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Nuvi 2798LMT with Backup Camera

I was considering the 2798lmt with the backup camera. Does anyone have any recommendations on how well this system works.

Beginner...Garmin 2595LMT or 50LM?

I'm a newbie and would like some feedbacks on which GPS system to purchase.

Garmin 2595LMT (going for CDN$169.99 with a free friction mount....basically a bean bag) or 50LM (going for CDN$114.00)?

Any suggestions, recommendations or ideas would be awesome!!

My last GPS was a TomTom XL140s. Maps were pretty outdated (7 yrs ago) and I refuse to purchase maps - not cheap at TomTom.

Garmin 50LM "hidden function" ???

Have had subject Garmin for 10 days.

At first, I was routed to/from my home to a washed out dirt road anytime I left/returned from my home. I knew better, and simply stayed on paved roads when I left or returned to home.

I noticed yesterday that my Garmin routing has changed to use the paved roads.

GTM25 vs GTM35

I read an older post that started out wanting to compare the two, but was revised to GTM25/26. So, the question is still unanswered. The second 2460LMT I traded for yesterday has a GTM25, and my primary has a GTM35. What is the difference? I have read conflicting comments on other sites.


Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)

Alphabetize POIs

I like to have things neat and tidy. After adding POIs the GPS has them all scrambled up. I guess they work without being alphabetized, but ...


*copy the POI folder from your GPS to your PC desktop
*delete the POIs from the GPS folder
*then copy them one by one from the POI folder on the desktop to the GPS POI folder

That's it. All POI files will be in alpha order.

Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)

Memory full message

I have a nuvi 2595lmt. Recently I have been getting a memory full message on the screen, and when I try to add another waypoint to my favorites I get the same message. Plugging into the computer shows I have 2 gig free on the device. I also have a 1 gig memory card installed that has nothing on it. I'm not sure what to delete or move to free up space.

Can I update a 50lm with 8 gb memory SD so it has the entire US and not just one region?

I have a Garmin 50LM, and have an 8 gig SD card, but Garmin Express only gives me the option to update with one of 4 regions of the US. Traveling with only one region presents a real problem when exiting one region into another. What solutions are available for this?

Lost Sound

I just got a second 2460, checked it out and it worked just fine. However, I missed checking the voices and touch sounds. I don't have any. Voice Command works fine, except there in no audible response from the GPS. I have tried different volume levels and Mute is off. Did I get a lemon or am I missing something?

Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)

WAV files not loading

All of a sudden, none of my wav files would load with WEBUPDATER (the new version).

What's up?

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

New TTS3 Voices link? Please.

Howdy all. I have a small problem. My Garmin Nuvi 3597 won't or can't connect to Garmin Express. I've tried everything. Nada. It's a Windows 7 issue that is too deep to fix. It would require a fresh install. Not worth it.

What I need are the latest TTS3 voices. If someone could post a link to a zip file on dropbox or whatever that would be great.

Thanks all!

Garmins just became more obselete: new Google Maps app for iOs and Android adds key features

So, with this new update to Google Maps, Garmin nuvis just became slightly more obsolete. The biggest change in my opinion is the added lane guidance feature. It functions the same as Garmin's version of the feature, but, I would be willing to bet that Google's version covers many more roads (NOT talking about junction view).

Garmin Nuvi 3490lmt, 765t with Lifetime maps and Clear Channel traffic

Mark as Read

Is there a way to mark all postings as read? I think I need a fresh start.

Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)

Model 3597 V 4.30

RE: Garmin 3597 V4.30

Was I asleep for the past year or did Garmin just add an UPDATES section under SETTINGS? I don't recall seeing this in previous firmware updates.


Anyone have issues with subj? It frequently crashes on large files and has on occasion crashed my PC when loading large .csv files.

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Beware Regional Differences

Just purchased a Nuvi 50LM ( US Lower 49 model ). From a number of online reviews, had an expectation that it would come preloaded with red light camera POIs. That was not the case.

After going back and revisiting the reviews claiming red light camera data came preloaded, discovered these reviews were from international locations, primarily Europe.


Where does nevteq get there info on traffic.

MTP and Mass Storage Devices - When use one or other?

Hi all, about this topic. In few words, could you kindly explain what difference between MTP and Mass Storage Devices. And when I should use one or other?

For Nuvi 2797LMT, what protocol I should use for communication with my pc?

Many thanks


Garmin GPS in In Dash Receivers

I am looking at replacing the 7" in dash receiver system in a 2006 Freightliner Sportchassis.

Looking on line I have seen a couple that not only have the radio/cd/back up camera/ etc., but also have navigation capabilities. I believe it was a Pioneer that I saw that listed the GPS as Garmin.

Does anyone have experience with these? Are the maps up dateable??

3597 lost auto-zoom out on freeway (while not on a route) after navigating a route

Have the 3597 for quite a few months and love it.

I have observed one annoyance however.

Starting from a hard-rest or set a new locale, the auto-zoom would function properly, zooming in to a medium level at local streets and out at freeway driving, zooming really in at free ramps, until I let it guide me to a destination.

The auto-zoom functions work normally while on a route.


I have the Garmin 2797 LMT and it seems like I don't get any traffic info untill I'm right on it and sometimes when I check for traffic it say it's clear when it's not. Anyway to fix this?