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how do I load pictures on my sd card and see them on my garmin 760 ltm

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I strongly suggest you start off by makinking a full back-up of your device if you haven't yet done so:


The dimension size of the picture for your 760 is 480x272 and you place it within the JPEG Folder.

Page 27 of your owners manual explains the steps to view it:


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P.S. I'm not sure as I've never tried if you can do the above by creating a folder called JPEG and placing it on the SD Card question

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Is your 760 an old nuvi 760, or is it a newer RV760 or Dezl 760? I don't think the old nuvi 760 was offered as a LTM so I'm guessing you have an RV or trucker device.

Are you asking about adding icons for Custom POIs or do you want to view images to view like you would on a smartphone, tablet or computer?


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Are you referring to the older Nuvi 760, or the newer RV 760 or Dezl 760?