division to see if it all works before they field it?


HI...when I cleaned up my DELL I lost mapsource on my PC... Can I just dl it from garmin ? I no longer have the CD's..


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Garmin My Dashboard

Does anyone have any Problem using Garmin Dashboard.The device it show on my PC but Garmin Dashboard does not detect them. I install again the garmin plug in and it install fine. I try with 2 different Gps and got the same result. and the same messages that the web page does not detect no device..I had the same problem last week but then it found the device after many try..


Previously WebUpdater had an install routine. This new version 3.3.3 does not. I downloaded and what I got was an executable that has to extract every time it is run. Is there another version of this that has an install routine?

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