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Garmin Map Update Sale- Cyber Monday Only 12/2/13

Hurry! These deals ONLY LAST TODAY 12/2/13
Begins at 12:05 AM – Ends 11:55 PM CST
One Time Map Update = $19.99
Lifetime Update = $49.99

Edited: the original sale of one day only was on 11/27.
They now have it again on 12/2 for 1 day only but the price has increased by 1.00.

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MicroSD capacity and question about installing map updates on it

I have pretty much ran out of space on my device and will be downloading the update in the next few days. I haven't installed maps to a card yet so a couple of questions:

- can I use a 16 gig card

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Audio Mixer on Nuvi 2597

The Audio Mixer is accessed from the Master Volume screen by selecting the wrench in the upper left corner of the screen. I had expected this to change the treble or bass of the speaker, but if the Navigation bar is moved from its far right position it does nothing but reduce the volume. Has anyone experienced anything different? Or is this just another Garmin non-feature feature.

Alarm Clock

Has anyone found a way to change the Alarm Clock, alarm? It's..well, ok, I'll say it..alarming.

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Zumo 390LM

How do you get the voices for the red light and speed camera to work on the Zumo 390.


2014.30 Large JCV

I installed the new 2014.30 map and the new large JCV file, 805,529KB in size. I cannot get any junction views to display even after a hard reset. It worked fine with 2014.20. Using a 1390T, anyone else having this problem?

School Zone starting showing up in Canada

Today, first time I have seen School Zone notification on my Nuvi in Hamilton, Ontario. This must be part new maps 2014.3 update. Nothing in Toronto area yet.

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Garmin update

grin If you just updated and got a lot of garbage, you might want to do a hard boot, Caution it will wipe out everything, but you have a new GPS. Then reinstall the maps and you are good to go. My email is If I can help you please contact. razz razz

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Using Photo Navigation

This really sounded interesting. What happened to it? Did anyone get a chance to use it?

Nuvi 2595 LMT When you come to a fork in the road- take it. (Leo)

2014.30 SID Files

This update reduced my free space in my 2555LMT by over 500MB?

Has anyone else noticed this?
I did a search for large files on the .system directory and saw that I have two sid files this normal?
Are these files necessary? (259MB & 503MB)

I'm a little suspicious because the download with GE was interrupted and resumed 30 min later, apparently from where it stopped.

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Red light and speed camera poi not working

It has been a while (3 years) since I have loaded POI files onto my Nuvi 250. I downloaded the files, saved onto my computer, added a couple of sound files and renamed them to the name of the POI files and ran POI Loader from the Garmin site and all seems to work.

However no alerts showed up during my entire trip from Toronto to Detroit.

When my GPS (2597 and Garmin NA on iphone) is off...

I see my work location show at random on the top of the View Map screen when no an active route, just turning the GPS on at home, etc. It shows as 'work: 35 min., no traffic.

Just wondering what that is all about, feature name, etc. tx

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Garmin Map Updater

Here's my vote for using MU. Unbeknownst to me, my USB cable has apparently gotten flaky. After downloading the map and beginning the install, a fly buzzed the cable and apparently moved it enough to disconnect. I went through several cycles of killing the unsafe disconnect messages and rebooting the GPS before I changed the cable.

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Extra_POI_Editor not working anymore

As some of you have found out, EPE is not working anymore. In fact, only the maps are not working.


This is due to the Google Maps API v2 being deprecated. Only v3 is supported from now on. All scripts must be converted using a totally different API.


Garmin GLO update

Firmware update for the stand-alone GPSr Garmin GLO gives it the ability to connect to up to 4 tablet/smartphones simultaneously to share the positioning data to apps... sounds kinda cool. smile

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Startup screen

I didn't want to post this in a "necro thread" (Juggernaut).

So I installed the 2014.30 map last night, per "alandb's" instructions.Then put on the other usb cable to charge overnight.

Nuvi 2595 LMT When you come to a fork in the road- take it. (Leo)

Extra POI Editor at dead end at what going on

when trying to set up a poi I get this. Scrip Error
line 40
error invalid value for constructor parameter 0 then all numbers believe numbers are latitudes and longitudes

hoping someone can help me you all have been a lot of help to me. any luck and I will be able to give a helping hand. not what you call real sharp on this high Tec stuff. thank you for all the help


Garmin 1490 Issue – Generating Phantom Favorites as Numbers (1.23…..)

I don’t know if this started to happen after I connected my Garmin to check for updates about 2 months back. Before I had about 8 favorites and now I have about 50 new favorites I did not create.
All have numbers like (-1.23, 2.34 and even 2013-09-16T14:53:31Z)

Garmin Smartphone Link for Android 1.6.1 still not good

Garmin Smartphone Link for Android got updated to version 1.6.1 today. But unfortunately, it is still not sending correct location addresses from Google Maps to Smartphone Link.

I tried on address: 14 Taber Road, Toronto, Canada from Google Maps, but when it got transferred to Smartphone Link, it was pointing to:
9-11 Taber Road,
Sherman, CT 06784

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CN North America 2014.30 Available For Download

I'm in the process of downloading now.
I thought I'd start a new thread rather than continue the original that's at 7 pages. I'm sure they're will be lots more discussions with user experiences.

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