where to buy mini USB socket?


Hi there, I have a Garmin Nuvi 270. Its mini USB socket broke off from the circuit board. I took some pictures of it here (http://tinypic.com/r/majits/8). It is mini USB 5-pin surface mount vertical. I couldn't find any local or online store selling it. Do you know where I can buy it?
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You could *try* Digi-Key at digikey.com but to find that exact type to fit the unit exactly may be an issue...I believe that particular type of USB port may be unique to those models of nuvi units. Also note that the design is just plain bad on those particular nuvi models. Even *if* you found the correct USB socket and were able to solder it back on (assuming the solder traces didn't lift from the PCB), you'd need to reenforce the socket onto the PCB in some way or the issue may happen again, causing even more damage. You may be better off scrapping the unit since the cost and effort involved may not pay off very well.

See this page which describes the issue in greater detail....scroll down to the "Loose/Broken Mini-USB Port" section and have a read.


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You have to keep in mind that soldering this tiny parts into circuit board can be problem too. If you heat board too much you can fry connections on board. And probably you will have to get soldering iron small enough so it will not short pins.

You can try ask here about cost of repair http://www.sharc.net/gps_repair.htm They fixed quite few devices for forum users.

Another Possibility

I repaired the broken USB mini socket on my wife’s Nuvi 265W by making a short pigtail from this cable:


I cut it in half and soldered the leads from the socket end directly to the Circuit board. I then used a zip tie to fasten the cable to the case as a strain relief. It wasn’t pretty but it worked.

Be advised that it is a difficult task to solder the fine wire leads to the CB. Unless you have some experience and the proper soldering equipment, I don’t advise attempting it.

The cable costs $13 plus shipping and I question the wisdom of spending the money, time and effort of repairing such an old unit.

If there is something particular you like about the 2xx series Nuvi’s, buying used is another possibility. There are no used 270’s on eBay right now but used 265W’s, such as:


Are going for around $35.

USB Parts

The Nuvi 2xx & 2xxW use a vertical surface mount USB connector. They are known to fail because there is very little mechanical support between the connector and the printed circuit board. Once the outer mechanical legs have broken away from the board, the only thing holding the connector to the boards are the (5) center pins (power & data).

Within a short period of time, the (5) center pins break away from the board, preventing the battery to be charged or powering the unit.

We have had very little problems with the Nuvi 3x0, 6x0 and 7xx & 8xx USB right angle connectors. They lay flush against the board and are mechanically superior than the vertical USB version.

The Nuvi 11x0, 12x0, 13x0, 14x0 & 25xx all use the same vertical mount USB connector, however it is a different style than the 2xx/2xxW series. They are made overseas. They are not stocked anywhere and are made to order. There is a 15,000 piece minimum order. The distributor will not sell you anything less. They only want to deal with large volume orders from companies.

Resoldering the connectors can be difficult. You need a fine tip, temperature-controlled iron. I use a lighted magnifier headset with selectable lenses to inspect the solder joints after I have resoldered them. I also use an ohmmeter and USB plug with wires to verify all connections between the USB connector and the on-board transient limiter chip. This verifies that there are no breaks in the traces.

Traces can be easily broken and/or ripped up off of the board once the mechanical legs have been broken or if the tracks have been overheated by an iron. Once the tracks are gone, it is "GAME OVER" for the GPS, although I have restored broken connections using micro-insulated wire. It is not a fun job!

The important thing is to stop using the port once it has become intermittent and have it repaired immediately before additional damage can occur.

Finally, NEVER try to update your units map or firmware with an intermittent USB connector. You take a big risk in having the map or firmware corrupted on your unit as a result of the poor connection.


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Hi DorkusNimrod, grzesja, bdhsfz6, sharcnet,

Thank you so much for valuable info & links! I will follow your links, do some more research, then decide what to do with it.

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