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Dated access to sd card

Hello, I am trying to find out how to limit access to the SD card on my 2557LMT to a specific period of time, 60 days. I believe this could be done as an addition to the string that identifies the sd card serial number and locks it to the unit. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance! Spacetrucker50

Nuvi 2545 . bad purchase download problem

Hi everybody,

I just bought a nuvi 2545 in Germany and was told I could buy US and Mexio mapas for it.

Trying to buy the Mexico map online at GARMIN, I am told it is not compatible with my nuvi 2545 LM (!) because I it is only compatible with nuvi 2545 LMT or 2545 LT.

Garmin New Release Announcements

Does anybody happen to know what the pattern is currently for Garmin regarding announcing new products? Is it at shows like CES or completely separate from trade shows? Or does it depend on the product line? For example, are aviation products announced at Oshkosh and automobile navigators announced at a car show?

Garmin GPS Recommendation

I currently have a Garmin 760 and I am looking to upgrade. I could use recommendations.

I want a large screen and lifetime maps, traffic isn't too important to me. I also use custom POIs.

Do any models have fast processors? If I ask my 760 for a Business within 25 - 50 miles it calculates for 5 minutes and then times out.

Icons on Nuvi 2597

OK. I am still discovering my new 2597. What a difference from the 750. What a great device!!

Once following a route, various icons show on the map, mainly gas stations, restaurants and banks.

Question 1: where do i find a description of each icon. Most are self explanatory but others are not.

Very UnGarmin like Update for the Fenix

Garmin just released a beta update for the Fenix with new features that surprised the hell out of me! They basically gave all the fitness functionality including foot pod less indoor run tracking, the ability to create intervals and to download custom workouts from Garmin Connect. Last but not least an improved ski profile.

Add POI into to img file?

Is it possible to add custom POI info into a map img file. My in car Garmin does not see the POI in my SD card but it does read the SD card map.img file.



Custom POIs on Nuvi 2597

I have had a Nuvi 750 for 4 years and just received a brand new Nuvi 2597. Seems to be OK. Garmin Express recognized the unit on my laptop and installed all updates required. However, when I went to add the custom POIs I had on my 750 using POI Loader, the program cannot find my device. I searched on this site but couldn't find anyone who had that problem before. Am I missing something here?

POI - Very, very noooobie question

As I think I understand POI files saved on the Garmin or SD card They are installed as a a sub-directory of /Garmin in a folder named /Some Description.

My 1st question is under what heading should I be seeing the POI's? In the example above I would have thought that I would be seeing a listing under "Some Description", but instead I am seeing Custom POIs. Is this the right thing?

Nuvi 295w Folders and files almost deleted

I accidentally deleted almost the files from my Nuvi to updated a new map. I have not the files backed up in my pc before i deleted from gps. Sometimes he is recognized by the PC, but it indicates that the call is loading maps, but always returns to the initial screen (where it has a lock).

G Maps blank

Anyone else getting a black screen in Google Maps? Or know why I am.

Nuvi 2595 LMT When you come to a fork in the road- take it. (Leo)

Finally bit the bullet

...and bought a life-time map subscription for my NUVI40.

Because I was stupid, I mean uninformed, when I bought the NUVI.

Of course the full 48 map does not fit, so I just downloaded my region.

Garmin Express says that if I buy a SD card, I can reload the full maps easily. Yes?

Looking at some of the FAQs, I can go up to 8 Gb Yes?

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

Extra POI Editor - JPEG photo maximum size

Good morning,
In the Extra POI Editor, what the maximum size for jpeg photo that I can include inside there? I have some POIs created with this soft, ALL of these POIs have photo included. But on my gps, I do not see the photo in some of them.
Thank you

1490T - sometimes only allows uppercase when naming locations

Does anybody know why a 1490T sometimes only allows the use of uppercase letters when typing the name of a location before saving? Sometimes it allows upper and lower case but usually only allows all uppercase letters (shift button grey)?

help (gmapprom.img on nuvi 660)

Hello,i added a new gmapprom.img on mygarmin nuvi 660. The map was working fine but wen i tried to click at the address it said no data available and so as the hotels and other destination option. can anyone tell me what i did wrong.

Nuvi 2555LMT - Suddenly shut down during Custom POIs browsing

Good day members,
My Nuvi 2555LMT one week ago starts suddenly shut down when I browse my Custom POIs list. I use either down arrow or flip up screen gesture browsing my Custom POIs list, the gps shuts down, power off. I should re-start using power button.

Other than that issue, the gps works fine.

Someone have the same issue like me?

I appreciate any help from you. Thank you.


garmin 3590 (miles never changed)

I had a Garmin 2595 , did all the updates, when I input an address the miles for the text never changed as I drove. I exchanged it two times and had the same problem. I just purchased a Garmin 3590, did all the updates, and when I input an address the miles for the text never changed as I followed the screen. I have a Garmin 1390 and that one works great.

Android Based Garmins

Is is possible that the future for Garmin automobile units will be Android based? Certainly Android has been a success. Would be worthwhile or would it just be a waste?

Garmin vehicle icons size.

I have just gotten a 3597, love it BUT , Garmin in their great wisdom resized the POI icons but not the vehicle as far as I can see (I did resize my users POI's icons) I find it hard to see among the clutter of the large gas,bank,restaurant, etc ones. How do I get a bigger car?

Garmin HD traffic vs Smartphone Link Live Traffic

I just bought a 3490lmt (to replace my stolen 765t) that comes with HD traffic. I am also considering purchasing the Live Traffic through smartphone link. It is to my understanding that both services cannot be used at the same on the device, so can anyone offer any experience as to which one is more accurate?

Garmin Nuvi 3490lmt, 765t with Lifetime maps and Clear Channel traffic