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Is there a setting to stop map themes from changing color when crossing national, state and provincial boundaries? The map is easily readable light yellow in my home state of Pennsylvania, but when I cross into another state (e.g., Maryland), the map for that adjacent state is a difficult-to-read green. I have a Nuvi 3590LM, currently set to Nederland, but the map color will change across boundaries in the default Garmin theme as well.



Some colors (according to land type) are not affected by the map theme settings. Maybe the land type area you're entering after crossing this border is one of those colors?

Have you panned the map around in that state to see if the color changes back to your theme color when in a different area? How about panning to a different state?

If the selected theme is truly being ignored when you enter a different state or cross a boundary, then it would change when entering *any* different state or boundary.

I really don't think this is the case and that the theme is simply not affecting the area due to a particular land type. And if the Garmin theme is changing as well, that's a very good indication that the theme is not being applied due to land type.

You may want to post where the theme is OK (where you are) and where the theme then changes (where you are going) to be "incorrect". "City one" to "city two" would be long as the two cities (or point A to point B) exhibit what you're seeing. Something more specific than Pennsylvania to Maryland.

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I did some experimenting...

I set my location to Gettysburg, PA. I then zoomed out to 5 miles. I can clearly see the color difference you mention at the state border. Seems almost the entire state of PA is white while almost the entire state of MD is green. The larger cities (Baltimore, Frederick, Hagerstown) in MD *are* in white so those seem to match the state of PA. I'll assume that your particular theme will apply to those areas mentioned above in PA. However, the theme does not affect the green areas as you've seen. I don't know what type of land area the bulk of PA is designated as but whatever the case may be, as I mentioned in the first post, there are land areas which the different themes do not affect. In this case, there's nothing that can be done as that land designation overrides whatever theme colors that may be set.


Seems as though Maryland has many different land unit types & is why you see all the "green land". The larger city areas I mentioned above simply do not have the map designation (color) applied to them.

State Parks (SP)
Natural Environment Areas (NEA)
Natural Resource Management Areas (NRMA)
State Forests (SF)
Wildlife Management Areas (WMA)
Fish Management Areas (FMA)
Heritage Conservation Fund Sites

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Land Colors

This discussion has been had before on here, but it's been awhile. The land area that changes with elevation (green to yellowish to brownish to reddish) is hard coded into the device and cannot be modified.
For reasons I am not sure, the HERE map data allocates the entire states of PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT and ME as within city limits and it calls on the "MAP_URBAN_LAND_CLR" lines in the MAP theme.

Your better bet might be to change your theme to something that's easier to read on the green areas. I am not trying to self-promote, but I made a theme and shared it here before that is supposed to be much easier to read than any of the themes available from Garmin. It can be found at
Just copy the entire text into a new KMTF file and place it in your Themes folder on the Garmin.

The problem is that there is no good repository online to share Garmin themes so I can't point you in any other direction to help with the problem.