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oddities with 3597LMTHD and 100% zoomed in

Hello all,

so I have the nüvi® 3597LMTHD and I've noticed a couple of times that while following a route, I will zoom in to about 100% and it does zoom in BUT while the map moves as I drive, the avatar of my vehicle doesn't move with the map.

GPS Route from Tracks

I used Basecamp to create a route from tracks and then downloaded the route to my 850. The problem is that the route's display on the GPS is littered with via point flags that were used by Basecamp to create the route.

My question: Is there any way to hide those via point flags from being displayed on the GPS? Maybe some way to massage them in Basecamp before doing the download? rolleyes

Space on my Garmin

I have a NUVI 2555 loaded with maps for North America and Benelux/France. Now I want to replace the Benelux/France maps with a new set for all of Europe but I am told that space available is insufficient. Is there a way to delete the ones I no longer need in order to make space for new map sets? Seems like it should be a "gimme" but it seems not to be the case, at least for me.

Problems with some poi files

I have a Nuvi 1450, and was using a poi combo of Red light-McDonalds-Dunkin. Everything worked great!

About a week ago, I deleted the earlier poi file, then downloaded new McD-Dunkin-Red Light-and Speed Cams.

Nuvi 2798 LMT

Well you know how it is, Boys and their toys.

Has anyone bought the 2798 LMT yet? Would love to hear comments from actual users.

I need another GPS like a hole in the head, but that model sounds intriguing.

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Samantha Voice v 2.0

After doing some checking on my system. The Samantha voice is suppose to be version 2.0. This was updated long ago. I went to setting, device and then about and it still shows 1.20. I thought that maybe I didn't update it but the system was showing that I did. I pulled up Dashboard and it was showing Samantha voice 2.0 needed to be installed.

Need To Resurrect 760

Well, it would seem that my 760 bricked during the map update to 2015.10. Using GE the map install went ok, long, but ok. However, when I unplugged it to reboot, the battery died. I connected it to the mobile charging cable in the truck and pushed the start button. The green line showing the reboot reached half way then stops and does nothing.

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Garmin 2360lmt orientation not working

hi there,

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, if not feel free to tell me.

I have a Garmin 2360LMT and I was pretty happy with it until I realize I can't use the portrait mode anymore. The device only uses lanscape mode which is a problem for me in some situations.

Old map deletion

I have two 2460LMT units.

For some reason a few years ago one of them, when installing a new map, couldn't fit the entire North American map on it (even though the other was able) and required installing what didn't fit onto the micro SD card via mapsource.

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CN Europe 201510 is out

City Navigator Europe is out. So far no reports about disasters. Anybody in mood for risky operation of updating maps? wink

Live Traffic improvement in Toronto area

I have noticed for last couple of weeks or so that lots of major streets in greater Toronto area start showing traffic flow info in Live Traffic (via Smartphone Link app). Before it used to be only 400 series highways and few streets like Allen road, highway 27, Black creek drive etc. were on the maps.

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City Navigator update frequency

I've checked the official Garmin forums a bit starting with the rough roll-out of CNNANT 2015.10, as well as the recent Garmin Express and BaseCamp installation/update issues.

Mapquest to GPS

Read some posts on sending MapQuest routes to a Garmin GPS. All seems to be working, but seems way too long. It has been 20 minutes and still processing. Started in Spokane ending in Tulsa with 3 with stops in between. Should it really take this long?

Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)

All Favorites to show on map at one time? Newer Nuvi 2460

I would like to be able to see all (or at least some) of my favorites on the map at one time instead of picking just one from my favorites. Is there any possible way to do this with the Nuvi 2460?_____

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Garmin. Smartlink problem

I have a problem with the garmin smartlink app. I receive all the weather and photo cameras on my cell but not on my 2797. There are times when it works but mostly its not, I checked the bluetooth and that and smartlink are connected to the gps. Sure could use help here.

Address changed by GPS

I enter my daughters address, saved in Favorites, but is changed when I select the address. I had a similar issue with my old Magellan.

The address has been in existence for many years on Fairchild AFB.

The address is 9221 Utah Dr Fairchild AFB WA 99011 and changed to 9198.

Garmin nuvi 2460LMT (2)

Map Auto Zooming Out

I have a 1390T and a 2495LMT. I'm wondering why whenever I'm on the highway the map sometimes automatically zooms out and you only see the highway and basically only a few other roads on each side. Is there a way to keep the map from zooming out?

Night-time in the tunnel

I thought my '40 changed from daytime to nighttime mode due to when it thought dawn/dusk is, but on a recent trip, it changed to night mode about 30 seconds into a tunnel, then back to daytime about 30 seconds after leaving the tunnel (long tunnel).

I don't remember it doing this before. My Nuvi 40 does not have a camera, so no 'eye'.

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Garmin Nuvi 1450

Looking for someone that has gotten through to Garmin support to help with the usb connection for the Garmin Nuvi 1450. Have went to the garmin site and followed all directions given but to no avail. It updated fine 3 months ago and now, the system can't locate it. Called Garmin and the wait time is 2 hrs. Any ideas would be appreciated.