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So who here enjoys bigfoot stories and what not? At the begining of the year I worked on some POI files with information that I got from (Bigfoot Field Research Organization). They are the locations from all the bigfoot sightings in the USA from the date of the famous Patterson footage location all the way until the begining of 2009. I have been reluctant to post them just because it wasnt my data but I think that as long as I give them credit on the poi it will be ok. There are 3 depending on the class rating of the sighting. Class A is a visible sighting or a physical encounter. Class B is an audible encounter (roars and screams heard in the forest) and class C is things like track sightings. I love being able to drive through the mountains and have my GPS alert me when I come withing 5 miles of a sighting. Most of them have the url to the sighting report so if you have the internet on your phone you can look it up and read what happened. Is there anyone that would be interested in thes poi files? If so I would be willing to share them with you all. Took me about 3 weeks to complete it but I love it!

POI Packages

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Its the locations in the US, all of north america and the world was WAY too much for me to handle.


I was a little mistaken about the ratings. Here is the rating explanation taken directly from

"Class A

Class A reports involve clear sightings in circumstances where misinterpretation or misidentification of other animals can be ruled out with greater confidence. For example, there are several footprint cases that are very well documented. These are considered Class A reports, because misidentification of common animals can be confidently ruled out, thus the potential for misinterpretation is very low.
Class B

Incidents where a possible sasquatch was observed at a great distance or in poor lighting conditions and incidents in any other circumstance that did not afford a clear view of the subject are considered Class B reports.

For example, credible reports where nothing was seen but distinct and characteristic sounds of sasquatches were heard are always considered Class B reports and never Class A, even in the most compelling "sound-only" cases. This is because the lack of a visual element raises a much greater potential for a misidentification of the sounds.

Class B reports are not considered less credible or less important than Class A reports--both types are deemed credible enough by the BFRO to show to the public. For example, one of the best documented reports ever received by the BFRO is a Class B report from Trinity County California. It involved a very credible witness who backpacked into a remote area that has a history of sasquatch-related incidents. He described various occurrences around his camp at night that are strongly suspected to be sasquatch-related. The report is still considered Class B though because there was no clear visual observation to confirm what was heard outside the tent.

Almost all reports included in the database are first-hand reports. Occassionally a second-hand report is considered reliable enough to add to the database, but those reports are never Class A, because of the higher potential for inaccuracy when the story does not come straight from the eyewitness.
Class C

Most second-hand reports, and any third-hand reports, or stories with an untraceable sources, are considered Class C, because of the high potential for inaccuracy. Those reports are kept in BFRO archives but are very rarely listed publicly in this database. The exceptions are for published, or locally documented incidents from before 1958 (before the word "Bigfoot" entered the American vocabulary), and sightings mentioned in non-tabloid newspapers or magazines."

Let me know if you guys would like these POIs.

Go there and check it out to read the stories.

Interesting POI

I would be interested in loading the POI.

Bigfoot POIs

What a fun and cool idea. Go for it!!

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Bigfoot alert sounds?

It would be nice to have a growl alert sound associated with these locations. Looking forward to seeing the list.

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Don't forget to list the BF trap locations.......

I know that Oregon has at least two, bona-fide (i.e. govt funded) Bigfoot traps, and other states have them as well.

At least if you list where the traps are, people will know that they'll NEVER see a BF!


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I'll work on getting those poi's up then. I'll keep you all posted!

Its up!

Ok, so I have class A sightings up on the site ready for download.

Class B and C should be up shortly (Miss POI just needs to approve them) and also I emailed her some custom icons that I use on my unit for them. Let me know what you guys think of the poi's! Happy bigfoot hunting!!! smile

Latest Update

Our kind Miss POI has now compiled all of the work on to one page!

Good luck finding him!!!

Class Definitions

Hi dgwood12,

Is there a way you or Miss POI could add a brief 1 liner definition of what the classification ares are on your main BigFoot Sightings POI download page (

You've gotta educate us every where you can smile

I've got them all locked and loaded in Streets & Trips. I was immediately amazed by the shear volume of locations. You've done a lot of work.

Here is a nice overall coverage map of the locations:

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

I have taken care of that

I have taken care of that for you Streetsandtrips.

Miss POI


Im glad you are enjoying it. Like I said before all the credit should go to It took me a while to get it all into a poi but they are the ones doing all the work recording these things smile. I hope that there arent too many errors. I found a couple and fixed them before posting. Some of the dates arent recorded too well but you can go to the website listed with that poi to get more details and the full report story. Thanks for putting those class descriptions up miss poi!

Very cool

Something to look out for crossing the road besides deer.

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I would also like to see UFO poi's like area 51 and such. shock

I think this

is a cool idea, just how many hotdog, freak show attractions can you go to in a year. This is an awesome idea.

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Uh oh

So I just realized the dates in the POI are way off. Im currently working on an updated version with the right dates. Its a lot easier to do the second time around now that I have Easy POI Editor. Should have the updated version up by the end of the week hopefully. Keep you all posted!

All Done!

Well after a couple of late nights I was able to get the files updated. I'm very pleased with how clean they came out this time. All the dates are corrected and the descriptions are a lot cleaner looking. I also included more reports. The previous was back until the date of the famous Patterson Bigfoot sighting footage. The updated has all reports from dating back to the late 1800's. Also, I had to change format from csv to gpx due to some errors poi loader was giving me. I hope you all enjoy looking for bigfoot as much as I do. Please let me know what you think of the poi! Also, please inform me of any errors or problems. Thanks and good luck on your search!


I haven't looked at B and C files, but the A file has some longitudes listed as -180 degrees which puts it between California and Japan.

Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.


I notified on the misplaced markers. It was wrong on their site too so I know that it wasn't from any converting that I did. Thanks for the info!

Any update

to these files?

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Not sure...

Do you mean since I've contacted about the ones placed in the pacific ocean? No, sorry. I did do an update just after your last post. I added a couple more locations and cleaned everything up a lot better. Check the poi file page to verify update date.


So how do you all like the file so far? Have any of you gotten alerts on your gps and read the story corresponding with that sighting? I live near the sierra nevada mountains (a frequent location for bigfoot sightings) so I love reading the stories that are around the area. Any problems with the file? Just looking for a bit of feedback. Hope you are all enjoying the files!


Hey everyone. I just updated the files last night. They have some new sightings in them so go ahead and check them out. just added some new sightings up until November of 2009 so those are included in the files. Good luck finding bigfoot!


Thanks for the update. I'll have to get it on the Nuvi.
I didn't know a sighting was less than 1/2 mile from my house until I drove by and was alerted.

Just one more of the things I never knew!


Awesome. Glad you are enjoying the files!


I need to add these!!

this got an active chuckle

this got an active chuckle from me. Clearly will be adding to the Nuvi.....

"what do you have on your garmin"
"well ya know... restaurants, red light cameras, parks, bigfoot - ya know stuff that I just see around town"....


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the art off war is never a winning combination for any one 1490T

I loaned my Nuvi to my daughter for a road trip

She got a kick out of the sightings when they popped up!

If It Detects My Older Brother...

....even though he is in motion then it is a working POI, elsewise -- no. Big Foot IS my older brother!

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Here's where to find the sightings....

Maybe this needs to be added to your FAQ. Took me about an hour to figure it out on my Garmin. To find the BFRO sightings (at least on a 255w - other steps may vary) do this:

- Tap "Where To"
- Tap "Extras" NOT "Points of Interest"
- Tap "Custom POIs"


This is my first POI upload and I must say, it's AWESOME. Thanks!

Cannot Load Class A and Class B files to Trimble Outdoors Site

I have a Motorola Droid and I am also a BFRO Investigator for the northeastern United States. I downloaded Backpacker GPS, registered on-line and tried to upload the Class A,B and C .gpx files to my trip planner under my on-line account. The only one that would load was Class C.

Any ideas?

Cannot upload Class A and B GPX files to Backpacker online

I have a Motorola Droid and I downloaded the Backpacker GPS app. I registered on the web site and set up an account. I tried to upload the Class A, B and C GPX files but only Class C would upload. I would get an error parsing file for Class A and Class B.

I am able to access the Class C map from my Droid but it does not do much for me as there are no Class C reports for the Northeast United States.

Any ideas how come the Class A and B would not upload. They should be the same format as Class C, .gpx.

wow pretty interesting,

wow pretty interesting, would not mind looking at that poi

Class A and B

bigmike528 wrote:

I have a Motorola Droid and I am also a BFRO Investigator for the northeastern United States. I downloaded Backpacker GPS, registered on-line and tried to upload the Class A,B and C .gpx files to my trip planner under my on-line account. The only one that would load was Class C.

Any ideas?

I'm not sure why that would be...they were all created the exact same way so I'm not sure why only one would load. A and B are quite a bit larger than the C file, maybe that is the reason? So you investigate for BFRO? Thats really awesome. You should give the guys over there a heads up on the file so they can load it on their gps units.

Class A and B

Double Post...

There are roads around big

There are roads around big foot dens?


There sure are smile Sightings at least...


Whats up Mike?
Good Squatchin Bro wink

Any luck?

Mike, any luck on loading those files onto your droid? I have a Droid incredible and i'd give it a shot but I see that the app you are using is kinda expensive so I decided against it. I hope you have figured it out...I will work on an update soon guys. gets new reports all of the time so I am certain an update will bring more sightings near some of you!

OV2 files

I have a Tom Tom Go910 and I need these in OV2 file format and they only offer gpx files, can anyone help?


farr wrote:

I have a Tom Tom Go910 and I need these in OV2 file format and they only offer gpx files, can anyone help?

If you have a PC, you can load the GPX into Extra_Poi_Editor and output it in OV2 format.

Illiterate? Write for free help.

That's a great contribution!

Thank you for compiling this into a POI.


Thanks for the info, I was sitting here scratching my head...


Today I did a search to see if anyone else has released such a file anywhere else on the internet and I found a link to speaking of using new technology in bigfoot research and spoke of this POI project which made me very excited. I didn't know the type of exposure this poi file was getting. It has rekindled the flame to keep this project going. I have neglected to release an update for some time due to my busy schedule. With this being said, I am please to announce that in the next couple of weeks I'll be releasing a new update to include the most current sightings that has documented. I hope you all enjoy the files and let me know if you have any suggestions/tips. If you guys want to go check out the link on its

Hope this brings some new gps enthusiasts to the sight and makes Miss POI a very happy camper! smile

I am doing a happy dance

I am doing a happy dance right now. This is really cool.

Miss POI

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